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  1. Lord KJWilliams

    Discussion The Video Game Industry vs. The Music Industry

    Ive always wanted to know the difference between getting into the video game industry as a game programmer versus getting into the music industry as a music artist. I am into both fields, but I am more familiar with what I have been told as a musician , on what it takes to get into the music...
  2. N

    Portfolio - Art Pixel Artist For Hire

    Greetings, my name is Nikolina I am a pixel artist looking for work, you can check out some of my work here: my discord nina84#8740
  3. VagrantWhaleGames

    Job Offer - Artist Pixel Artist for scrolling shooter[CLOSED]

    [CLOSED FOR NOW BUT ALWAYS DOWN TO MEET ARTISTS/DEVS IF YOU WANT TO SEND YOUR INFO.] Looking for some retro-ish style art for a small scrolling shooter i'm making similar to snes shoot em ups... This is a fairly small project with basic animations, 3 frames probably and some static...