1. kureoni

    Portfolio - Art [COMMISSION] Freelance pixel artist looking for work in a short game.

    I am accepting a work as an artist for a short game*, I'll do all of the graphic part of the game such as overall sprites, animations, environment and any other art related things that the game needs [that does not require programming]. We can discuss the price and the payment on the dm =D...
  2. kureoni

    Team Request Does anyone need an artist?

    I am accepting a work as an artist for a game, I do 2D and pixel art sprites and I'll also animate them, I can also make scenarios and other art related things. I have an Instagram (where I post my digital paintings) if you would like to see my abilities and I'll attach a print screen for the...
  3. Froll

    Portfolio - Art [AFFORDABLE] 2D Artist/Animator @ Indie Rates | Looking for Work

    Hello everyone! I'm 2d artist, working for the indie projects. Affordable pricing. Available for freelance. contacts: email - Discord - Froll#8602 Looking forward to work with you! Thanks! Works: More works: Pixel Art...
  4. Artemy_Privalov

    Portfolio - Art 2D Sprite Artist In any Subject ($8/hour)

    Hello! I am an artist of 2D sprites, drawing them in any subject... I work for GameMaker: Studio, and I draw sprites in Aseprite. My works, which so far are not very large, you can see in the pinned files! The price for my work is negotiable, but my minimum is $8 per hour... For...
  5. Coded Games

    Job Offer - Artist [PAID] Looking for artist to create artwork for 100+ cards.

    Hello! My name is Robert and for over a year now I have been working on game called Decks of Dexterity. The game is a bullet hell action card game and up to this point I have been doing all the programming and 80% of the artwork myself. I have worked with a couple other artists but would like...
  6. leg

    Portfolio - Art 2D Concept, Illustration, and Pixel Artist for Hire

    I'm a character-centric artist based in Southern California. I'm currently available for fulltime freelance work. I can do concept art, as I specialize in character, creature, and prop art, though I can also provide environment and vehicle concepts if needed. I can also provide sprites, such as...
  7. H

    Job Offer - Artist [PAID] 2D Pixel Artist with Strong Machine and Landscape Animation Skills Needed

    Hello my fellow indie devs and artists! Myself and 2 other devs are working on an exciting 2d-top-down-tower-defense game we call, "Equal". Now, we are looking for a pixel artist with strong machine animation skills to begin drawing the units that will comprise the end-user's battlefield. We...
  8. zacharyandrews

    Portfolio - Art Artist/Multidisciplinary for hire.

    Hello Developers! Is your game project needing a visual edge? I'm an experienced 2D artist and animator with knowledge of GMS2, Git and the ability to learn new systems quickly or adapt to established pipelines. My skills are primarily visual art and animation, though I am experienced in...
  9. C

    Team Request A brand new storytelling game dev studio is looking for staff.

    Hi guys. Let me just very quickly introduce myself. My name is Peter Cernuska and I'm 41. I'm founder and producer of a brand new studio for the development of storytelling video games with managerial aspects that is currently looking for new members. I have experience mainly in business and...
  10. A

    Portfolio - General Programmer and Concept Artist for 2D Platformers: Looking for work

    Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. Apsel of Buster Studios at your service! I specialize in 2D and 3D Platformer design, and 2D Platformer programming specifically. Expect friendly service and lots of feedback if you so desire. Though I can't mention my work here as it has been all fan game...
  11. R

    Portfolio - Art Illustrator and Designer Available

    Hello everyone! I'm new to this site, and this is my first post! I'm excited to meet you all, and I'm looking forward to collaborating with you. I'm an illustrator and designer, and my portfolio can be viewed at: Please let me know if I can be of assistance...
  12. B

    Portfolio - Art Commission Art from 10$

    I am open for commission. I have a variety of different styles realistic or semi-realistic and we can negotiate a fair price. My prices starting from 10$ I'm very friendly. Feel free to ask any questions I am glad to present you my portfolio. I would be very happy to hear your opinion...
  13. IGameArt

    Job Offer - Artist WANTED: Senior Pixel Artist for Starr Mazer DSP

    Last year SubPixel Studios teamed up with Imagos Softworks to complete their game Starr Mazer DSP, a retro-sexy, roguelike SHMUP set in the Starr Mazer universe! With the next early access update coming very soon, Imagos Softworks and SubPixel Studios are looking for a talented pixel artist to...
  14. Thomas Finholm

    Portfolio - Art 2D artist available

    Hello, I do pixel art and animation. Also enjoy logo work and various design tasks. Available for freelance work, collaboration work and partnering. A pixel blog for examples and stuff: Pm here or through blog/discord - looking forward to hearing from you! Bahototh#7246
  15. AndrewTidey

    Portfolio - Art [LOW-COST] Experienced 2D Artist and Animator

    Hey, I'm Andrew. I've been making games for 7 years now and have experience on the programming and art side of things. I can do art for all aspects of the game - characters, backgrounds, GUI, logo, promo material or any other specific asset you may need. I can also do a range of art-styles to...
  16. Songoanda

    Portfolio - Art Songoanda - Pixel artist

    Hey there, My name is Ivan and I'm concept artist/animator. I have worked for around 3 years in mobile games as a freelance illustrator but I love pixel art and I want to become a profesional in that area. I'm Currently looking for projects and/or commissions. Contact me: E-mail...
  17. DomSinkevic

    Portfolio - Art DomSinkevic - Illustrator/Concept Artist available for work

    Hello everyone! My name is Dominik Sinkevic and I am illustrator/conceptartist looking for work. My portfolio: You can contact me by private message or email: -
  18. samspade

    Graphics How to Approach/Hire an Artist

    So I'm at a point where I want to hire an artist. I have a small art budget, but rather than post (or in addition to posting) on the forums there are a number of artists I would like to approach directly as well. I have two questions: 1. Is it acceptable to directly approach multiple artists at...
  19. Reventador

    Job Offer - Artist [PAID] Pixel Artist 2D/3D

    I am looking for a 2D or 3D pixel artist to animate pixel drawings I have made. Simalar style to...
  20. b38b38b

    Job Offer - Artist Looking for a pixel artist ( shared revenue )

    I'm looking for a pixel artist to finish the project I am currently working on. If interested message me on the Forum, Discord: b38b38b#8680 or Email: for more Information.