artist wanted

  1. Adam Mansour

    Team Request [Unpaid at start] Making a Kickstarter game [50/50 money split]

    Hello! Im looking for people who are fine with getting paid later. For now I can't pay, but after we finished making a demo for our game, we will put it on kickstarter and/ or Indiegogo. The money that comes in will be split evenly no matter how much it is, we're getting. (fair and square) The...
  2. Master Maker

    Job Offer - Artist Looking for map artist

    Hey! I'm looking to hire someone to make some maps for a few tilesets I have. The maps are the following: Normal Map Displacement Map Specular Map I'm willing to pay $20 per map, and each map is about 400x300 pixels. Here's an image of the game:
  3. U

    Job Offer - Artist (Filled) Looking for 2d pixel artist

    I'm working on a 2d platformer, but I am terrible at pixel art. I could do it myself, but that takes me a REALLY long time and I'd like to finish this game before the end of the year. I'm happy to pay for the services of an artist. I'd like to pay per art asset, and I'd like to have all the art...
  4. HayManMarc

    Team Request Wanted: fast pixel artist for jam. Ends March 16th. No pay.

    (This is a non-paid position.) Need some quick and dirty practice? Don't care about a finished product? Do you like robots and sci-fi? Can you art like this...? Deadline is March 16th. The game may not get finished. I could use a little help with the overall idea, but I have one started. The...
  5. drowned

    Job Offer - Artist Looking for an artist for our team

    My company, Stranded Sail LLC, is looking for an arist to join the team for our current project. It's an as yet untitled old-school adventure game, sort of like King's Quest or Maniac Mansion. We recently lost our second artist and are left with only one, and I've found that he just can't keep...
  6. Master Maker

    Idea Game Programmer looking for first project idea

    I am a programmer, with no art skills, looking for a first project idea. It doesn't have to be complicated, I am just looking for a first project to fund my others. Reply below. Bonus points for including GDDs and/or TDDs. Also, if you want to help pitch in art or shaders for free, feel free to.
  7. A

    Portfolio - Programming [Rev-share] Looking for art talents with great game ideas but can't code.

    TLDR: GMS2 programmer willing to work with an artist / writer / music composer with a game idea. Seeking to publish a small game. Short term (3 - 6 months) project. Currently laden with tons of work. Projects in progress: 2.5D Adventure Visual Novel Horror - On contract (start: 1st Feb 2018)...
  8. RefresherTowel

    Team Request Artist wanted for TDS Robot Battle Game

    Hey guys, I'm in the middle of a project called Chipbot Battles, which is a mash-up of top-down arena-style tank/robot battles and a card collecting game. Here's a quick video of the prototype: While it might look pretty ugly right now, I've pretty much completed the backbone of the project...