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  1. Hecate

    Team Request [Help Wanted] Searching for team members for Golgotha, a Gothic Metroidvania

    What I need: Enemy Designer Shader Coder Project: Metroidvania platformer with Gothic and horror elements. Qualities: Enemy Designer: Can use 2.3's new sequence feature and can help with coming up with enemy design and behavior fitting of said Gothic/horror setting. Shader Coder: Able to...
  2. OliverLugria

    Job Offer - Artist Need artist for UI and menus

    My team is currently making a demo for a pixel art game and need assets for the UI. There is a mixture of turn based and fighting game like mechanics that need to be represented. I've posted some of characters and the current prototype screen to give a sense of what we have currently. Please...
  3. jr carey

    Team Request Looking for a team!

    Hey Guys! im looking for a team to help me with my project! it doesn't look like much right now, but ive only spent about a day developing it, theres still a long way to go, therell be more details about the project if you get selected to join me (im sorry for the basic graphics, I cant draw...
  4. Adam Mansour

    Team Request [Unpaid at start] Making a Kickstarter game [50/50 money split]

    Hello! Im looking for people who are fine with getting paid later. For now I can't pay, but after we finished making a demo for our game, we will put it on kickstarter and/ or Indiegogo. The money that comes in will be split evenly no matter how much it is, we're getting. (fair and square) The...
  5. Master Maker

    Job Offer - Artist Looking for map artist

    Hey! I'm looking to hire someone to make some maps for a few tilesets I have. The maps are the following: Normal Map Displacement Map Specular Map I'm willing to pay $20 per map, and each map is about 400x300 pixels. Here's an image of the game:
  6. K

    Team Request Fun

    But is it though?
  7. A

    Team Request 2D Golf Game, Programmer and Artist

    Hello everyone this is Anthony from Atwo Studios, as small indie company we have published 2 indie games using Game maker, one being ROY - Color Matching and the other being Solar Switch. Both can be found on iOS and the Google play store. For our third inide game we are wanting to make a golf...
  8. ayrenn

    Team Request Need a network programer for 2D multiplayer pvp game[DoodleWarfare]

    Hey my name is Ayrenn and i am a programer, gamedesigner and i want a team of 2-3 people to make 2d multiplayer hero shooter to release on to something like and something to add to our portfolios. I know how to program but i cant do any networking so i need someone to do the networking...
  9. drowned

    Job Offer - Artist Looking for an artist for our team

    My company, Stranded Sail LLC, is looking for an arist to join the team for our current project. It's an as yet untitled old-school adventure game, sort of like King's Quest or Maniac Mansion. We recently lost our second artist and are left with only one, and I've found that he just can't keep...
  10. Kealor

    Job Offer - Artist Pure Blood: Pixel artist position

    Some job offerings for our upcoming game Pure Blood (WiP forum posting here). ________________________________________________________________________ EDIT1: Added a collab request for a level/gameplay designer. EDIT2: Removed filled staff roles, extra formatting. EDIT3: edited available...
  11. F

    Team Request Looking for Artist ( 2D Platformer, Android phone )

    Hi, Im looking for a 2D Platformer Artist ( comic style ) The Project is a mobile game for Android Smartphones. 2D adventure jump and run Platformer with 20 Levels ( items, enemys, backgrounds, bosses,.... ) <- Art needed It will be released in the Google Play Store. I will take care of...
  12. S

    Job Offer - Artist [Paid] 2d Sprite, Animation and Tileset

    Edit: This position is now closed. Thank you to everyone who applied.
  13. Kealor

    Team Request Purity of Blood: Looking for new team members

    Welcome Greetings prospective team member, thanks for checking this project out and i hope to pique your interest! To get access to to the most recent version of the demo check out the discord link at the bottom. One sentence elevator pitch 2D Metroid-vania with a heavy combat focus set in a...
  14. Furkan Karabudak

    Team Request I need an artist/animator for 2d online multiplayer platform battle game.

    I am making 2d online multiplayer platform battle game. There are different characters and special attack types for they in game. I can't draw very beautiful. So I need to help. I'm looking for someone who makes 2D beautiful drawings and animations. I do not know if it is appropriate to write...
  15. Master Maker

    Team Request Team Assemble!

    Game makers Assemble! I'm calling out to assemble a team of superheros who will aid my game in succeeding! The End Goal for Narcissus Narcissus is a 2/2.5 dimensional action adventure game with heavy story elements (as in, the game follows the story). You can play solo, or do multiplayer such as...
  16. Drell

    Job Offer - Artist [RevShare/Paid] 2D Artist Needed for Long Term, Contracted RevShare Project

    Weapons Grade Studios is a small, international indie dev studio currently working on a competitive 2D fighter and MetroidVania action-puzzle platformer called Evolver. We are currently seeking a skilled artist to join our team as we move out of our pre-alpha/proof of concept phase and into a...
  17. M

    Team Request Artwork and sound

    Hi, I'm looking for someone who can help me with the artwork and sound for my current project - Drone Force! The game is a work in progress, hence the request, but you can get a better idea of the concept and a general idea of the mechanics from checking out my page here and...
  18. S

    Job Offer - Artist [PAID] Hiring 2D Artist

    We are looking for a skilled 2D Artist that can create Spine ready assets and possibly animate them for us. We don't have a big budget but we are willing to work with you. We may also consider a partnership with the right person. We are looking for something similar to this: Please pm me...
  19. A

    Team Request [RevShare] Ambitious team seeking concept artist.

    Hey guys, We (AdventuresOf) currently have an opportunity for a passionate character/environment concept artist. The Game. A visually expressive look into the distant future where man has reached immortality. Fusing deep systems of narrative, combat, and visuals, we explore the unexpected...
  20. S

    Team Request Looking for team mates to make a ARPG

    Hello. Am AL. I have a story and concept for a game that i truly believe could be successful. Right now i'm trying to find people to work with. I and the people i'm working with so fat are working on a fantasy themed 2d top down ARPG that will be heavy in story using the GameMaker engine. We...