1. mar_cuz

    Idea Pixel Art Animated Film

    Hi Guys, Do you think pixel art is a good medium to create an animated film with? Would you watch an animated film made from pixel art?
  2. L

    Discussion Art thread: What does everyone struggle with drawing?

    Artists, spriters, etc: What is your biggest challenge with art in your games? What do you struggle with, the most?
  3. R

    Portfolio - Art Illustrator and Designer Available

    Hello everyone! I'm new to this site, and this is my first post! I'm excited to meet you all, and I'm looking forward to collaborating with you. I'm an illustrator and designer, and my portfolio can be viewed at: Please let me know if I can be of assistance...
  4. O

    Graphics Good art program to use for making tile sets?

    I want to find a good FREE ( no money :( ) to use program for making good tile sets.
  5. Guitarmike

    Background art

    I'm working on a platformer and have some pretty big objects (400px or so) that scroll by from time to time. There is no user interaction with them. Am I correct that even though they are large, it is still better to put them all on a sprite sheet and bring them in as a tileset - as opposed to...
  6. Jmarlin3

    Help with sprite animations

    This is a player sprite I'm working on for my new game. He's modeled after this character named Ban, from 'The Seven Deadly Sins'. Ban's character is more of a laid back type, and very easy going.What are some things I can work on in order to make the sprite a bit cleaner, and give off the...
  7. M

    Job Offer - Artist Graphic Designer for RTS Game

    Hello, I have a big request I need fulfilling. Essentially, I have no artistic skills, and I need to make several pieces of art for my rts strategy game. Some items that I need draw are: -sprites based of the NATO army symbols and animations for them -a drawn map of western and central Europe...
  8. AnomalousArcane

    Asset - Graphics Retro-Space Art Pack

    A full collection of 2D pixel space sprites inspired from an 80's retro theme. The pack was made with the original SNES color palette. Includes four static and seven parallax backgrounds, nine different ship sprites with a separate animated thruster, pickup items, landing and launch platforms...
  9. AndrewTidey

    Portfolio - Art [LOW-COST] Experienced 2D Artist and Animator

    Hey, I'm Andrew. I've been making games for 7 years now and have experience on the programming and art side of things. I can do art for all aspects of the game - characters, backgrounds, GUI, logo, promo material or any other specific asset you may need. I can also do a range of art-styles to...
  10. The Video Gamester

    Team Request [Rev Share]Programmer Needed; Steampunk Abyss Kickstarter

    Needed: Programmer; Not required but experience in networking and shaders would be a plus. Payment: Rev Share. Patreon is our main focus for income at the moment. Current Team: Bahototh - Pixel Artist, WWWSurfingDinosaur - Composer, Me - Programmer/Designer. Project Details: The game is a...
  11. JEMcG

    Graphics Sizing of HD Bitmap/Raster graphics in GameMaker

    Hi! I'm quite new to gamemaker and still learning my way around. I'm eventually looking forward to making a game, with my partner drawing the artwork. She'll be drawing digital art on the iPad Pro using Procreate (she's open to other software). All of it will be bitmap/raster graphics (as...
  12. P

    Job Offer - Artist Paid Position:Project Nosebleed Business

    Hello, I have a paid position available for an artist to help with our project Nosebleed Business a boxing game from the business point of view. Mostly spashscreens and 'fighter pages' with our statistics, attributes, etc. No animation necessary, this is not a graphics driven button smasher...
  13. A

    How can I improve this scene?

    Hey! Im making a dungeon crawler themed with some dark creepy non-demonic atmosphere, and in a certain level there is a change the player comes across this room. Its an entrance to an extra part of the dungeon called the Webbed Caverns. Basically its a spider cave, and therefor the theme is a...
  14. Mythi.T

    GML Using auto-tile editor to make camouflage background

    You read the title, my question is exactly as the title. How do I use the Auto-Tile editor to make a white-grey camouflage background that leaves no big groups of colors. Like how do I use the auto tile to make sure that the tiles I paint on my room is in an pattern so that one colored tile...
  15. mar_cuz

    Design How can I improve this art? [New Pictures]

    Hi Guys, trying to do the art for my game. How do you think I could improve these walls? I just can't seem to make a good colour palette and the style feels like it needs to feel more natural or something. what do you think?
  16. DomSinkevic

    Portfolio - Art DomSinkevic - Illustrator/Concept Artist available for work

    Hello everyone! My name is Dominik Sinkevic and I am illustrator/conceptartist looking for work. My portfolio: You can contact me by private message or email: -
  17. samspade

    Graphics How to Approach/Hire an Artist

    So I'm at a point where I want to hire an artist. I have a small art budget, but rather than post (or in addition to posting) on the forums there are a number of artists I would like to approach directly as well. I have two questions: 1. Is it acceptable to directly approach multiple artists at...
  18. ChieDemoniac

    Portfolio - Art (2D ART) Cartoon and Chibi style FOR HIRE

    Hello! My name is Chie! And I like to draw and videogames. My style is cartoon and sometimes chibi, and hope you are interested in anything I can offer! Here is my gallery, so you can see my artwork Contact me trough here or Discord ...
  19. IGameArt

    Portfolio - Art Logo artist with low rates

    Do you need a logo for your game or dev studio? With low rates and high quality, why not hire me? I can even design your mascot! My rates are as follows: 2D text based logos = 20$ 2D Logos with Frames = 35$ 3D rendered logos or 2D logos featuring non text symbols = 50$ Logos that require...
  20. H

    Team Request need an Artist for my Best project

    I need a whole art work for my game. description: my game is currently 480p height and I want to improve it 720p all sprites are simple and no animation needed (one frame sprites) characters animations are based on body parts, angle so you need to just create separate bodypartswithout any color...