1. P

    Team Request I am looking for 2D artist to co-make a new game

    Hello GameMakers! My name is Tim and I am learning how to make games in Game Maker Studio 2 and I have been doing it for a quite long period of time for me. So now I am upgrading my isometric game prototype so it can be used to create some cool isometric games. It is already quite functional and...
  2. K

    Team Request Does anyone need an artist?

    I am accepting a work as an artist for a game, I do 2D and pixel art sprites and I'll also animate them, I can also make scenarios and other art related things. I have an Instagram (where I post my digital paintings) if you would like to see my abilities and I'll attach a print screen for the...
  3. G

    Graphics Pixel Animation Art

    Pixel Warehouse I've been browsing the net for some pixel Animation styles and ideas and came across this youtuber. In the link above I really dig the effort put into the way they animated a glass filling up with Orange Juice - I presume. Something like this would make a great loading screen...
  4. Reventador

    Windows AI Museum installation

    Gamemaker taught me to program. I started around 2016 making indie games, Drift 84 actually, which is on the 'made using gamemaker' page on the yoyo website. I quit my job and started making art full time about a year and a half ago. Literally making projections using gamemaker. I build all my...
  5. OliverLugria

    Job Offer - General Hiring pixel artist and programmers

    Hello, my name is Oliver and I am in need of pixel artist and programmers for a new rhythm based rpg "Pulse". Combat is centered around inputting party commands in time with the background music along with many other music related mechanics. The first major goal will be to create a proper...
  6. Artemy_Privalov

    Portfolio - Art 2D Sprite Artist In any Subject ($8/hour)

    Hello! I am an artist of 2D sprites, drawing them in any subject... I work for GameMaker: Studio, and I draw sprites in Aseprite. My works, which so far are not very large, you can see in the pinned files! The price for my work is negotiable, but my minimum is $8 per hour... For...
  7. DarthTenebris

    Design Art Style Feedback

    Hello everybody, The time has come where I can enjoy making games again. For now at least. Anyway, I'm looking to recreate the Undertale "feel" in my game (Undertale turned out to be very deep, I only watched a speedrun before starting my project). How did I do, and what can I do to improve...
  8. tagwolf

    Simple Background Gradient Render

    Simple Background Gradient Render (No graphics required!) GM Version: 2.X Target Platform: ALL Summary: Immediately and with minimal effort make your games and prototypes looks better and more polished. I've seen so many GMS games that are using gray or flat black backgrounds. This is an...
  9. leg

    Portfolio - Art 2D Concept, Illustration, and Pixel Artist for Hire

    I'm a character-centric artist based in Southern California. I'm currently available for fulltime freelance work. I can do concept art, as I specialize in character, creature, and prop art, though I can also provide environment and vehicle concepts if needed. I can also provide sprites, such as...
  10. J

    Design Unsure how to create a "Circular" background, if possible

    This might be tough to explain, but here it goes! I have a 2D game I'm working on, and I want to have rooms that let the character pan across the room, just simple use of the cameras. However, I'm designing the backgrounds in Blender as 3D models, and rendering them as an image which is then...
  11. G

    Portfolio - Art looking for portrait work

    hello i am an artist and i can do portrait art for your game (prices listed bellow) i unfortunately do not have the necessary tools for drawing professionally so i can only provide amateurish hand drawn art i cannot draw pixel art i can barely draw hands i cannot draw legs if you'd like me to...
  12. Artemy_Privalov

    Portfolio - Art 2D Sprite Artist In any Subject ($8/hour)

    Hello! I am an artist of 2D sprites, drawing them in any subject... I work for GameMaker: Studio, and I draw sprites in Aseprite. My works, which so far are not very large, you can see in the pinned files! The price for my work is negotiable, but my minimum is $7 per hour. For...
  13. Zek

    Asset - Fonts Pixel Font Pack

    GameMaker: Marketplace Price: $1.99 7 clean pixel fonts for retro styled games. Preview: Contains: Retro1.ttf Retro2.ttf Retro3.ttf Retro4.ttf Retro5.ttf Retro6.ttf Retro7.ttf All of these fonts are TrueType Fonts and the font outlines in the preview images are just for visualization.
  14. Kawaiisnail

    Portfolio - General Pixel Artist and Composer | looking for work

    Hey everyone! I'm Tom aka Kawaii Snail. I'm an artist/musician looking for work. Please PM about project details if you are interested or email me at Music Portfolio: Art Stuff:
  15. trustpixels

    Portfolio - Art 2D pixel art for your game

    Hello, I can draw and animate cool things for games with pixel art. My main thing is environnements but I can also do characters and objects. You can message me or mail me at Thanks, Lionel
  16. Quinsilva21

    Portfolio - Art Artist/Animator Available (2D)

    Hi im sure you read the title before click so i'll get to the point here is a preview of my style. Here is a link to my animation profile. Feel free to support me, it really encourages me to keep making content or just comment and share with your...
  17. wadaltmon

    Best Place to Start

    Not sure if this is the best place to put this, but here's my recent thoughts. I've never completed a game (that is to say, not one I've been inclined to release). After about 5 years of messing around on various projects in several engines, I've written down all the various ideas for games I...
  18. Kirbyrocket

    Polish or develop first?

    I've heard many people take different stances on the argument of whether or not they should polish the design of their game at an early stage of its development, but I'm curious what the general consensus is on this matter. I personally prefer to
  19. mar_cuz

    Job Offer - Artist Looking for an animator [PAID]

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a pixel artist to animate these sprites I have designed. It is for a top down sports game and I need 5 directions of running and many other different animations. Please pm or comment your rates.
  20. RefresherTowel

    Team Request Looking for a Pixel Artist for a project

    Hey folks, I've been working on a game called Floramancer for about 6 months now and I'm getting to the point where the end is in sight, I'd say between 70-80% complete. The game is a gardening/turn-based strategy hybrid. The basic core gameplay loop is you plant seeds and care for them in your...