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  1. sv3nxd

    Asset - Graphics Greens Pixel Art Shop

    Hey there! I'm normally a game-dev myself, but I've been doing pixel art for several years now and just recently decided to open up shop over at My asset packs are extremely affordable, so any developer just starting out should be able to aquire them. Visit my shop over at...
  2. sonnyjune

    Graphics Hand Drawn Art Question

    I would really like to be able to hand draw my assets, digitize them into illustrator or inkscape, and use them for sprites in my game. Yet when I use those files and save them as PNG's like the creators of Crashlands or Hollow Knight did, my sprites end up losing a ton of quality and look...
  3. sv3nxd

    Portfolio - Art Affordable, Experienced, w/Price list - Pixel Artist

    Hey! My name is Sven - I offer affordable pixel art game assets that will help growing game projects to elevate onto the next level. I've done a lot of personal work and contract work so far. Contract work began with twitch assets for streamers, but I have also done a bunch for game jams and my...
  4. S

    Questions about art assents created in photoshop (painted)

    Hello, I'm newbie game maker user and have done couple of tutorials with pixel art so far. I'm looking for some guidelines and information regarding creating and using your own painted assets in game maker. 1. When painting assets should these be done as vector files before inportin to game...
  5. Ben Collie

    Portfolio - Art Game artist (2d and pixel) - 15$/hour

    Hello Everyone! My name is Ben Collie, I'm a freelance concept artist, and I'm currently available for work. My focus is on characters and creatures, but I can also create props, environments and vehicles. I can work with every aspect of your game's art development (assets, orthos, keyframes...
  6. F

    Graphics Is Spine well Supported; also Scanning in hand-drawn art

    Hello all, I was just wondering if there was anyone out there who could give me some advice for bringing in drawings done with actual pen/paint/paper and using them as sprites. When I use a camera or scanner to get a digital version of my artist's drawings the resulting file is huge compared to...
  7. RobertRamsay

    Asset - Graphics Shoot Em Up , Racing, Golf, Isometric and Pixels

    Projects and Graphics assets on my marketplace. Check them out here:
  8. O

    Graphics Good art program to use for making tile sets?

    I want to find a good FREE ( no money :( ) to use program for making good tile sets.
  9. M

    Job Offer - Artist Graphic Designer for RTS Game

    Hello, I have a big request I need fulfilling. Essentially, I have no artistic skills, and I need to make several pieces of art for my rts strategy game. Some items that I need draw are: -sprites based of the NATO army symbols and animations for them -a drawn map of western and central Europe...
  10. E

    Gamemaker 2 Sprite editor/creator

    Hello Everyone. I've been having a little difficulty with the gamemaker sprite editor. I have an UGEE tablet monitor I use to draw, and I've been trying to create the sprite animations using gamemakers built in editor. The problem is, I have no idea how to create the next frame for animation...
  11. JEMcG

    Graphics Sizing of HD Bitmap/Raster graphics in GameMaker

    Hi! I'm quite new to gamemaker and still learning my way around. I'm eventually looking forward to making a game, with my partner drawing the artwork. She'll be drawing digital art on the iPad Pro using Procreate (she's open to other software). All of it will be bitmap/raster graphics (as...
  12. P

    Job Offer - Artist Paid Position:Project Nosebleed Business

    Hello, I have a paid position available for an artist to help with our project Nosebleed Business a boxing game from the business point of view. Mostly spashscreens and 'fighter pages' with our statistics, attributes, etc. No animation necessary, this is not a graphics driven button smasher...
  13. Songoanda

    Portfolio - Art Songoanda - Pixel artist

    Hey there, My name is Ivan and I'm concept artist/animator. I have worked for around 3 years in mobile games as a freelance illustrator but I love pixel art and I want to become a profesional in that area. I'm Currently looking for projects and/or commissions. Contact me: E-mail...
  14. FlatulenzaFiamm

    Portfolio - Art Animator/Artist for small project (No profit).

    Hello to every little programmer or everyone else! I just wanted to offer myself in the making of animations and "art" design ONLY to gain EXPERIENCE. I'm NOT going to ask money, but I'm also, not going to accept big projects, but only projects related to gain experience, or very small ones...
  15. Plisken

    Team Request Pixel artist needed

    So here's the deal. I'm currently working on a platform shooter type game. the game is a pixel style game mainly to make the art process easier to handle. the basic code is pretty much done. all I need are some background and tiles to make the game pretty. my initial intentions are not to make a...
  16. B

    Portfolio - Art Character/Environment Artist for hire!

    Email: Portfolio: Twitter: Tumblr: Hey! I'm Meaghan Hicks [BloodthirstyBovine online], and I'm a 2D game artist with several years in the games...
  17. A

    Portfolio - Art Professional 2D Game Artist

    Portfolio : Twitter : Instagram : Email : Hi, I'm Kandi Maciejewski. I'm an industry veteran with ten years of experience as a game artist. I've worked for industry giant...
  18. Pfap

    How to choose art assets for release?

    In the global game settings on Gms2 there are 2 tabs one named icons the other is images. I did some testing with xbox and other platforms, but is there a good article on where the diferent entries will appear? If you leave one blank is it just the Gms2 logo? Should they all be of the same...