1. A

    Geometric issues

    Hello, This is my problem : The player in my game is represented with an arrow wich has its center defined at the bottom of it and in my code i would like to refer to the top the arrow. I can't use x + .../ y + ... because the direction of the arrow is always changing. I've tried with the...
  2. R

    Physics Snap to Grid

    Hey i've been working on a little Terraria-like game and I was doing fine with snapping blocks to a grid when the player places them, but when i created an arrow object (which uses physics), i also had to make the blocks use physics, which makes them not snap to the grid anymore. I can't find a...
  3. W

    Cursor Arrow not hiding on Linux

    Howdy, Game Maker 1.4, build working fine on Windows. On linux, the cursor Arrow do not hide, appearing over the game cursor.
  4. N

    Need help with arrow stick

    I'm trying to make my arrows stick to a moving enemy. I would like it to stick the the exact spot it hits the enemy please if anyone can help.
  5. J

    Rate of Fire + Teleport

    I am trying to get the rate of fire to work how I want for my game, basically I want to get it to where you left click to shoot an arrow, then you can left click again to teleport to the arrow (arrow gets destroyed) and then you can move about how you want. The problem I'm having right now is...
  6. C

    Finding the angle to hit a target

    GM Version: GMS2 Target Platform: ALL Download: - Implemented example: - Guide in .pdf: Links: N/A Summary: This is a guide on calculating the trajectory and angle of a...
  7. P

    bullet direction

    hey guys. So im having difficulty with my ranged attack code. im using and 8 driectional movement but i want myy charater to look, and attack in 4 directions. Given these criteria, and the following object information, how do i make my bullent travel the direction im looking? Information...
  8. O

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Rotation problem

    Hello! I'm experiencing some issues trying to rotate an object. I have it so the rotation is set when it's created, and then it rotates based on the direction it is facing. All of that is working fine, except for one little problem. The rotation adjustment that happens when it is created is...
  9. P

    Box2D making arrows that stick.

    Hey guys, I've been playing with Box2D for the past day or so, and I'm trying to make an arrow that sticks in the wall. I found this amazing blog: but I don't know how to convert it into GML. If anybody could help me convert this, that would be...
  10. W

    Animation Aim with Arrow keys

    Hey guys, I'm an artist trying to get some controls worked out so I can work on game animations. I am wondering how I could change animations with the up or down arrow buttons. A type of index perhaps? when you press up his aim animation will angled, press up again even more angled, and 3rd...
  11. S

    Legacy GM Arrow keys and joystick controls + platforming slopes [SOLVED]

    At the moment, the basic platform physics of my game are going well (it uses arrow keys). I'm currently trying to implement an optional gamepad input into my game, which uses the joystick for moving left/right and the A button to jump. But whenever I press an arrow key AND a joystick direction...
  12. Strakee

    Windows Arrow physics, make them stick into things

    So I made a little game and the last thing that's missing is arrows sticking to the objects they hit. This isn't the first place I went for lazy answer. I literally searched everywhere, trying to make it on my own always ended up really ugly and sometimes it even didn't. So any help would be...