1. Ratsha

    Top-Down ARPG [Video]

    I've been working on a top-down ARPG for some time and would like feedback on which direction to take it. I also hope to help other people during my development, so feel free to point out anything that may peak your interest:
  2. Gandija

    Knights of xentar remake

    Hello, today i'm showing this 3d remake of knights of xentar. I'm planning change a lot from the original: -this will be an action game. -the erotic cutscenes will be less explicit. I hope you want to play this too.
  3. mikix

    Job Offer - General Do you love level designing?

    I need 5 levels from someone that loves level designing. You will just stamp the tiles all over the rooms and make it look good. I will make anything that needs to be solid, to be solid. Must have GMS2! More information about the game here...
  4. mikix

    Released Warhead - A survival arpg. [CLOSED - no longer available]

    Hello all! Warhead was released 11th june and the Necromancer class got released yesterday as a free dlc. Warhead is about hacking and slashing your way through enemies and getting loot. The antagonist is a Lich Necromancer, making your enemies live again, and many worship him for getting to...
  5. P

    How to jump in a Top-Down ARPG

    I've been following a tutorial on making an ARPG. I'm at the point where my character has basic movements and attacks. I'd like to try to implement a jump mechanic, that removes me from the instance on the ground plane, and allows me to jump in an artificial z-axis. Has anyone had any luck...
  6. P

    How to program player to jump in Isometric

    Hey everyone, I've been following a tutorial on an ARPG, I'd really like to implement a jump mechanic. Since it's a top-down style, jumping is a bit of a trick, and I'm pretty new to the program. Has anyone been able to something like this? What kind of coding do you figure it would require?
  7. Rizlad

     Pirates & Necromancers

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I have recently decided to make some of my early project open for public view. I respect this communities opinions over others and would love to hear from you all! Please check out the project...
  8. Rover

    Demo Top down ARPG action game likes diablo

    This is my old project. Game maker: Top down ARPG likes diablo Inventory, more than 30 enemies, action game. 6 big maps. Level, HP, Mana, Gold. many items and equip. Map Armour, helmet... night and day, rain. You can download at: Thank for watching.
  9. G

    Design ARPG combat system feel

    I was making a combat system for a action rpg game, but I noticed that it doesn't feel very good. How would I make it feel better? Should I use physics? Knockback or not? (Currently I'm not using physics and have a simple knockback). I wasn't sure if I should post this in the programming thread...
  10. C

    Alpha Elohan Chronicles (Windows)

    he player traverses a world that seems carved out of nothingness. Platforms allow the player to navigate dangerous territories. To help the King is of most importance. Action RPG fantasy with some puzzle elements An evil being has corrupted your world, and threatens your homelands. You...
  11. Felipe Rybakovas

    Alpha IzoProject - Isometric Story Driven Boss Battle ARPG

    "Are you going there? Good luck, adventurer. You will find the holy man. The miracle worker He helped everyone in the village. He healed diseases, exorcised the demons of the forest and protected them from evil, all with their divine powers. All with your faith Once, I took my little brother...
  12. H

    Legacy of Goku: Fan Reamke (Demo Available)

    I'm working on a remake of the legacy of Goku series for fun. Mechanics wise, it's an Action RPG with emphasis on the action. I update the game regularly with new content and game mechanics. YouTube: Download Demo: Feedback...
  13. S

    Team Request Looking for team mates to make a ARPG

    Hello. Am AL. I have a story and concept for a game that i truly believe could be successful. Right now i'm trying to find people to work with. I and the people i'm working with so fat are working on a fantasy themed 2d top down ARPG that will be heavy in story using the GameMaker engine. We...
  14. N

    First time making a game (GIFs, DEMO, ARPG)

    Hello! This is my first time making a game, I've been working on this for close to a week now. I would really appreciate some feedback on how the gameplay looks, and maybe even some advice on where to take it. This was when I finished making basic movement and health or any stats...