arena combat

  1. zacharyandrews

    Windows Competitive, Action, 2D, Steam-bot, Multiplayer Arena Brawler

    After roughly 2 years of casual development between 2 people, finally released our first title into Early Access on Steam :) - Nation Breakers: Steam Arena is a frenetic 2D, steam-punk, Arena Brawler. Great party game for 2-4 friends or try your luck at the single-player "Arena Run" mode...
  2. Nocturne

    Released Microscope Madness

    OUT NOW FOR iOS AND ANDROID!!!! COMING SOON TO PC AND MAC! While working in the laboratory one day, you notice something strange… mutant motile cells have escaped their cultures and are trying to reproduce!!! Can you stop them before they mutate the mother cells and take over the planet...
  3. I

    HTML5 The Blade Overlord

    Hello fellow developers; For those who saw it, I've been developing a game, which had its Alpha and Beta testing open here, in the GMC. As the game was published, I've decided to take down the old thread and post a new one. The game's premise is to survive an endless horde of hostile droids...
  4. A

    Alpha [udsh v0.1.893] [pre-alpha] - platformer MOBA in the making

    Hi all! My name is Ampersand, and I'm a long-time member of the Game Maker Community. I've been working with Game Maker on a hobby basis (maybe averaging a couple hundred hours per year or so) since GM 6.1. Recently, I've poured a lot more time into presenting myself with challenges to be...