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  1. Gillen82

    Active Area Not Working [SOLVED]

    Hey guys... Been a while from I was last doing anything in GMS, so I need some help if possible? I am try to create an active area with a buffer zone around the view. The issue arising is that when applying the value for the buffer zone, the active area is only working within the view, and not...
  2. Deadly Serious Media

    GML Area Spawning

    Hey everyone! So I'm working on our third GM game and needed a problem solved. Not sure if I did it right but it works for my purposes. We wanted destructable ground tiles but placing 8x8 px tiles all over the place was a pain. I build this simple object spawner. You place a ground marker in...
  3. P

    GML Make a not clickable Object

    Hi, I'm making a mouse-click controlled game, and I want the player to not be able to click on certaine spots because they are not walkable. I think I may have an idea how to start that in the Mouseclick object (it creates a little arrow that shows where the player goes when pressing the LMB...
  4. M

    Revealing an area with a surface

    Hey guys I'm having a really hard time figuring this out, I need suggestions on how I could proceed.. I'm making a TDS that has different office areas, and corridors (for example), but I don't want anything inside these rooms/areas to be visible until the door has been opened. So far what I have...