1. UdarStudio

    Android Blockbust - Breakout game

    Hello GameMaker Community, We are very excited to present our first ever game build on GameMaker Studio 2. This is BLOCKBUST which is our vision of the classic break-out genre. There are 50 levels to complete divided in 5 Worlds. Each of the Worlds has it's own athmosphere and unique...
  2. B

    Released Arena - A 1Bit Spaceship Survival Game

    Welcome to Arena --- a 1-bit spaceship survival game. Play through the campaign to unlock a handful of ship types, each with their own unlockable modifiers. Once unlocked this can be used in the Endless mode. Both modes track two types of highscores: time and points. If you feel any ships have...
  3. Kultisti

    Free Cog Owl

    Cog Owl jump higher and higher as you clean the clockworks of reality from the cosmic waste! play it here with 10+ unlockable colour palettes ✿
  4. Gizmo199

    GMC Jam Luminous Slash

    DOWNLOAD ABOUT Play as a nimble neon rabbit as you glide through the air slashing blocks, collecting carrots, care packages, and roaming through space in this fast-paced arcade-style hack-and-slash platformer! Beware, however, of any red-colored blocks or packages, and don't let your jump...
  5. Mut

    Steam Gospel of Abaddon (Roguelike + shooter)

    Gospel of Abaddon is a 2D mix of Shooter and Roguelike. During WW2, an American pastor deserts the army, and after he went crazy, he sees God telling him to destroy the entire sinful world... 5 levels with total random; Over 30 items to upgrade your airplane! Original soundtrack that was made...
  6. J

    Android Falcon Heavy - Vertical Shooter

    This is my first game. I had no idea about programming so I had to deal with a lot of issues. I wanted to give it a retro aesthetic because it´is based in 90s arcades. It´s a classic vertical shooter where you have to destroy enemies and asteroids. I know it has a lot of things to fix but as I...
  7. Jam373

    Windows Total Zugzwang: Arcade Chess

    Total Zugzwang is the world's first Score-Attack Arcade Chess game! Battle endless waves of chess pieces, allowed due to the dynamic, board-shifting "Total Zugzwang" mechanic. Deal with both friendly and deadly status effects like Rogue, Swift and Protected...
  8. Kultisti

    Free Pack a Block

    Pack a Block build and destroy different shapes! ~ play it here ~
  9. tweakysloth

    Android Endless Jerry - An endless runner

    I'm happy to present Endless Jerry! It's an endless runner for Android OS with an online leaderboard and cartoon weirdos by ME! It's my first completed game project. The art was made with Moho Studio Pro 12. Music was recorded using Audacity. Please check it out at...
  10. L

    How to program an AI (with probability)

    Hello guys, I made an account on here solely for the purpose of asking for help with this one problem I cant seem to fix. To give you a little understanding of the situation: I am new to GameMaker and have to program an old arcade game for a university-class. I chose to program Tron. Now I would...
  11. psyche1979

    Windows RetroGames

    A PC game in development called RetroGames brings you some of the best arcade games in one package. Designed in the spirit of the best - selling Commodore 64 personal computer. Fully playful although still in development. I am interested in your opinion on the project. RetroGames by Vučković...
  12. cdeveloper

    Steam In My Defense - Defender style retro side-scroller Demo!

    The demo has been released! From Game Jolt From Steam Link I started making my first game with Gamemaker Studio 2 for Windows. Hopefully, I will have some type of early, playable demo by the end of November. Description: This is an in-development, retro, defender-style game. It is...
  13. Red Phantom

    Fire Realm - Arcade Game

    Download Link - Gamejolt What Is This Game Fire Realm is an arcade game with gameplay reminiscent of space invaders. You are an agent sent to the fire realm to eradicate all fire creatures. Please give feedback, all feedback appreciated.
  14. DreadedDruid

    Android Asteroid Evasion

    Asteroid Evasion is an arcade-style shooter. The objective is to get the highest score possible. There are 8 ships to play, each with my upgrades to unlock. Whether you want a ship thats quick to maneuver through the asteroids, or something powerful to blow up anything in your way, there is...
  15. PsychicParrot

    My Nuclear Octopus is coming soon to Steam!

    If you need constant loot boxes, endless powerups, crisp vector graphics, online challenges, multiplayer and 3d.. this is not the game you are looking for. On the other hand, if you love old style, pure of heart out-and-out arcade gaming, you and My Nuclear Octopus may just be on the verge of a...
  16. SpiredSix


    GoosePuncher is a game about punching Geese! GP is a Left Right and Up Puncher game with a Down for Specials! Currently GP has an online Highscore system through GMScoreboard. GP also let's you pick what color your character is, from a selection. There are also a few "skins/characters" to choose...

    Beta KAFA II [Open Beta][Android]

    Hello everyone. After long time, I decided back to make game making. I published a game which name is Kafaa couple years ago. Even if Kafaa was finished, I cannot implement Google Play Services, in game store etc. Because I lost .keystore, Kafaa couldn't be updatable. Now, I am developing KAFA...
  18. KyleRansford

    Steam (Title removed by original poster) Moderator please delete topic.

    (Removed by original poster) Moderator please delete topic.
  19. IvanAFG

    Released Rising Sushi (iOS & Android)

    Hello everyone. Recently I've released my second game made with GameMaker for iOS and Android, an arcade with one button controls where you have to build an endless tower of giant sushi pieces with a claw crane. The player must place the pieces in the right sequence, take and remember orders to...
  20. VinylFly

    Released The Skywell Saga (Android)

    Hello fellow GameMakers! For the better part of 3 years I've been working hard on creating an original, accessible and polished SHMUP; something that looks familiar, yet plays very differently. And I'm thrilled to be able to say that it's finally out in the wild! The Skywell Saga is currently...