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    Arabic font in gamemaker

    EDIT: Solved, how do I delete a post lol
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    Any Arabic In This Forum

    No one is here ok:(
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    string_copy can't be called from a variable?, alternative?

    I think this deserves it's own post so here goes : TL;DR:I want to use string_copy in adjust_arabic_text but i can't use it in the draw event because it makes the game slower and can't call it from a variable because string_copy wouldn't work. I have downloaded this extension which makes game...
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    is there a way to reverse string_copy?

    I used a program to make game maker studio render Arabic by reversing the letters and other stuff (it only uses fonts in the project) and i still wanted to draw the text letter by letter by using string_copy function, problem is, now the text renders from last word to first word as in This...
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    Arabic language question.

    hello, I have a problem that i've yet to find a solution for, i want to draw text by GML functions in the Arabic language, but as soon as the game starts the Arabic sentences are converted to weird symbols, it's either that or the text displaying in reverse or the letters of a word displaying...