application surface

  1. skeddles

    Legacy GM How to wait until surface is resized before screenshotting (Studio 1.4)

    I'm trying to take a screenshot of my entire room. I pieced together this code from another thread: view_xview[7] = 0; view_yview[7] = 0; view_wview[7] = room_width; view_hview[7] = room_height; view_enabled[7] = true; window_set_rectangle(0, 0, room_width, room_height)...
  2. ikonhero

    SOLVED Problem with pause / freeze using surface; image appears stretched.

    Hi, I'm trying to make my game freeze / pause by deactivating all instances from a seperate pause instance. Before deactivating all instances I make a copy of the application surface. After all instances are deactivated I draw this surface in the draw event of the oPause instance. However, the...
  3. ikonhero

    SOLVED Dynamic pixelated "blur" effect without shaders

    Hi, I had this idea of a logo startup screen where the logo fades out in a pixelated blur effect. I managed to achieve the following: YouTube video What I did is altering the application surface size dynamically. This results in the logo appearing smaller in size, while still appearing...
  4. Plubu

    SOLVED Darken an application surface (Pause Menu)?

    Hello everyone, I want to make the pause menu to make the surface behind the pause menu darkened, like most any games you play when you pause them. This is the Pause_Object: //Step if keyboard_check_pressed(vk_escape) { global.ScreenshotSprite =...
  5. N

    SOLVED Surface with shaders displaying blank window

    Greetings developers! Recently I was playing with surfaces and shaders and I've managed to create (by following some tutorials) a simple lighting system with some shaders. It worked perfectly on my demo project but when I tried to apply it to my main project it didnt work at all... I don't...
  6. Mehdi

    Android Scaling For God's Sake!!!

    Hello fellow game makers, I have read through all articles and posts related to proper scaling for different devices so far. But nothing seems to work. I want to disable application surface (or at least disable its drawing) to gain some fps. Also I want to have letterboxing (black bars) around...
  7. Golden Gremlin

    How to scale and draw application surface manually?

    I am trying to scale and manually draw my application surface to my fullscreen game window. Ultimately, I am doing this so that I can guarantee I am scaling by an integer when in fullscreen mode, to prevent pixel distortion. As a test, I am just trying to scale my application_surface by 2 and...
  8. Weastøne Entertainment

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Pause screen with surfaces as background

    Hello there!, I am having some difficulties with surfaces when trying to use them as background; first of all, I'd like to use the draw gui event for that instead of the regular draw event. Then, there are two methods I am considering which are to create a sprite from the application surface...
  9. NeZvers

    GML Draw surface without player in it

    I want to make room transition similar to (Bloodstained: Curse of the moon and old Megaman games) by having old room last image and move the camera to new and move character over. For that, I need a separate background image from the character. How can I do it?
  10. P

    GMS 2 Redrawing Application Surface causes Lag upon Resizing Window

    The game I'm currently developing requires a camera system where the graphics never scale up, and resizing the window increases the amount of the room you can see instead of the size of the graphics [it's a top-down single-player puzzle game, justifying this sort of camera]. I have already made...
  11. B

    Job Offer - General Looking for someone experienced with Spine and Gamemaker

  12. Bart

    3D Best way to draw background gradient to use as sky

    Hi all. I've been playing around with the application surface recently and, while doing so, tried to code a gradient that acts as the sky for a day and night cycle. While I originally used a half sphere model for the sky, I figured that it could be more interesting to draw a gradient...
  13. Ayziak

    GMS 2 Simple Game is lagging.. fps_real in the hundreds.

    So I've been making a pretty simple game, but on some devices, it lags from 60fps to around 45. I'm not new to Gamemaker lag, I've worked with delta_time before, but I'd rather try to find the core problem here, instead of hiding it. Each room is 10000px square, with <100 objects, half of which...
  14. J

    [Solved] Screen Flash When Disabling Auto Draw of Application Surface

    Hi, I have a screen object which is handling how the game appears on the display. In the create event I have: window_set_fullscreen(true); application_surface_draw_enable(false); texture_set_interpolation(false); display_reset(0,true); And in the draw gui begin event...
  15. zendraw

    Legacy GM Q:view setting

    does this code work only when handlin the appsurface manually? room_set_view(i, 0, true, 0, 0, v_width, v_height, 0, 0, v_width, v_height, 0, 0, 0, 0, -1); room_set_view_enabled(i, true); i am using it without handling the appsurface and it doesnt do anything. the reason im not...
  16. T

    GMS 2 Screen Save Part and The Application Surface?

    I'm creating a pause menu that snapshots the game window and then draws it to a gui layer that has a fixed size of 1920x1080. I have no issues placing objects on this gui layer, but my issue comes in when I run the screen_save function. This function captures the entire game window, which is...
  17. Kaliam

    GMS 2 How to properly use view_surface_id?

    Hello, I'm just looking for any information, tips or tricks when using view_surface_id. I've gone through the documentation but can't seem to get any result other than a black screen. What I am trying to do with this function and what the documentation seems to imply you can do is draw sprites...
  18. Kaliam

    3D GMS2: Drawing 3D sprites to a surface like they are drawn to the application surface

    Hello, so this is a particularly specific problem but I will do my best to explain. Essentially, my project uses 3D vertices to draw sprites to the screen at different depths. Currently I am using a simple 2D normal map shader to light the sprites drawn to the screen in 3D. Each sprite has a...
  19. Michael Bateman

    HTML5 Scaling issues with new runtime

    So I updated to latest runtime, and my scaling script is now not working correctly. On previous runtime(s) it would scale fine, but on it appears to not correctly scale the application surface. The debugger states the application surface has been resized, but it doesn't appear to...
  20. TonyStr

    GML Smooth Camera in Pixel-art Games

    hey, im making the view settings in the room editors, and assign it to an object view that graduately moves towards the player. Of course, half pixels dont exist, so the camera movement does not appear smooth. Is there any way i can make it smooth? I'm upscaling the view with PixelatedPope's...