1. C

    iOS capabilities (Thinning, Handoff, SpriteKit...)

    I am filling out a form for Apple to be featured and was not 100% sure on a few iOS capabilities. Size: My app on Andoird is approx. 60MB and for iOS is comes out to be about 120MB are there any tricks to get the app under 100MB? Is app thinning the only option here, if so how do you enable app...
  2. Blaze

    No return for 'contentDownloaded' on iOS

    Just wondering if anyone else can confirm this is a bug and not something I'm doing wrong. Download the test project here When I use: ds_map_find_value(async_load, "sizeDownloaded"); It never returns anything on iOS. It works fine on PC and Android. I made a simpe test to check and it still...
  3. S

    Legacy GM AppleTV (tvOS) module

    Hi everyone! I have got little qestions - how soon AppleTV export module will be avaliable? It was announced in autumn... But Unity support it. This is a big dilemma for me, cos I want to make games with tvOS support...