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  1. D

    Android Plap - Plank Exercise App

    It is not a game but is still made with GM2. Plap is a helper for doing the plank exercise 30 day challenge. At the moment there is only Beginner mode available but Advanced mode with intervals is planned. The app is out on Google Play. I expected the process to take much much longer...
  2. IE Entertainment

    Non Gaming App!

    Hello, y’all! So I was asked to create a non gaming app for a potential client. They want a custom real estate app where their clients can download documents as well as sign and upload documents to a server. They also want the ability to view video content. Yes, I know this all sounds like it...
  3. L

    iOS Playing videos on iOS app, possible ?

    Hello, I was wondering if it's possible to embed videos into apps for iOS. I'm cool with them playing in either borderless area embeded within the app, or they may also open iOS's video player to play them upon tap / click of a button. Please let me know if there's any way to make it happen...
  4. Jihl

    Android Setting up a server for android App

    Hey there! I am going to create an Android App which will communicate with a server using GM Networking system. My question is: Is there a problem if I make 2 projects, one for the android app and the other one (desktop windows) to be run in a virtual machine that will hold the server? Would...
  5. N

    Android Square Bird / ANDROID / my second app

    Hello everyone! I created my second game. It is a simple Flappy Bird clone, mainly intended for practice. I have not been around for a long time with the Gamemaker. I would be glad if you send me some feedback on the game. OS: Android (min. Android 4.0) Google Play Store...
  6. RizbIT

    64 bit version requirement

    What is the situation in regards to submitting apps compiled with GMS 1.4x and GMS2 and this new requirement by Google That states that all apks submitted must have 64 bit code versions aswell? Does this mean that when you submit a new app update you have to upload a 32bit and a 64bit...
  7. Mert

    Android FLAX

    Available in English, Deutsch, Polska & Türkçe Draw jumping lines on screen to jump the ball around the screen, avoid obstacles and stay on the screen. Avoid falling down! Earn "Artifact" points by breaking artifacts, and unlock new skins.
  8. C

    Unofficial Mobile GM Documentation

    itch.io link: https://topherlicious.itch.io/umgmd Google Play Store link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.chrisanselmo.umgmd There have been many times when I've wished to reference GML from my smartphone, but the documentation site isn't exactly mobile friendly and can be...
  9. V

    [SOLVED] Call external function in DnD

    Hi, I'm newbie programming in GMS2, really I'm using DnD. I've finished my first game and now it's time to distribute it. I'm going to publish it in BLUR app. This really needs very few steps for integration: 1. Place this rcode before the end of the </body> (closing tag) in “index.html”...
  10. Appsurd

    Android Deep linking

    Hi guys, I have been looking into deep linking for my Android app. This means that the user should be able to open the application from the browser via a link. I've found the following Stackoverflow topic so I have added the following lines via 'Inject to AndroidManifest.xml' on the application...
  11. RizbIT

    Beta Moocher Android App Beta Testing

    We require users from the UK to help us testing an app called Moocher: Install the app Activate account using email verification Create and complete your Moocher profile Start using the app. It has a swipe to browse profiles feature which isnt too uncommon these days. Test settings such as...
  12. Pere

    Android game doesn't run on Xiaomi Redmi 4x

    I've been setting up the android module, got the sdk, jdk, ndk and keystore, everything's fine. I've tested my game on three different samsung mobiles, and it works on those, but in my Xiaomi Redmi 4x, when I hit play the app doesn't even open, and I think it doesn't even get installed. There...
  13. S

    Export and Publish on Windows App Store

    Summary: export GM:S 1 game on Windows 10, cannot create Windows Developer Submission Package compatible file type I created a game on GM:S and would like to export it as a Windows Game and upload to the Windows App Store. On my Windows Developer Dashboard, it says I need to upload the...
  14. J

    Making an Info App

    Hey everyone, I'm making an app with what will be a lot of info. I'll be using a lot of words and need certain words that fall into categories to be highlighted when they appear and able to be interactive or clickable. I've already started with data structures and see that i can draw boxes...
  15. W

    Code Won't Work, Please Help

    Basically, I am making a sound board app and I want it so that when you press on a button, it plays the sound and changes the instance. When I press the the button it plays the sound, changes the instance but it won't change back afterwards. Here is my code: if (audio_is_playing(snd_druggo) ==...
  16. Toxic Tom

    Android How to use Google AdMob with GMS 2

    Hi, I've been looking into getting AdMob to work with my android app I made in Game Maker Studio 2. It is currently published on the Google Play Store (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.toxictom.particleplaylite&hl=en_GB) and I have done all the AdMob setup for it on the website...
  17. L

    If I try to build an APK it failed

    Hauptklasse org.gradle.wrapper.GradleWrapperMain konnte nicht gefunden oder geladen werden
  18. W

    Creating app for steam?

    Is there any tutorial how to add my game on steam.... for idiots like me ;)
  19. G

    Android Create WebServer for Online Android Game

    Hey there guys, my dream is it, to develope an Android Game, which has a nice multiplayer Option. I think I have a really nice Idea for the game - but I have no idea, how I can set it up online. You guys made some experience with programming online games on a own Web-Server? So maybe you can...
  20. Y

    Linux Is the export correct?

    Hello, I have GMS 1.4 and I connected to ubuntu (everything was ok) so I wanted to create an executable, for my game, (Ubuntu in this case) so I unmarked the option "Install on app" - because I wanted to install it by myself (of course). Compile was fine, but I believed it will create a " .deb...