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  1. Y

    GMS 2 Export to iOS. HELP

    Hello, How can I export my game to iOS on my Windows PC so that I can insert the file on my MAC in xCode? Why I have to connect my MAC there? I just want to export the file. If I still connect the MAC with a USB C cable, it will not be recognized Thanks
  2. Saf

    Job Offer - Programmer [Closed] Non-Consumable IAP source code needed - Mobile project [paid]

    Hey there, I am looking for a simple source code, compatible with the latest version of GMS2 that can properly initiate and perform the following functionality: 1. IAP button - That can make the defined IAP work with the app store (e.g. be able to call a function in case of success, or return...
  3. R

    Submitting an app to the App store

    Does anyone here know of a video (youtube) or updated document on how to submit an app to the App store? All I found so far is this and it's so out of date... I have the certificates, App IDs, bundle...
  4. H

    Released Ghost Castle 2D Platformer!

    Hey! I just released Ghost Castle on Google Play and on App store. This game was originally made by me in 2015 but i decided to make it a bit better and release it. Its a 2D platformer in a castle environment and there is 20 different levels that you can get 1-3 stars on that is calculated on...
  5. J

    How to publish games on ios

    hey guys, I have been searching on the internet, trying to figure out how to publish a game that you have created in GameMaker to IOS (AppStore), but I can’t seem to find it. Does anyone know how to publish your game to iOS ?(is it even possible?)
  6. W

    Guidance Please - Retaining game files post App Store upgrade releases

    Hi All, I am seeking guidance around the best process to use to ensure game files are not lost (i.e. they are preserved as is) after game updates are built and released via the App Store or Google Play. My efforts to find / research this haven't been fruitful - hopefully I have just missed...
  7. T

    Released StairJump Launched on Android and iOS!

    Hi, everyone! I'm Rom aka Trasoside/HealTheIll, was more engaged in the previous forum, (and still very happy to help anyone in GM related topics) I develop games in Game Maker for about 8 years now (dam that passed so fast..) through my game development journey I met very close friends, Tom...
  8. tjuven

     Suggestion: Add SKPaymentTransactionObserver method for IAP in App Store

    Hi! It would be nice if the SKPaymentTransactionObserver method was added to the builds automagically when developing for iOS and distributing games through the App Store. In-app purchases without this method can not be promoted in the new App Store on iOS11. Thanks
  9. S

    Discussion Mobile Apps

    I've been thinking of getting into mobile app development to get started in the industry and get my name out there. Can you think of any type of app you would like to see? I would mostly prioritize games of course, but I suppose I could broaden my skills to other types of apps. I'm not trying to...
  10. M

    Privacy policies and hosting for Android

    Does anyone have a particular preferred service that they like to use for creating privacy policies? Google is telling me that I need to post a privacy policy or my app will be pulled. I'm using Heyzap and any data pulled is going through them. I'm not personally collecting anything. Also...
  11. clee2005

    iOS Multiple languages in store listing

    Hey does anyone know how to get more than just ENGLISH to show in the Languages property of the Apple App Store listing? I tried adding to the .plist, but that didn't do anything... then I found this in the docs : App Information The next page requires you to input the basic details for your...
  12. clee2005

    Google Play Download Trends

    Has anyone noticed a drop in downloads over the last 7-10 days in the Google Play store? I'm hoping it's a store wide thing, rather than just our apps, but it's a fairly significant dip. Downloads are more than half, down from where they were.... eg. had 2500/day and is now 1050/day. With...