app bundle

  1. flykidsblue1

    Android Help with creating an Android Bundle

    Hello everyone. I've been trying to create an android bundle for my game but I am having such a hard time becoming part of the google app signing process. When I go to the app signing tab I am greeted with different ways that I can opt in. When I download the PEPK tool and create a pem...
  2. E

    Android How to generate App Signing Key for Play Store

    Hello, when i try to upload an App Bundle file to Play Store, it asks for my app signing private key, how do i generate this key? Thanks
  3. Leif

    Android How To Create An App Bundle -

    Good day I tried to make a build to upload into google play. I have GMS2 v. installed. Here is described, that in 2.2.4 everything's will be ok. So, i 've build...
  4. R

    [SOLVED] Creating an app bundle (from apk) for Google Play

    Has anyone here created an app bundle (.aab) for submitting an Android app to Google Play? They don't want an apk anymore, and an .aab is required. GameMaker Studio 2 does not have the capability to do that right now (and I'm hoping that the runtime version 2.4 is up soon), so I followed Mark...