1. P

    Android Speed up apk compile?

    Very new to Android development. My game is very little at the moment, barely has anything going on, but it takes 4 minutes to compile and test (code won't work unless I export it completely) and takes longer every time I add something new. I don't want to keep waiting longer and longer for each...
  2. DyadGames

    On APK Build: Content is not allowed in prolog.

    I had this problem showing up so many times in the past few weeks, silently went away but now it's back again. Ive tried reinstalling the google play services extension, but no dice. Any Ideas? Create started: 1:32:34 PM "D:\Steam\steamapps\common\gamemaker_studio\GMAssetCompiler.exe"...
  3. G

    error window, compiles anyway

    well it's just a simple question i guess but... whenever im trying to build an apk, at the end of the the process GM pops up a 'compile failed' window yet the apk is built anyway, theres no actual error in the compile log and everything runs fine after all... im just curious as to why this is...
  4. G

    APK build failed ( can find AdvertisingBase.java )

    so uhm im having a problem with my game maker (idk if is a game maker problem tbh), whenever i try to make an android application it compiles for a while then it gives me this error! so i basically lack one of this java files (AdvertisingBase.java) and it can compile without it. i searched...