1. R

    Android [HELP!!!] Does Android APK still work in GMS 1.4?

    I'm still on GMS 1.4 and i'm trying to make an apk executable. I downloaded Android Studio and everything as it says on yoyogames documentation. Set up NDK and SDK *NOTE* I tweaked as when i dowloaded the old (says obsolete in Android Studio) NDK there was no "platforms" folder in it. So i...
  2. M

    Android Game Lag on Android

    Hi everybody, I'm currently developing a mobile game for Android. I've noticed however when I export the project to an APK and test it on my mobile device, the game often lags. This never occurs on the PC version in GMS2. Are there any settings I can edit that will help the game lag less...
  3. M

    Android Need Help Setting Up Android

    Hey everyone. I've been trying to set up Android as seen in this blog below: https://help.yoyogames.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001368727-Setting-Up-For-Android-or-Amazon-Fire But I always get "build failed" every time I try to build. All the SDK/NDK/JRE links are green and "found". I also...
  4. Genesys Generation

    Android Application does not work when I export 2nd font.

    My application uses 2 fonts. The 2 fonts are the same, but with different sizes. One for the title and one for the rest of the game. There is already a problem that the gamemaker does not recognize the folder: C:\Windows\Fonts Because of that I have to make a copy of the font on the...
  5. C

    Android Apks and Android

    Sorry if this is not the correct forum for this question, which is.... Can I build an apk that can be uploaded and accepted by the Google Play console, in order to add my Game Maker Studio games to the Google Play store? If the answers is Yes and apks built with the Studio can be added to...
  6. zendraw

    Android Android settings

    I made a topic some time ago that i cant install apks on my phone with whatever settings, yet another dude can install them. no answer and problem still persists. do i need to do some settings on my phone or what? intresting thing is this started happening suddenly, and before i was able to...
  7. zendraw

    Android Igor

    Why when i sometimes export an .apk in the output log it stays at "Igor" and sometimes its at finished or somthing like that? even if its on igor if i press the stop button it just stops what its doing and the exported apk works fine.
  8. zendraw

    Android App was not installed

    Im exporting the apk but cant install it on my phone and it just says the app was not installed. why? api level 30 28.0.3 build tools 30.0.0 support library 30 target sdk 16 minimum sdk 30 compile sdk
  9. jonahrobot

    SOLVED Using a Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) for a Snapchat campaign? (Using a iOS SDK in Gamemaker?)

    Hey everyone! Context: I was doing some experiments with running ads on Snapchat for my mobile game and ran into a problem. The Problem: To track downloads from Snapchat ads you need to use a third party API on Snapchat's list of partners. The thing is I can't find a way to use the SDKs from...
  10. Pixelated_Pope

    Android App never opens on connected device after running build (VM or YYC) GMS2.2 & GMS2.3

    Everything seems to build just fine. I can build an APK and manually install it on my device after transferring it over via USB, and that works fine. When I run a VM build, it gets to these lines: Stats : GMA : Elapsed=718.9182 Stats : GMA ...
  11. Arthur521

    SOLVED I can't get the Google Play APK expansion extension

    I created a mobile game using Game Maker Studio 2 with the license purchased on steam, I already made many apk builds and today would be the day to publish the project, but I also discovered the limit of 100MB of Google Play apps (And my game have more than 300MB)! Knowing this, I found the page...
  12. kammer_black

    Android Strange problems in my mobile game

    Good morning people. I have a problem with the internal test version of my new game for android. Making my game work on the mobile version is being the biggest challenge I've ever had when programming games. Every day is a new problem. Google Play released my game for testing and I was the...
  13. Adriano_ppaula

    Android Help with architecture chache

    Hello people! It's all right! I need help buiding an apk. So, I am currently working on an Android project, and the editor has explicitly asked that the apk only support two native platforms (Armv7, Arm64). Ok, so I just unchecked the other archeteture: The problem is that when I upload to...
  14. KyleRansford

    GMS 2 Problems with Uploading/Signing Android App Update

    I've uploaded a internal test version of my Android game and was trying to upload an update and I keep running into this error. I have enrolled in the Google App signing and the error it keeps telling me is that my apk is not signed with the "Upload Certificate". But I don't see anywhere to add...
  15. R

    [SOLVED] Creating an app bundle (from apk) for Google Play

    Has anyone here created an app bundle (.aab) for submitting an Android app to Google Play? They don't want an apk anymore, and an .aab is required. GameMaker Studio 2 does not have the capability to do that right now (and I'm hoping that the runtime version 2.4 is up soon), so I followed Mark...
  16. M

    Android [Solved]Android Compilation adb

    i can compile an .apk but get this in debug adb: failed to install C:\Users\magnu\Downloads\2d_platformerSmGl.apk: Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_NO_MATCHING_ABIS: Failed to extract native libraries, res=-113] Performing Streamed Install
  17. G

    Android Is this normal? Project is 23 megabytes and APK is 74 megabytes?

    I added sounds to my project, which increased the project size to 23 megabytes (measured by selecting all files and folders except .git in the project directory). However, when I build an APK for Armv7 and Arm64, the APK size is 74 megabytes. I'm not using any non-script extensions. I've...
  18. Adriano_ppaula

    Android APK compatible with 64-bit devices

    Hello everyone!! :) I'm needing help in the APk build part for android for GM1.4. As of August 1, 2019, all apk in google play will have to be compatible with x_64 as can be seen in this link: https://developer.android.com/distribute/best-practices/develop/64-bit I would like to know what...
  19. ProjectGamesInc

    Android Random fatal errors with apk.

    Hello guys. My head is about to blow up with a strange problem that occur ONLY when i install my app on android with an apk (in this example, with the apk used for internal testing i download from google play). If i try the app from gamemaker studio 2 with the debug everything runs fine, 0...
  20. T

    Android Problem with Singing your game/APK

    Hi everyone, i found few topics related to this problem but there is no real answer... So my problem is, when i make APK game on GM i need to Sign my game with certification/SHA1 code, but i dont know how to do that... I opened apk in android studio, tried building it under Build > Build >...