1. H

    GMS 2 Game maker 2 to GameJolt api help

    I'm now to using the api in gamejolt. I've looked at the gamejolt api Manuel, I've downloaded the giveapps gamejolt api extension, and ive tried to use the api based off of instructions telling you what the api extensions functions do, but is still don't fully understand how to implement or...
  2. Posho

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] HTTP GET/POST Help for GraphQL

    Hello, I am trying to get access to an API using HTTP functions. Normally you would make queries using JSON files but apparently GM:S forcefully uses ds_maps, which is a tad different. I am also having trouble sending the Auth Token, which from my understanding is done through the Header of a...
  3. Daniel Mallett

    Windows Bug tracking

    I game maker compatible with any of the bug tracking (API). Such as bugsnag, bugskee, jira, sentry etc. If so which ones have an existing API.
  4. JapanGamer29

    Steam Need a Steam API call that counts total leaderboard entries

    Hi. The Steam API has the following function: int GetLeaderboardEntryCount( SteamLeaderboard_t hSteamLeaderboard ); ( https://partner.steamgames.com/doc/api/ISteamUserStats#GetLeaderboardEntryCount ) But there doesn't appear to be an equivalent API call in GameMaker. I'd like to be able to...
  5. Ali Al - Mosawi

    Android / Amazon Fire Play Install Referrer API message from google play

    Hi guys I get this message form google play whats the action can I do for this Text of message ___________________________________________ Hello Google Play Developer, We recently announced that we’ll be deprecating the install_referrer intent broadcast mechanism. Because one or more of your...
  6. M

    HTML5 Need help with save data on either Cookies or Server-side! Urgent!

    I work for a small team that has made its name on Flash games and I've been put on as the head of an HTML5 project using GMS2. I'm actually fairly new to programming, but the developer-side stuff has been easy so far. I need to make a save/load system where I can get an .ini file to save to...
  7. A

    Google Map + Maps API

    Hi guys. For years I searched for a way to use Google maps products in GML and had absolutely no luck finding anything decent. So frustrated, I decided to make it myself. Here is an asset iv made that you can both use an interactive Google map in your project but also Google maps APIs such...
  8. FoxyOfJungle

    GMS 2 Facebook - How to use the chat in Windows?

    I am doing a launcher and would like to integrate Facebook chat into it as well as the friend list and profile info. Is there any way to do this in Windows? (using dll's or http requests) I've already tried: Creating my own chat system using the server in PHP and using HTTP requests, but it...
  9. Daniel-San

    Android / Amazon Fire Ayuda, BUILD FAILED. Unable to resolve project target 'Google Inc.:Google APIs:13'

    Hola a todos!!:) He estado tratando de exportar un juego para Android. Tengo Game Maker Studio v1.4.1567, Windows 10(no se si afecte la versión de Windows). Al momento de querer generar el APK en la ventana de compilación aparece este error: -build-setup: [getbuildtools] Using latest Build...
  10. RaverockMediaLtd

    http_request causes memory leak ( probably my fault )

    I'm using http_request for account logins from GMS2 and http_get to poll my SQL database for character locations, equipped items, etc. The database gets http_get'ed every alarm[0] = 30 ( twice a second ). I've adjusted this to once per second but noticed that my RAM gets utterly pummeled this...
  11. Clemens van Brunschot

    Android / Amazon Fire API greylisted

    I get a warning from Google Play Console that my APK from Gamemaker Studio 2 (newest release) is using an unsupported API. Does anyone know what to do? For now it is only greylisted, but that may change... StrictMode policy violation: android.os.strictmode.NonSdkApiUsedViolation...
  12. Clemens van Brunschot

    Android / Amazon Fire Warning from Google Play

    I get a warning from Google Play that my APK from Gamemaker Studio 2 (newest release) is using an unsupported API. Does anyone know what to do? For now it is only greylisted, but that may change... StrictMode policy violation: android.os.strictmode.NonSdkApiUsedViolation...
  13. E

    Mail from Google about removing Google+ API

    Hello, i just got an email from Google saying that they are shutting down Google+ and need me to update my apps so that they no longer use Google+ APIs, and it shows a list of my apps on Play Store that called Google+ method and"plus.people.get" and OAuth "plus.login, plus.me...
  14. Aver005

    Android / Amazon Fire To store the game data using Google API?

    Hello, I recently started making a game for Android. Now I'm learning the Google API. I have a question: 'Can I store player data on their servers, for example, as I think, through "achievement_"'? By "data" I mean the amount of game currency, game level of the player and his statistics. If...
  15. matharoo

    Android / Amazon Fire Google Play Services - "Games.API is not available on this device"

    I'm trying to implement leaderboards into my Android game, using the GPS extension by YoYo Games. It seems to log in, but can't fetch the leaderboard using achievement_show_leaderboards(). 09-24 20:36:12.714 4027 4064 I yoyo : Achievement available: 1 09-24 20:36:12.716 4027 4027 I yoyo...
  16. Jochum

    Discord API? Is there any?

    Hi everyone! I'm working on a Clicker game and I need to add some sort of Discord API to the game. Does anyone know if there's any way to connect Discord with your game? I need to connect things like, name, server roles, etc. Thanks in advance! Kind Regards, Jochum
  17. Type Ace

    Windows http_get (Error)

    Hello! I'm trying to get a random name via http_get from a site that generates random names by using its API. I decode the jason file to a ds map using async_load ect. The game runs, but I get no result. The only thing I get is a console message (HttpError:HttpSendRequest:) every time I trigger...
  18. D

    GMS2 and Amazon AWS (Polly)

    Hello GMS folks, I ask this question because I searched the forum and with google but did not find anything on this and hope not to waste hours or days chasing the impossible: Is it possible to use Amazon's AWS APIs within a GMS2 game (platform independent preferably)? Specifically, I would...
  19. Woowoo

    Dealing with external mp3 files

    Hi! I'm using the soundcloud API to download external mp3 files for my game, but it can only download mp3 files. I couldn't find a way to play external mp3 files, and I even tried to make my own mp3 decoder in gml (that didn't end well). Is there a way to convert an already existing mp3 file...
  20. RizbIT

    forum or Q&A template

    I knwo there are free forum templates that use javascript or similar you just configure them and add to your own site. but is there a forum or Q&A web based API / service i can use on mobile. It shoudl be one which doesnt need user login... the username should be passed via the url. Seems...