1. thom

    How to prevent cheaters from editing game sprites

    Hi, The online community of my game Ultimate Racing 2D found out that people were cheating in online multiplayer. The game uses an (invisible) grass sprite to detect when someone is driving on the grass and should therefore be slowed down. However the cheaters have been able to change this...
  2. Fanatrick

    Asset - Scripts GMGuard Anti-Cheat toolkit

    Current Version: GMGuard 1.0.0 YoYoGames Marketplace: GMGuard is a toolkit for GameMaker: Studio 2.3+ designed to protect your games from common cheating techniques - without...
  3. S

    GMS 2 Questionable anti-cheat & multiplayer aspects

    Hello, This might be a silly topic, as it might turn into nerd talk. Let's keep it simple. Anyways, from what I have gathered (quickly), there are no anti-cheat features in GMS2, I was just thinking about it. (The closest feature I found is obfuscation when deploying to HTML5.) Since I am...
  4. G

    Check for Background Process (Anti Cheat)

    Hey Folks, I am wonder if there is a way to check if there is running a cheat program on the clients device. What I work for is an online game for Android / IOS. And I know there is a lot of cheating software out there (something like Game Guardian, Luckypatcher, Game CIH...). I used them many...

    Android Anti-cheat with buffer?

    So I was looking for how to make an anticheat program that prevents hackers from manipulating values. Then my friend told me I can use buffers to change the value's memory location, making hackers harder to find the values they want. The problem is I never knew what that is, so I don't know how...