1. U

    Job Offer - General MAXHEART™ Game Needs Writer [Paid]

  2. M

    Portfolio - Audio Music! 10 years+ exp - ready to work !

    Hi all ! I'm a music producer from the uk! I can create anything from soundscapes, ambience, retro music, to anime style piano and much more! If you would like to hear my work, I have recently created a new soundcloud profile just for this : Rates can...
  3. RekNepZ

    Introduce Yourself

    Introduce yourself to the rest of the community! If you're not sure what to say, here's a guide (use as much of it as you choose) Username: Old GMC Username: Other usernames from past and present: Name: Age: Where you're from: How long you've been using Game Maker: Any cool games you've made...
  4. Huan

    Portfolio - Art Anime/Manga Concept Illustrator for hire (Paid Work only)

    Hello, My name is Huan. I am an illustrator strong in Anime/Manga influence. Please take a look at my work samples and see if my art style suits your project. Or visit my gallery ====> If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at...
  5. Roencia

    Discussion How do you like your heroine? Omni Link - Scifi Adventure (manga, GM game, art, video & music)

    Dawn is the type who will take you down and do it with a straight face. She's protective, and obeys without question, and best of all she's not real. Designed with advanced technology from a civilization long extinct, she is truly one of a kind. She will surprise you with new abilities around...
  6. S

    Portfolio - Art Background artist

    Hi, My name's Sergii! I'm a background artist for Visual Novel and Anime Some of my work: You can visit my portfolio: My email: Waiting for you to cooperation!!!
  7. OneDayDreamer

    Portfolio - General Animator, musician, and artist all-in-one! Anime, alternative, and intensely aspiring.

    Hello, everyone. I am an aspiring animator, artist, musician, and voice actor with a passion for storytelling, art, visual and audio engagement, and much more. Recently I have been driven to create what I believe are some truly powerful creative compositions. But alas, I struggle to network...
  8. U

    Team Request [Position Filled]

    Hello all, Thank you, everyone who sent us requests. The position has been filled. We look forward to unveiling MAXHEART™ in 2017. We hope you enjoy it! =====Old Post===== We are an experienced indie games development studio that specialises in card games. This year we are expanding into the...
  9. Roencia

    Steam Omni Link [BxG] Sci-fi, Romance, top down shooter

    Description: Omni Link is a different kind of visual novel featuring space exploration, real-time combat, and choices that affect gameplay and story. Find love across the stars and learn what it takes to give everything you have for those you care about. Story: You play as Keb. A man of little...