1. V

    Portfolio - Art [FORE HIRE] Pixel Artist and 2D Animator || 4 years of experience making Tilesets, Props, Backgrounds, Characters, Animations, Concept Art, and others

    Hi guys, my name is Vicente Nitti, pixel artist and 2D animator for games. I'm currently available for work. Contact: My Portfolio: My itch store: The Last project I worked on as the only game artist...
  2. Gandija

    Demo Skeletal animator2d

    Hi this is the will be using for animating 2d sprites in my games. Extrictly made with gml.
  3. N

    Room Duplicate/Object copy to next room PLS help :D

    Working on a project atm to build a animation type program using game maker. So I'm trying to make a code that duplicates the room I'm currently in and or puts all the same objects from current room into the following room that already exists.
  4. O

    Portfolio - Art I am a freelance 2D Pixel artist and animator looking for work!

    Hi there, I am odovedesign, and I specialise in 2D Pixel art, and animation! if you are in need of content for your game do not hesitate to get in touch see my website for more
  5. R

    Portfolio - Art [UNPAID] 2-D Pixel Artist, Designer

    I'm an amateur artist and animator with a passion for retro, 2-D game design. I can also do level design, writing, concepts. I'm willing to work for free, if I'm interested in the team and passionate about the...
  6. F

    Windows Gamemaker studio Animator

    there are Running animation & spike animation
  7. Animation_00#

    Can GM2 handle hand drawn animation

    I'm an animator looking to create something using some of my characters in a "cuphead" style I know they transferred their project to unity so I know it works there but I have GM2 so I'm curious if GM2 can easily handle these kinds of graphics thanks guys
  8. N

    Opinion [screen capture] little animator

    I made this post to show a fellow member something that could potentially deem me follow worthy. I couldn't find a way to embed .GIF images into profile posts, and this is the best way to show what I'm working on. I did think about making a Work in Progress thread post. I decided that since...
  9. BeowuIf

    Team Request Artist/Animator Searching for a Team

    Hello Game Maker Community, I am a 2d artist illustrator student willing to work/help in an indie team with no payments involved just to learn and polish my skills. I have used photoshop for about 7+ years and lately i have been using AseSprite to create my pixel art. I have studied on a...
  10. Nathan Laing

    Job Offer - Artist [CLOSED] 3D model animator, sci-fi soldiers & aliens

    G'day! May need someone to animate pre-rigged (humanoid) models, exporting the frames to png. A full list of animations will be supplied. Here, a brief summary; Walking, running, crouching, sleeping, shooting, dying, melee fighting sitting/typing at consoles etc! Prefer to pay per model, per...
  11. K

    Team Request RPG Team Needs Animator

    Hello Game Maker Community! About me and the group: My name is Michael, I am a programmer, I've been coding for 7 years now. I am collaborating with a great friend Riko who will be handling the music, tiles, UI, and concept art. Examples of his work will be linked below. What we are looking...
  12. D

    Team Request 2D Animator needed for a topdown zombie shooter game

    A 2D animator is needed for my game that I'm making. The game is about a lonely survivor that just woke up in the hospital and tries to understand what has happened and so on and so on. You will be animating top down persons, zombies, items, environment indoors & outdoors. The game does not...