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    GML Beginner learning animation codes and tricks

    So I wasn't able to find anything useful while searching, but I have a stationary plant creature that I designed a few idling animations to switch between. I wanted to stage the animation sequences so that it can be still for a few seconds, run one animation and then the following one at an...
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    Trying to figure out how to make my character crouch.

    So I've got a script that contains all of the player's movement, animations, collisions, etc., and it works just fine. I'm pretty new to programming in gml. I'm trying to make my character crouch when the player presses and holds the down key, but I can't figure out how to get it to work...
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    Changing Sprite as it moves

    Hello, I am very new to gml and game making in general, I was wondering how I could make my sprite (main character) who has an idle animation. change to its movement animation as I press the button to move the object but returns to its idle animation as I unpress said button. I thank you for...