1. Z

    Drawing Sprites animated

    Dear GameMaker Community, I have been working a dialogue system for quite sometime now and everything is going exactly as expected. However, there is an issue that I have dealing with that cannot figure out I intend to draw a profile picture that animate lip movement so in the draw event I set...
  2. E

    Portfolio - Art Pixel Artist for Commissions or Work

    Hello! You can call me Eight. I'm an on/off pixel artist looking for work. You can find my portfolio (which includes some animated pieces) here, on Cartrdge. You can find my commission info here. For a Gamemaker Studio 2 project, I can make finished sprites in the .yy format, complete...
  3. T

    Animation - 2d slash / Hit effects

    Can someone direct me to some good tutorials on this or advise? I seem to be only able to find pixel art or 3rd effects. The one 2d effect for swings i did find was a 2 second video showing the effect and not a tutorial on how to make them. There was a another but that involved 3d software and...
  4. A

    Wait for animation complete before switching character.

    Hello folks, I'm new to gamemaker and programming so i apologize in advance if my question sounds amateurish. In my game I would like to switch between characters and before the switch happens, I'm trying to play a small animation. I created an alarm event so that the game waits to play the...
  5. I

    Legacy GM Animation in Platformer [SOLVED]

    Hello! I am currently working on animation for my character in my platformer game, and it does not work quite right. Here is the code I currently have // Control the sprite image_speed = sign(len)*.4; if(len == 0) image_index = 8; // Vertical sprites if(vspd > 0){ sprite_index =...
  6. N

    GMS 2 Transitional animations in a state machine

    Hi. I'm prototyping a platformer, wherein I'm trying out different strategies for implementing a (finite) state machine in GML (not something I've done a lot of before). I'm wondering: what is a solid way to approach transitional animations (such as a confined animation transitioning from...
  7. T

    Animations and GPU RAM

    Hello to everyone! We are making game and have a lot of animations for enemies. We have 6 types of enemies. Each enemy has 23 animations of around 32 frames. Plus 70 animations of main hero. So about 200 animations of 32 frames 500x500 for each level. Damn 0_0 That's huge I know :eek: So can you...
  8. S

    Adobe Animate's Texture Atlas

    Hi there, I'm wondering if anyone has experience using Adobe Animates Texture Atlas exporter within Gamemaker? I'd usually just export pngs, but my games are getting to the...
  9. C

    Return to Idle Animation

    Hey friends! I am making a top-down rpg, and so far my character can move in 4 directions with 4 different animations, and has an idle animation waiting to be used! I got the running animations to work, but I'd like my character to return to the respective direction of idle animation when not...
  10. C

    Graphics Issue with updating Spine animations

    I'm pretty new to Game Maker, and have been using Spine for my animations for my first project. Everything has generally been going well, but I have run into a big issue. Whenever I add more images to my Spine animation project (eg. more types of armor to equip for my RPG) and then export the...
  11. S

    Windows Animation when character spawns

    what code do i use to make my character cycle through an animation once every time they "spawn"
  12. M

    Directional key controller animations not working.

    Hi everyone I am working on a little project here and I have made a fully functional movement controls for the directional keys the only problem is that my animation sprites won't play when I push the buttons. 2 of them work fine(left and right) but the other 2(up and down) are always stuck on...
  13. R

    Job Offer - Artist RPG Walk Cycle (Only 1 direction) [PAID]

    One thing I struggle with is animation, more importantly walk cycles "side walk cycles". So, I'm willing to pay for someone to animate the right walking direction for me. Payment upon completion, and negotiations through PM.
  14. A

    Help needed with creating a multi sprite game

    Hello everyone, I am new to game maker studio and am trying to create a simple game where I want five images on a screen. Each image is a separate 2-frame sprite. If the player clicks on one of these images I want it to reveal the 2nd frame in the sprite. However, nothing in the other images...
  15. Binsk

    3D Calculating 3D Bone Transform

    Edited Edit: Okay, just for anyone who stumbles across this topic. Turned out the specific model I was using was marked to use spherical transformations for over half the bones (which I didn't realise, as I thought I picked a model that only used quat-pos pairs). This was causing the issue...
  16. Sarena

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Ranged Weapon Character Sprite Not Changing

    I created a system where you can switch between two different characters, one that has a ranged weapon and one that uses melee attacks. The animations for the melee character are showing correctly, but the ranged character animations are not. The ranged character is using a weapon like a...
  17. Rikifive

    Drawing in a rect?

    Hello there, I've been looking around, but I guess I can't really find what I'm looking for, even if it may be in an obvious spot. I need to create a rect where I'd be able to draw things and the catch is to not make them appear beyond the rect. Basically achieving something like this: It is...
  18. S

    Spine Multiple Animations with separate speeds

    My question is if there exists somewhere in code for the skeleton spine object to have each of it's separate animations run at different speeds. For example: animation 1: you animate a scarf flowing in the wind that a person is wearing (flows at image_speed 2) animation 2: the person is...
  19. J

    Idle animation issue

    Hi, im new here and ive started a 2d platformer.. Everything is working exept the animation for my run (left and right) where my idle sprite is still appearing as im holding either run button. It looks very choppy though the run animation is fluid.. Help please!
  20. WimpyLlama

    I need help with attack animation.

    I made an attack script in Game Maker 2, but whenever I click left click (which is the button I set for attack) it only plays the first frame of the sprite animation. I have spent hours on this and I looked on google but I couldn't find anything. Please help. mouse_left =...