1. B

    Drag And Drop End my suffering (Cutscenes With Frame By Frame)

    Hello there, I am a new game designer, but an intermediate animator! I have been trying to integrate my animating skills to my game projects, but without much success... My images are off center but I code them to place their left corners to (0,0), and alarm systems are confusing, does anyone...
  2. JABSphere94

     Theater of Mons, 2d fighting game (Prototype build)

    My first time uploading a game, Theater of Mons is planned to be a 2-D fighting game where players control teams of monsters that evolve as they fight and survive. The aim of Theater of Mons is to be accessible to newer players while still feeling open ended for veteran players. When a monster...
  3. R

    Problems with Melee Attack for a Platformer

    I have a problem in which I cannot set sprite_index = spr_player_idle if hsp = 0, because that stops my spr_player_attack animation in the first frame. Thus, I have an issue where if i do the opposite the sprite will walk in place when hsp = 0. Is there a way to have the player sprite idle...
  4. Xocrona

    Weird movement animation

    Hi, so I'm knew in Game Maker desing (so Idk if this is a very newbie issue or I, as always, found a way to break the matrix :() and saw a tutorial 'bout making a walk animation. The code it's okay if you just use one sprite (with or without animation ;)), but here's the problem ... when I...
  5. Divinik

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Variable adding too many times in one step

    So I have a variable (shots_fired) that counts how many time a gun is fired, but for some reason it will continuously add to the variable, even with a condition check: if parent.image_index >= 1 { image_angle = 10; x =...
  6. Axl Trauts

    Choose animation frames groups for a same object

    Hi, I don´t quite understand if I can have different "animation groups" for a same object depending on the condition of that object, I mean, what is the object doing. For example: I have a top-down shark object which will start swimming underwater. When is near the player, say 100px away, it...
  7. C

    GMS 2 Animation playing AFTER the sound file

    This is the most bizarre situation. I have an animation I want to play as long as a certain sound file is playing. Let me see if I can explain my programming in D&D. Create Event: Assign Variable: radio_channel = 0 Set Animation Speed = 0 Set Sprite: anim_radio = 1 Step Event: If audio is...
  8. N

    [Solved] Jumping and falling animation - Stop on last frame and reset

    I'm trying to make a jump and falling animation, with animated sprites. I want both of them to stop on the last frame (image_speed = 0), and continue from the first frame, when the jump-button is pressed again. //animation STEP EVENT if(!grounded=1) { image_speed = 1; if (sign(vsp) >...
  9. R

    Need help with walking animation

    So I'm working on a top-down farming RPG similar to Stardew Valley and I just finished working on the sprite walking animations. There are three walking animations, one walking vertically towards the bottom of the screen, one walking vertically away towards the top of the screen, and another for...
  10. zacharyandrews

    Portfolio - Art Artist/Multidisciplinary for hire.

    Hello Developers! Is your game project needing a visual edge? I'm an experienced 2D artist and animator with knowledge of GMS2, Git and the ability to learn new systems quickly or adapt to established pipelines. My skills are primarily visual art and animation, though I am experienced in...
  11. tagwolf

    Pixel Flipboard Style Animation

    GM Version: GMS2 Target Platform: ALL Download: Links: N/A Summary: Ever wanted to make cool pixel flipboard style animations? Well now you can. If you want it to actually draw something you could do so easy enough by making a collision mask of...
  12. shostifrosty

    Falling Sprite not working as expected

    Hi there! So I'm a little bit of a noob with GML (and programming in general, unfortunately) and through several tutorials and looking up the manual, I'm trying to figure out how to make the basic movements of a platformer game. The thing is, I made it work basically – movement, jumps...
  13. D

    GMS 2 Pause and animations

    How to stop sprite animations when in pause? Just animations, and then continue them
  14. phillipPbor

    3D 3d animation

  15. T

    GML Possible to animate flipping a sprite"

    Sorry if this is dumb, I just started using GM2 a couple weeks ago. Basically I know about "flipping" a sprite on the x-axis with the image_xscale command, but that's a single frame 'snap' from 1 to -1 (or vice versa). Is there a way to smooth the transition, i.e. more smoothy transition from 1...
  16. G

    Problem with an animation in drag and drop

    So, in my platforming game, i wanted to make it to where you would kill enemies and break boxes with a sword. So, i made the sprites i needed, one for the character and an animation for them swinging their sword. I was able to get it the character to switch to the sword animation at the press of...
  17. Architheutis

    (Solved!) How to start an animated sprite from a random number?

    Hi Folks, I try to make a sprite-animation, starting from a random number. But I wasn´t successful. I have a walking zombie, spawning in a level up to 6 instances, maximum. The sprite has 32 images. Now I just want for each added zombie a new randomized number, where the its animation has to...
  18. C

    Free Lunesta

    UPDATE: Now Alpha 1.4 released for public. It's not that great visually imo, but is getting there. I needed feedback on the tutorial. HISTORY: Hi all. I've been plugging away at programmed animation because I was bored and wanted to freshen up on log...
  19. C

    GMS 2 I decided to make a custom animation for my game using pieces

  20. J

    Why does my player get stuck in the air?

    Im making a platform game where my character can duck. When he ducks in the air, he performs a groundpound. key_duck is asigned to the 'S' key (not pressed or released). vsp is the vertical speed and duckgrav is the groundpound speed. While performing the groundpound, the sprite should be...