1. G#m_Player2

    SOLVED Need help about managing sub images in one sprite sheet (animation)

    Hello GameMaker Community this is my first time using the forum and I don't have much knowledge in programming but as a starter I am willing to open for learning and understand the basics of gamemaker language. As a starter, I wanted to make a platformer game and I followed tutorials on...
  2. bebesnuggles

    How can I reset a sprite's animation? (DnD)

    I need to reset a timer bar from going all the way down so it doesn't dock the player points if they hit a target. Been looking through all the DnD code and syntax but can't find anything that would help me. Good thing yall are much smarter than me! Thanks Ya Boi
  3. kureoni

    animation before instance_destroy (help)

    i have this code for the enemy IA but when it dies the instance is destroyed without running the animation before how do i change that? mp_potential_step(obj_player.x, obj_player.y, spd, obj_colision) if (life <= 0){ sprite_index=spr_enemy1_death instance_destroy() }
  4. DivineEd

    animation getting cut off while using collision_circle

    So im using collision_circle and it's doing its job fine but I'm having one small issue. Whenever the player is in the zone briefly then instantly leaves the zone the enemie's attack animation gets cut off or just doesn't complete. How can I make it so that once the enemy has started its...
  5. RacieB

    GMS 2 Four-part jumping animation

    I'm having a ton of trouble figuring out how to go about doing a complex jump animation. If it was just two parts, rising and falling, that would be really easy and I could handle that in her "bit_jump_state" script something like if vsp < 0 image_index = 0 else image_index = 1; or if vsp < 0...
  6. H


    I want to know if you can add full-on animation to your games, not like sprite animation but more 2D animation of something you'd make in a seperate software.
  7. gkri

    [SOLVED] - How to animate mouth, in order to lip sync with audio?

    Hello everyone, I am migrating from Adobe AIR (actionscript 3). The games I create are mostly educational for preschool children and are mobile only. I have already completed a couple of tutorials and I am planning to complete more in order to better understand how GMS2 works. Meanwhile, I am...
  8. sinigrimi

    Graphics how to draw realistic walk?

    How to make walking more realistic? Are there any ways to emphasize the beginning of the foot? share your experience please
  9. G

    Graphics Pixel Animation Art

    Pixel Warehouse I've been browsing the net for some pixel Animation styles and ideas and came across this youtuber. In the link above I really dig the effort put into the way they animated a glass filling up with Orange Juice - I presume. Something like this would make a great loading screen...
  10. A

    GMS 2 Slime no longer jumps after adding in specific animations.

    I tried to make some code for a slime moving randomly. It all worked fine, until I decided to change the sprite index based off of where it was during the jump. Eg, an animation just before the jump, an animation as it falls, etc. Unfortunately, after adding in the code, the slime stopped...
  11. Posho

    Skeletal Animation with SWF

    Hello, I've been making some animations using Spine that have been working fine on GameMaker, but due to the large amount of textures the project size is starting to get a bit heavy, specially considering it's for a mobile game. All of my animations' textures were done in Flash and the...
  12. William Garrison

    GMS 2 Matching the Frames

    Hello again friends. Ill get straight to the heart of the matter. I am designing a little fun top down game right? And i want to be able to change hair styles (and other elements). My issue I am trying to tackle is this... The character (every other frame, or frames 1 and 3) goes down by a pixel...
  13. A

    [Solved] Issues with Paths, Direction, and Animation

    For context, I'm working on a top-down, tactics-style game. While the player is in battle, they pull up a menu, and to move, the player selects "Move" from the menu. From there, a grid selector is created, and each time the selector moves, it adds a new point to a created path. When the player...
  14. L

    Windows Spine animation loop problem

    i made an animation in has 61 frames(from frame 0 to frame 60). And frame0 is defferent from frame60 when the GMS2 play this animation. it will play 60 frames but not 61 frames. the image_index will be 0 to 59. when image_index is 0. GMS2 will draw either frame0 or frame60. it seems...
  15. sweep

    Enemy animation

    Hi ( I know this topic must have been brought up a thousand times before.) I am working on a top down game. I've been through the forum looking for a way to get the enemy to animate when chasing the player. I have the enemy sprites set up for 4 directional movement. I've tried tweaking the...
  16. TearyLilium

    GML Code equivalent for animation end event

    I am trying to come up with code equivalent for animation end event. I have seen other people mentioning using stuff like if (image_index > image_number - 1) { // Do something } but it doesn't actually work the same way animation end event does? If I have a sprite which consists of 4...
  17. F

    What is the best system for creating sprite sheets for animation?

    I have been drawing most of my game art in GIMP and can use layers, copy-and-paste, et cetera, to create sprite sheets for importing into GMS2 but there must be better methods. Neither a forum search nor my favorite web search engine provided a great answer. So... What system or software are...
  18. F

    Cutscene Performance: Sprites versus Layer Changes

    My game performs fine but I see value in learning optimization now for future application. I have some segments of the game which are simple animated scenes that react to very limited inputs (space to start, space to stop... that sort of thing) and so far I have been building them like old...
  19. I

    Windows Game speed has messed up! HELP!

    Hello guys!! I have a queston that is killing me, last week i tested my game and recorded some gameplays to upload to my social medias and gamejolt, everything GOOD! But, i open my project today and the coordinates movements (X,Y) have slow down, like gravity of moon, and, my animation speed...
  20. DarthTenebris

    GML Animation

    Hello everybody, It's been a quite a while since I last spent time with Game Maker, and I've definitely gone rusty. I'm trying to get my player animated when he is walking and stop when he isn't, but so far it's not working, and I have no idea why. // obj_player Create Event: sprite_index =...