1. Wonman321

    Portfolio - Art [Open] pixel artist / animation looking for work (y)(y)

    Hi everyone, Iam Dante. Pixel artist - 2D animator I have been doing pixel art game for over 6 years Email: or My gallery: Skype: wonman321 Discord: Wonman321#3034 I love making pixel game, i really really love it...
  2. mar_cuz

    Job Offer - Artist Looking for Pixel Artist/Animator for my project [PAID]

    Hi Guys, Firstly I'd like to say this offer is for paid, cash money work. I have been working on my sports game project for almost a year now and it is going great. The sport is Australian Football. I have had some art done for it from a great pixel artist who has recently picked up a larger...
  3. C

    Object Walking (Advanced?)

    Hey I have been trying to sort this problem out for about 8-10 hours and haven't been able to find anything online to help me nor have I been able to figure it out. The goal is to create a system which uses objects for the player, which are then moved, rather than using sprite animations. I want...
  4. S

    Animation repeating

    Hi, Im making a game and just got done with making the art and some animations for my main character. Everythings going pretty well, however, there's a couple of bugs I don't know how to indentify the problem/fix. Im not really sure how to descibe it so I made a video: (darn, 5-post limit, I...
  5. C

    GML Beginner learning animation codes and tricks

    So I wasn't able to find anything useful while searching, but I have a stationary plant creature that I designed a few idling animations to switch between. I wanted to stage the animation sequences so that it can be still for a few seconds, run one animation and then the following one at an...
  6. A

    turn the character according to the position of the mouse

    Hello i'm making a shooter and i have a animation when he shoot but he get activated only if i click with the left button of the mouse. if the character is moving to the left i use : if mouse_check_button(mb_left) and keyboard_check(ord("D")) { sprite_index = sRunSleft; } The fact is...
  7. S

    GML Image_Index not being evaluated as expected

    Evening all, I am looking to shift states when an animation has hit a certain frame (the cast frame), in this case represented as stateVar[0] and it is equal to 4. However, the formula evaluates false under the below circumstances, which doesnt seem right to me! It actually seems to resolve as...
  8. S

    GML Preventing an animation from looping to the start!

    Morning all, When I jump I want to use the starting frames pre-jump, then the middle frames when in the air. I have added what I think should do that. However, when holding down the jump button, for the variable jump height, it flashes on to the first frame just before ending. When not holding...
  9. Hudsonius

    Best way to implement walking animations?

    So I already have my sprites and player movement (no need to talk about that) and I was wondering what the most accurate way to put walking animations into my game would be. My game is top-down so it requires 4 directional movement. The reason I would like this is because, in the game, the...
  10. O

    Problems with Attack Animation

    I feel like I should've solved this a long time ago but nothing seems to be working. Basically I have a two-frame attack animation that I want to play when the attack key is pressed and then the sprite goes back to it's one-frame idle pose. What I've got is: if(key_attack){ image_speed = .2...
  11. lukbebalduke

    GML Animation update intercepting bug?!

    Hey Folks! There is a strange issue in my game right now: There are two OBJ_PLAYER in a room, each of them has it own local variable M, that points to the direction where the player is looking at. At the OBJ_PLAYER animation update the angle of a certain bone is set to M. Both OBJ_PLAYER has...
  12. Bleed

    Portfolio - Art [Sprites] Game Artist for Hire

    Hello, gamers and game developers, my name is Remos and I specialize in creating game sprites. I can create animated characters, props, tiles, buildings. I should be able to customize to suit the requirements of the user and any version of Game Maker. Icons & Tiles Characters & Animations...
  13. E

    Legacy GM Keyboard_Check_Pressed Animation Not Working

    Hi, I am programming a super smash type game and using coding to animate the sprite. I have several animations already in place such as idle, run and jump, and i am currently trying to implement a punch animation. However, when i set it up to 'Keyboard_Check_Pressed(Ord("F"))' (AKA punch)...
  14. E

    GMS 2 Playing Full Animation

    Hello guys, i'm having some trouble making the animation play fully before it stops, right now this is what i have //Melee if (key_melee) { switch(dir) { case "right": spr_prev=sPlayerAtt; danoDelay = danoDelay -1; if (key_melee) and (danoDelay < 0)...
  15. B

    GMS 2 Sprite having multiple depth?

    Let's say my game have a desk with a chair, and a character. I want character to come to the desk, sit on the chair and rest his hands on top of the desk. The problem is that his legs should become covered by the desk, while his hands should be covering parts of the table. I can make one sprite...
  16. lukbebalduke

    Game Maker Studio 1.9 Animation Update not working

    The animation update is not working correctly in my project; There is object that has it's own Spine animation, the animation is running, and the Animation Update event is not triggering. Although this problem is not happening in all objects, there is a specific object where it is not working...
  17. W

    Team Request Looking for FREE pixel artist

    Hey! I just want to thank you for clicking on this link and viewing my offer. I am trying to find a pixel artist who is free (no payment) but doesn't have to work on the basis of work everyday for me (even though that would be good). What do I want from you? You need to be able to make...
  18. B

    GML Sprite interaction

    Let's say I want to have my character to grab an enemy and throw him away. How do I approach that? Do I need to draw a sprite that have both character and an enemy in it, and then replace both original sprites with this merged one for the duration of animation? Or should I draw two different...
  19. B

    Portfolio - Art Pixel Art/Concept artist available rates vary depending on project and budget

    Hey gang, I'm a pixel artist. If you go to the Google Play Store and look up "STRAY ANIMALS" I did all the pixel art and also all the promotional art. If you like it you know what to do ;)
  20. F

    Windows Gamemaker studio Animator

    there are Running animation & spike animation