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  1. B

    issue changing between sprites of different frame count

    The issue I'm having is that my animation is freezing on image_ index = 0 , The initial sprite in use is made up of only one image ( spr_enemy) and in the code I switch it out for spr_EnemyBP which is made up of two images. The switch is made by a boolean variable that is set to true when my...
  2. CrunchCaptain

    Portfolio - Art Looking For Work Or Collaboration

    Hello GM Forums! I have been working in GameMaker trying to make my own games for years now. I have only taught myself code and followed along with YouTube and Udemy videos/courses, but my passion is the look and feel of the game! I have a completely open schedule due to circumstances, so if...
  3. X

    Looking for help and suggestions for an idea...

    So basically I am a beginner with game design. My primary interest is in making top-down rpg's (zelda/pokemon angle, not gta). I've been working on and off on artwork for a while, and I've done enough with gamemaker (a few tutorials) to get the basics of spirtes and objects and basic movement...
  4. anjai

    Windows Animation / sprite change with sprite_index

    Hi, I have two moving objects in my document: obj_playerA and obj_playerB (playerA sticks to the bottom and and playerB to the top, both can only move left, right or jump). I used the same animation code for both, except for small changes, like any vertical stuff. For some reason it works for...
  5. DevilKap

    SOLVED My animations are jumping frames and when I "fix" it, it crashes the game.

    I have an 8-directional animation system for my RPG, when I set the frames of the animation like this: It works fine, but jumps/skips frames. However, when I set it up like this: It doesn't skip frames, but it crashes the game when I walk to the right (and only to the right) for an extended...
  6. Atbit

    What can I do with sequences?

    1) Is it possible to mirror and rotate sequence animation like in the case of sprites? Like when it's turning 180, the bullet cases flew to the right, not to the left; 2) Is it possible to randomize xy coordinates to prevent the cases from falling to one point? P.S. I don't know why, but...
  7. C

    SOLVED Animation plays only first frame when pressing a button

    I've been at this for hours and I can't seem to figure out why when I press the left mouse button my shooting animation gets stuck on the first frame. I'm a beginner, barely got GameMaker the day before yesterday, so my code is probably very messy. I looked everywhere online and I think my issue...
  8. Z

    GMS 2.3+ 2.3 Sequences from spritesheets

    So I've finally been able to mostly convert my project to 2.3. Now I really want to learn about the sequencer because it might be a quicker way for me to create cutscenes and have NPC's move, talk,... during a cutscene, without having to painfully code every single thing that needs to happen in...
  9. D

    Can a sequence dynamically change path towards another object?

    I'll explain what I mean. For context, I'm working on a strategy RPG game and want an animation for one unit attacking another. The attack animation I want right now is simple - I just want the attacker to kinda bump into the unit they're attacking. Just a forward and back motion - if you've...
  10. Gorshalox

    GMS 2 Animation of Jump and Fall

    I'm making 2d platformer and i don't know how to make animation of Jump n Fall. I've 2 sprites of Jump n 2 sprites of Fall
  11. GapingPixel

    GMS 2 How to implement Spine Inverse Kinematics

    So I want to implement a Spine animation with this behavior, but I can't find a function for IK. The only thing that seems close to it is the function "skeleton_bone_state_set" which lets you set the angle of a bone, but that would only work for a bone. This is a very essential animation...
  12. Gorshalox

    How to play once the animation of die before function( game_restart(); )

    I'm making 2d platformer in GMS Language. I've a varibale "hpHero" and i did like " if hpHero=0 { game_restart(); } but I need to play the animation of die before game will restart,pls help me
  13. angelwire

    Asset - Scripts AESnips - A sprite playback system for GMS 2.3+ [free]

    AESnips is a collection of functions that allow objects to effortlessly handle sprite animation playback for you. Marketplace Link: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/9275/aesnips-animation-system Create Snips with sprites and simply tell an object to play the Snip animation and it will...
  14. Reddoka

    Don't know how to deal with sprite animation :(((

    I want my animation doesn't loop so I can add the transition after it, but here's everything I can thing about, and of course, it doesn't work if skeleton_animation_get_frames(sprite22) = 10 { image_speed = 0; Slidetrans(TRANS_MODE.GOTO, room3); } else { image_speed = 1 } I'm...
  15. Z

    GMS 2 Animation in GameMakerStudio2 basic GML

    Hello there, I've been watching some Shaun Spalding videos to make a platformer, but my character needs additional animations like Starting to walk,inbetween frames for jumping and falling, turning and landing animations. I know how to add that in DnD in Game Maker 8 but I'm just starting with...
  16. Preston

    Portfolio - Art [For Hire] 2D Artist, Character, Environment, Animation

    Greetings! My name is Preston and I work as a 2D artist on contract for small indie projects. I am currently looking to add some additional small commissions to my workload. Check out my portfolio site below. I'm not at this time looking to work on any pixel art. Feel free to reach out to me...
  17. F

    Question - IDE Importing (or quickly creating) Animated Tilesets?

    I'm working with some animated tilesets I purchased recently. The animations are consistent; I have an image file made up of regular tiles - each row is a separate animation, and each column a separate frame. A given tilesheet has about 24 rows with a consistent 8 columns. From what I've read...
  18. mikke

    GMS 2 Can't get my player sprite to move horizontally

    So I'm SUPER new to GMS2, and all game programming really, so I'm probably making a rookie mistake. I'm following Shaun Spalding's complete platformer tutorial and have copied the code character for character to add movement to the player object, albeit with adjustments for the numbers in his...
  19. TreysterGames

    Graphics Sprite-Sheets

    this is just a question that I have. I've been trying to get into animating sprites, and seems the only way to do so is to upload a sprite sheet; is there a way for me to create one of those, because I don't have much experience with that process.