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    SOLVED How do I loop through part of a Spine skeleton animation?

    SOLUTION ------------ As usual, writing my question on a forum helped me solve it. All I needed to do was set the unit's animation again before setting its new frame. if name == "Loop" { skeleton_animation_set("AnimName") skeleton_animation_set_frame(0,10) } ------------ I have skeleton...
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    GML Change sprite on a SPECIFIC image index

    Greetings all, I've been dabbling with Game maker for about a month now and in a miraculous way, coding is actually starting to make sense to me, even to the point that I recently wrote some code without the use of any tutorials :) However, I've come across an issue in which it seems to be...
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    Legacy GM (Spine) Animation event only passes default parameters

    Hey guys, Is this a known bug with GMS 1.4? My animation has two "events", named soundeffect and voiceeffect respectively. Animation Event picks up the event names just fine, but any information they were supposed to pass is not passed at all. If I set a default set of data for the event in the...
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    (SOLVED) Need help understanding Animation Event (Spine)

    I'm a little bit confused on how to pull data when using the *Animation Event* If anyone can explain or show an example on how to use this ? I'm using Game maker EA 1.9 and animation is creating in spine 3.4.02. In spine you can set Events to trigger during animation like footsteps. And...
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    Discussion Animation Event example missing

    There is a flaw in the instruction manual for GMS2 (may be also be for GMS1 but I haven't checked). Under the subject "Events" the tab for "Animation Event", the text explains the event but stops after it says "for example,". Would anyone be willing to provide me an example on how to use this...
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    Discussion GM2 and Spine compatibility

    I'm fiddling around with the trail version of GM2 and I like the interface a lot. However, since it is the trail version, I can't really play around with the advanced features that I really want. One of the major questions I have is how compatible is GM2 with Spine animations? I know that in GM1...