animation by code

  1. DTheChemist

    Sprite distortion issue need help

    Ok heres my first error code issue after following a Yoyo games youtube video tutorial. /// @desc Core Player Logic //Get Player Inputs key_left= keyboard_check(vk_left); key_right = keyboard_check(vk_right); //key_down = keyboard_check(vk_down); key_jump = keyboard_check_pressed(vk_space)...
  2. WasabiHeat

    HTML5 Animation method works in windows, but stutters in HTML5

    I had copied the method for animation shown in this video for my own game but i'm running into a problem when I build for HTML5 I had copied the code and sprite structure almost exactly (all 4 directions for my walking animation on one sprite), save for the fact that my walking animation is 4...
  3. shui.bdr

    (image index == x) in step event

    i need to do something in a certain frame of an object, the code i wrote is: if (image_index == 25) { image_speed = 0; } it's wrote in the step event and it's very simple, but when the animation reach that frame the animation speed doesen't sets to 0, it's like gamemaker dosen't even...
  4. R


    Hello guys, it's me here again asking for your help to create something that I have no idea how to start. I will try to be as clear as possible as it is difficult to explain. Well, I'm redoing an old platform game that I made, and I wanted to make the character's animation shape according to the...
  5. R

    GMS 2.3+ My Character sprite disappears when he's facing right.

    So, I started remaking a game I've worked on since about the GM6 days, using GM Studio 2 now, took a while to get used to the new interface after so long using older versions and being too stubborn to try the new one. That's not important though... What IS important is I have a very strange...
  6. V

    Windows run sprite animation is not working.

    i am just new to gamemaker studio 2 and programming itself. and still learning the basics, but now i ran in another issue i can't figure out. i am a little bit struggling with my code for moving with my sprites. but everything seems to work fine now, but the only issue i still got is that my...
  7. N

    [Solved] Jumping and falling animation - Stop on last frame and reset

    I'm trying to make a jump and falling animation, with animated sprites. I want both of them to stop on the last frame (image_speed = 0), and continue from the first frame, when the jump-button is pressed again. //animation STEP EVENT if(!grounded=1) { image_speed = 1; if (sign(vsp) >...
  8. T

    GML Possible to animate flipping a sprite"

    Sorry if this is dumb, I just started using GM2 a couple weeks ago. Basically I know about "flipping" a sprite on the x-axis with the image_xscale command, but that's a single frame 'snap' from 1 to -1 (or vice versa). Is there a way to smooth the transition, i.e. more smoothy transition from 1...
  9. J

    Play sprite through, then loop middle sprites

    I want to play a sprite where said object burns. The startup burn animations and continuous burn animation are in the same sprite. So sprites 1&3 are the startup burn animations, and the rest is a loop burn animation. How can I get a sprite to do this?
  10. L

    Windows Game Design Idea Implementation & Alternatives

    Hi everyone! This is my first post so be nice :P Here is my question, or an elaboration on a question: I've been modding warcraft 3 and other games for a long while, so I'm not a newbie. But I've never made an actual game from scratch so I'm trying to pass my knowledge so far from those...
  11. T

    Animation WASD walk, stand, image speed

    Hi, so I'm trying to do a couple things with moving my sprite using WASD keys. 1st, it's a stealth game, so his speed is controlled by a global.quiet that slows down and his movement creates a 'sound' object. 2nd, I want to have the image walking animation speed indexed to the global.quiet. 3rd...
  12. J

    Jumping Animation

    I'm sure this has been answered a million times, but I don't have time to go through all these threads... Anyways, I want my sprite to have a jumping animation and a falling animation. However, both of the sprites are separate (one falling, one jumping). The falling sprite is the only one...
  13. R

    GMS 2 Animation only flashes when specified key is pressed.

    Alright, so I'm very new to game maker, but most things (with enough digging) I've been able to figure out my self. However this has stumped me. Basically, I'm attempting to play a attack animation,. I've got it set up so when shift is struck, a animation will play, but the animation only...
  14. I

    Legacy GM Animation in Platformer [SOLVED]

    Hello! I am currently working on animation for my character in my platformer game, and it does not work quite right. Here is the code I currently have // Control the sprite image_speed = sign(len)*.4; if(len == 0) image_index = 8; // Vertical sprites if(vspd > 0){ sprite_index =...
  15. S

    GMS 2 Object animation with code. What command choose.

    Ok i try to make animation in code and have problem with some piece of code. I try in this code make the player sword move from direction 0 [direction 0 is default possition] to max direction but i want the sword if is in 50 [maximum angle] he come back on the position 0 and retry this move if...