1. Luquemeister

    GMS 2.3+ Saving and loading problem(mobile game)

    Hello! I'm trying to implement save and load in my game, is simple, I only want to save a variable (at the moment) the number of coins player has. I have an object called: obj_dataManage which is placed in the very first room of the game in the create event: global.coins_number=0; load_data()...
  2. A

    Android [Optimization] drawing text using draw_sprite instead of draw_text?

    Hi. Not sure if this is already posted in forums or a similar thread exist but I tried looking and there was no exact thread similar to this. Anyway, I would like to know your insights and experiences regarding this topic. Have you tried to draw or display texts, words (messages, pop-up...
  3. Luquemeister

    SOLVED Problem colision with walls sometimes bugged.

    Hello every one I'm trying to recreate the Breakthrough game in a mobile version, making some testing in the game I found a kind of strange bug and I dont know how to fix it. The ball in the game should bounce properly without staying in one bordermoving up and down.
  4. JugglyJuggle

    Problems with Pixelated Pope Resolution / Camera Tutorials.

    Hi everyone! I've been trying to implement Pixelated Pope tutorials on scaling in an Android Game I'm working on, after a couple of weeks I'm asking here on the forums, because I'm starting to think I've messed up the code, or I may have not understood what the code was meant to do. I created a...
  5. J

    GMnet does not connect creating server from Android

    Hello, I have a project with GMnet The fact is that if I create the server from the pc the other players connect without problem either windows or android but if I create the server from the game running on android the other players do not connect from either windows or android. What is the...
  6. Luquemeister

    SOLVED Problem with the Scale ratio and the resolution of my portrait mobile game

    Hello everyone, recently I have been having some issues with the resolution of my game, it only has one room at the moment , which width and height values are 1080x 1920, in some devices like for example my phone which resolution is 1080x 2400 some horrible black bars appear, is there any way to...
  7. MAkt

    Android Planet Break - a brick-breaking game

    Planet Break is a game inspired by classics like Breakout and Arkanoid: You have to shoot balls to destroy bricks and ultimately the enemy planet. Download for Android:
  8. eimie

    Android Chibiban - hundreds of smartphone-friendly warehouse puzzles

    Hello everybody, it's been a while since I was here in the forum šŸ˜…. Nevertheless, I would like to introduce you to my new game as a kind of comeback: Chibiban is a collection of small and smartphone-friendly warehouse puzzles for Android phones. It currently contains ten popular and free level...
  9. B

    Android Vaccine A - defense game

    Vaccine A is a defense game to protect CPU from enemies. Mine resource blocks and defeat enemies to get resources. Build a base with firewalls, vaccines and various utility blocks! Defend huge wave of enemies in power saving mode! Full of parodies and memes about familiar programs, like GMS or...
  10. yvodlyn

    Android Icy Bird

    FIRST TEXT BEFORE CHRISTMAS: Hi everyone! Tomorrow, it's Chrismas! However, we have a huge problem! CHRISMAS NEEDS YOU!!!! On Christmas Eve Father Grinch stole all the Christmas presents. Your mission is to collect all the Christmas presents. Play as Icy Bird And save Christmas! Thanks to your...
  11. Adriano_ppaula


    Hello everyone, lately I'm having a problem I can't update my game, this error message appears on the google console "Unknown validation VALIDATE_APP_MESSAGE_MISSING_COUNTRY_PRICES" Does anyone know what that would be? Thank you for your patience.
  12. zendraw

    Android Android settings

    I made a topic some time ago that i cant install apks on my phone with whatever settings, yet another dude can install them. no answer and problem still persists. do i need to do some settings on my phone or what? intresting thing is this started happening suddenly, and before i was able to...
  13. J

    Fullscreen wont work on my android device

    Hi, i have a big problem. Im trying to display my game in fullscreen on my android device (samsung galaxy s9 edge) it has a resolution of 2960 x 1440. But the game wont cover the whole screen, there are black bars to the left and right... To test why this is, i created a new project without any...
  14. B

    Android Where can I see the full log for Android export?

    Hi. When I want to export for Android it keeps saying: Keystore was tampered with, or password was incorrect. So I want to see what password exactly engine entered and got that error. I tried almost everything. Just tell me in which file or anything else I can see it? Thanks.
  15. zendraw

    Android Igor

    Why when i sometimes export an .apk in the output log it stays at "Igor" and sometimes its at finished or somthing like that? even if its on igor if i press the stop button it just stops what its doing and the exported apk works fine.
  16. Leif

    Question - IDE Automatically increase build version

    Good day Help please. Are there any ways to automatically increase build version with every next build ? It's about information contained in GM_version string. Target platform - Android. Thanks im advance :)
  17. yvodlyn

     No Name Game

    Hi everyone I create my first level for my no name game. I wonder if someone can tell me if the level is good for a first level? Take in mind that this game will be an hard game. At first I wanted to publish a desktop demo but I just have the license for mobile publishing. So, I just take...
  18. S

    Android Open file with another app

    Hi, I've been trying without luck to create an extension to simply open up a file at a specified location (I have the location working fine) with an app of the users choosing (or the default app if they've already specified it) - is there anyone that can help with this as extensions have really...
  19. zendraw

    Android App was not installed

    Im exporting the apk but cant install it on my phone and it just says the app was not installed. why? api level 30 28.0.3 build tools 30.0.0 support library 30 target sdk 16 minimum sdk 30 compile sdk
  20. PineTreePizza

    Having Trouble With Ads Please Help!

    I've had an admob account for about a month now and I've heard people say that this error happens when you have a fresh admob account but it isnt the case for me this is my code that does the ad GoogleMobileAds_Init(intid,appid); GoogleMobileAds_LoadInterstitial(); idk if i should post the...