1. Y

    Is there any way to play external .mp3 audio in android?

    I will try to be the most specific that i can be... Im trying to make a "Piano Tiles" like game, where the players will be able to download songs from Newgrounds, and make they own levels. As rare it can sound, i managed to create a working example on windows, you can actually search for any...
  2. K

    Android Android Game - ( UP-TO-DATE & NO-SOURCE ) Error

    Hello After more than a year I installed GMS2 again. I wanted to update my android game but unfortunately, the game does not work. I installed all the necessary things but I probably missed something. I am adding code with a problem. Can anyone help? C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe /c "subst K...
  3. Dune Veteran

    Android Login to Google Play Services fails, but Google Ads work

    Hello, in March, I published a game on Google Play which is free-to-play and contains ads. That part works well, ads are loading and showing correctly, building and uploads to Google Play work without any issues (big kudos to Mark Alexander for the detailed guides!). The only part that I skipped...
  4. Christopher Risdon

    Android GMS Mobile compiler error.

    I have a game I am working on for mobile. I have the mobile license and have all the SDK and other files linked properly and showing green. When I try compiling the game I keep getting this issue: DoSplash System.NotSupportedException: The given path's format is not supported. at...
  5. Dune Veteran

    Android Lawn Mower Tycoon | Grass Cutting Simulator with Idle Progression

    Hi everyone, a month ago, I left my regular job and decided to try my luck as a solo game dev - and now I finally have a first simple game live on the Google Play Store which I would like to share with you: Lawn Mower Tycoon (Android)...
  6. LucasSchachtMusic

    Developing an Android Game with GMS 1.4

    Hey everyone, I've spent some time making small games with game maker 8 and game maker Studio 1.4 for some time now. However I never published anything (except one project for an elementary school but it was exclusive and didn't release online). Now I feel like I want to try to make a basic...
  7. A

    Privacy Policy shown only once?

    Hi. I am planning to publish my game in Google Play. Now, a privacy policy is required specially for those countries with privacy laws. I have questions in mind: 1. Will the Privacy Policy be shown in the first room of the game? 2. Will the Privacy Policy be shown only once? (if the player...
  8. Genesys Generation

    Android Splash screen appearing even with selected time being 0.

    I wouldn't want any splash screen to appear in my game, so I didn't create one. I looked at the options and the selected time is 0 seconds. Still, the splash screen appears. I tried to delete the default splash screen, but I couldn't. How to solve this?
  9. Genesys Generation

    Android Application does not work when I export 2nd font.

    My application uses 2 fonts. The 2 fonts are the same, but with different sizes. One for the title and one for the rest of the game. There is already a problem that the gamemaker does not recognize the folder: C:\Windows\Fonts Because of that I have to make a copy of the font on the...
  10. Genesys Generation

    Android Problem to create executable

    When creating the executable for the 1st time, everything goes normally. After making some changes, whatever they are, I can't create them again (control + F8). Just closing and opening the program again. The gamemaker does not report anything, no errors, but I can only create/update the...
  11. A

    Android Upload game file (APK) in Google Play even with warnings?

    Hi. I am trying to upload my Android game (.apk file) in Google Play for an Internal & Close testing before publishing my app publicly to the Play store. When I tried to upload my APK file I got some errors and warnings. If my APK had an error, it won't continue in uploading the APK, so I fixed...
  12. zendraw

    Android online/multiplayer on android

    is it possible with gms2 to make a game where we have a server and people can play with each other thru that server on theyr android devices? pretty much how you wuld do it on PC. also is it possible to make items that people can purchase with real money from within the game? basically i will...
  13. Genesys Generation

    Android How to export the font and ini files?

    When I create the executable (APK), I run into 2 problems: 1st - no text appears in the game. That's because the font is not exported with the APK. 2nd - the game does not recognize any ini file. For desktop I upload the ini files together with the game's executable (zipped file), but it...
  14. Genesys Generation

    Android Missing Resource options/android/options_android.yy

    Because of that, I can't create an APK.
  15. zbox

    Asset - Extension Easy IAP - IAPs made simple for iOS and Android

    Easy IAP - IAPs made simple for iOS and Android View on the Marketplace *** Compatible with all GMS2 versions *** IAPs have been complex with Gamemaker lately - until now! This asset will make its money back for you, headache free, in no time if you've ever tried implementing IAPs yourself...
  16. Chreech Okash

    Android Texture page 4096x4096 for mobile devices

    I want to know how safe it is to use 4096x4096 for android and ios devices? In 2021 what percentage of devices don't support this size?
  17. C

    Android Apks and Android

    Sorry if this is not the correct forum for this question, which is.... Can I build an apk that can be uploaded and accepted by the Google Play console, in order to add my Game Maker Studio games to the Google Play store? If the answers is Yes and apks built with the Studio can be added to...
  18. zendraw

    Android Closing app

    So with game_end(); if you close the game its not really closed, but still runs the closing loop, so if you try to run the game again it runs the game_end(); code every time, so you have to close the game from the app settings if you want to run it again. how do i close the game so that its...
  19. M

    Custom Android game icons not displaying in game's installer or Open-apps screens

    I've added a custom icon for every size under Global Game Settings > Android/Fire > Graphics (36x36 to 196x196), but when installing the APK, as well as on the Open apps screen (the square at the bottom of the phone which previews all open app windows), the GM:S default icon appears instead of...
  20. Luquemeister

    How to Create a gui layer?

    Hello every one!! I'm trying to create a GUI layer but I didn't find any tutorial or documentation easy to understand for begginers, I watched a few times the video of @Pixelated_Pope where he explain for more advanced user how to implement a GUI layer where you can change your aspect ratios, I...