1. GGJuanPabon

    GML Mobile multitouch problem (Videogame Android)

    I have the multitouch problem (Videogame Android). There are only 3 buttons, Right, Left and jump. But if I touch right left I can't jump, and if I jump I can't walk, . Did you have a reference video? I searched but did not find a video. I have the following texts as a reference, but I have...
  2. N

    Android / Amazon Fire Gradle Problem - Android Compilation

    I had this message from mi compilation. * What went wrong: Project directory 'W:\com.cosmicdog.Tappy\u0009Witcher' is not part of the build defined by settings file 'W:\settings.gradle'. If this is an unrelated build, it must have its own settings file. * Try: Run with --stacktrace option to...
  3. YoSniper

    Location of Android drivers and how to install

    Hello all, The most recent thread I could see addressing this issue is from 4 years ago, and I understand that technology has evolved since then. I am trying to compile a mobile app for Android, and the APK file seems to generate just fine. However, I still get a failure message at the end...
  4. sercan

    Android / Amazon Fire Can't export android.

    Hi, Here is my setups. What am i missing? and here is output: Task W:\\src\main\AndroidManifest.xml:27:3-86:17 Warning: application@android:label was tagged at AndroidManifest.xml:27 to replace other declarations but no other...
  5. sercan

    Android / Amazon Fire Android SDK path cannot be found

    Suddenly Game Maker stopped finding the SDK folder in the determined directory. I am pretty sure the path is set correctly. I have changed nothing but it started to do this. I changed the location of SDK folder but still didn't work. I hope anyone faced this issue and has a solution.
  6. E

    Steam Gamemaker studio 2 Steam

    Hello, im new in gamemaker studio, and i have Gamemaker studio 2 Desktop Steam, i can make a game for android and publish? Or i need gamemaker studio2 Mobile steam?
  7. Misael644

    How can I create touch controls?

    Hello! I would like to know how I can make touch controls for my game. Basically, I wanted to port a game to Android, it's a spaceship game, and I wanted to use buttons on the screen to control the ship, the problem is that I don't know exactly how I can do the touch controls, because I I don't...
  8. E

    Android / Amazon Fire I have many crashes on Android devices

    I have uploaded an application to Google Play I have tried it and I have not found errors on my device, it is a light application, it only weighs 35MB, it is very simple, it uses very few resources, 105 crashes have been presented in a total of 392 devices in the last 7 days. I have already...
  9. BulleTech Studios

    Free [Android] Galaxy Dash - Arcade Jumper

    Jump from planet to planet, avoiding the orbiting asteroids, streaking comets and ominous black holes, along the way finding shields, being launched between cannons, and collecting floating crystals, all while trying to reach the top of the leaderboard. Customise your character with different...
  10. V

    Shaders bktGlitch working on Windows but not on Android

    Hi, I' ve bought bktGlitch shader yesterday and used it in my project. When compiling it to Windows everything worked just fine, but when I changed platform to Android the shader didn't work. Other shaders like Outline or FXAA were working perfectly. When I checked shader_is_compiled(), FXAA...
  11. 2Dcube

    Released Seven Scrolls

    Hey I don't post here as often anymore but I'd like to announce my latest release "Seven Scrolls" ! A long while ago I made "Karoshi", "They Need To Be Fed" and other 2D platformers. Seven Scrolls is more about strategy or puzzling. With a modular spell system it results in many different...
  12. kammer_black

    Android / Amazon Fire Strange problems in my mobile game

    Good morning people. I have a problem with the internal test version of my new game for android. Making my game work on the mobile version is being the biggest challenge I've ever had when programming games. Every day is a new problem. Google Play released my game for testing and I was the...
  13. Injustice95

    Android / Amazon Fire Cannot find a way to change build target to android

    Hey guys, I'm somewhat new to game-maker but not new at all to programming. Recently I've began using gm to make an android game but my progress is halted thanks to the fact that I cannot, for the life of me, find out how to build my game to android. I've installed and reinstalled game maker and...
  14. kammer_black

    Android / Amazon Fire Problems with my ads

    Hello everyone. I am finishing a game. I am now implementing AdMob. I don't know anything about this part so I'm following a tutorial on youtube. The problem happens when I click the button to see the reward video. The game crashes and no error message appears. I only have as a clue the log...
  15. Doggo

    Android 1.4 64 bit Solution???

    Hi! I just wanted to share what I've been thinking about recently. Maybe a solution to export to 64 bit. Well, all the yoyo libraries are at <GameMaker Location>\Android\runner\ProjectFiles\src\main\jniLibs right? GMS 2 has 64-bit libraries already, so what if you copy them over to there? But...
  16. F

    Android / Amazon Fire Android API 29 and backward compatibility

    Hi, A quick question: If I use Android API 29 to build an app, does this only produce Android v10 apps? If not, how far back does API 29 support? Marshmallow (6.0) or example. Thanks, FuturityUK
  17. T

    Android / Amazon Fire Google Play - can not login if installed from Google Play Store

    Once my apk is uploaded to the Google Play Store (public accessable) I can no longer Login via achievement_login(); or open the leaderboard etc. I did: - add the 12 Digit App-Number (Client-ID) under "social" for Android - added the RSA key from DevTool "Services & APIs" MIIBIjANB….. in...
  18. Stanley D. Chatman

    Android / Amazon Fire WhoDat (Famous/Notable People) - Word Game

    This is a beta version of a casual word trivia game I have been working on for the last 5 years on and off. I'm targeting the Android platform for my first release and have included a link to the beta Android version currently in the Play Store. I'm looking for feedback about the game to help...
  19. T

    Android / Amazon Fire Login via Play Service vs Database & storing progress

    Does someone know if the Google Play Service Login return a unique ID that I can use for "Registration" with my game? This unique-id should be used to store game progress inside my MySql-DB. So if a user is playing the game from a different device, he still can get his Progress loaded via the...
  20. mandrilltiger

    Android / Amazon Fire Android App not Installed Error

    Hey Everyone, I am developing a game for android and I wanted to have someone test it on their phone. I have had it running on 4 different android devices. However when I tried to have them install the APK it gives an app not installed error. I have tried troubleshooting it but have came up...