1. B

    Asset - Extension ByteBrew: Analytics, Monetization, and Live-Ops Extension

    Hey All, Wanted to let the community know that we are releasing our GameMaker extension for our free game growth platform, ByteBrew. If guys don't know, ByteBrew is the easy-to-integrate platform for GameMaker that provides everything you need to grow your game with Real-Time Analytics...
  2. PocketForge

    Android Healthbar visual glitches.

    Sry for bad english. Hello everyone. I have a small indie game for android in which I often use healthbars, but in several devices that healthbar often breaks and deforms. How i can fix it?
  3. K

    Android Game Crashing - JNI

    Hello, I have android game on google play store, which I recently updated and made the necessary changes . The game works for me and my friends, but I get crash reports from Google all over the world. Here are some screenshots of crash details from Google. Names of crashes: signal 11...
  4. B

    iOS AdMob Alternatives (Unity? MoPub?) for Mobile Banner Ads in GMS2?

    We recently launched a mobile game using AdMob to serve banner ads. We're having issues with our AdMob account limiting our ad serving, so we are looking into alternative ad networks. Does anyone have experience or advice using Unity Ads for banner ads in GMS2? I've seen extensions for Unity...
  5. elsen

    Android Android's Adaptative Icons?

    Hi there, I'm trying to build a release for my mobile game and I'm stuck with the adaptative icons, I pick a 432x432 PNG as foreground, another one for the background, click on generate, all I get are red crosses, no feedback, no message, no errors. I've been through the doc, and I don't...
  6. K

    Android Google Play Extension - Game Crashing

    Hello, I have a game on google play store which I recently updated with new Google Play Services and made the necessary changes. The game works for me and my friend, but I get crash reports from Google all over the world probably becouse of that extension. Here is some screenshots of crash...
  7. A

    Android Google Play Services update?

    Hi, I am now in the final stages of publishing my game in Google Play. I have included the Google Play Services extension (from Yoyogames) in my game. When uploading my aab to Google Play I am getting warning: We've detected that this app is using an old version of Google Play Billing. By...
  8. D

    Android Trouble with android compiling (armv7l, SDK 4.1.1)

    Hello, my app compiles perfectly fine with later versions of android (tested usually around SDK 24+). However I am trying to use an older phone which uses android 4.1.1 (SDK 16) and am getting this error: "Unable to find library for this devices architecture, which is armv7l, ensure you have...
  9. Leif

    Android Test ads works, but only test

    Good day I've implrnrnted ads on android as described here I have two types: banner one and rewarded one. Previous game it worked fine. Current game ads with test id's works well, ads with needed...
  10. K

    Android Google Cloud Saving - Help :(

    Hello, I don't know how to make google cloud saving work :( Can anyone help me? I also tried that with tutorial, but I am probably missing something. I feel stupid :D
  11. wilmer

    GMS 2.3+ Screen resolution for current mobile games [ SOLVED ]

    Hello Greetings, quick question, I made my mobile game at a resolution of 1280 x 720 horizontal, but I see that the game does not fill the width of the screen, leaving black borders on the sides, what scale or resolution are mobile games using at the moment ?
  12. Y

    Is there any way to play external .mp3 audio in android?

    I will try to be the most specific that i can be... Im trying to make a "Piano Tiles" like game, where the players will be able to download songs from Newgrounds, and make they own levels. As rare it can sound, i managed to create a working example on windows, you can actually search for any...
  13. K

    Android Android Game - ( UP-TO-DATE & NO-SOURCE ) Error

    Hello After more than a year I installed GMS2 again. I wanted to update my android game but unfortunately, the game does not work. I installed all the necessary things but I probably missed something. I am adding code with a problem. Can anyone help? C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe /c "subst K...
  14. Dune Veteran

    Android Login to Google Play Services fails, but Google Ads work

    Hello, in March, I published a game on Google Play which is free-to-play and contains ads. That part works well, ads are loading and showing correctly, building and uploads to Google Play work without any issues (big kudos to Mark Alexander for the detailed guides!). The only part that I skipped...
  15. Christopher Risdon

    Android GMS Mobile compiler error.

    I have a game I am working on for mobile. I have the mobile license and have all the SDK and other files linked properly and showing green. When I try compiling the game I keep getting this issue: DoSplash System.NotSupportedException: The given path's format is not supported. at...
  16. Dune Veteran

    Android Lawn Mower Tycoon | Grass Cutting Simulator with Idle Progression

    Hi everyone, a month ago, I left my regular job and decided to try my luck as a solo game dev - and now I finally have a first simple game live on the Google Play Store which I would like to share with you: Lawn Mower Tycoon (Android)...
  17. LucasSchachtMusic

    Developing an Android Game with GMS 1.4

    Hey everyone, I've spent some time making small games with game maker 8 and game maker Studio 1.4 for some time now. However I never published anything (except one project for an elementary school but it was exclusive and didn't release online). Now I feel like I want to try to make a basic...
  18. A

    Privacy Policy shown only once?

    Hi. I am planning to publish my game in Google Play. Now, a privacy policy is required specially for those countries with privacy laws. I have questions in mind: 1. Will the Privacy Policy be shown in the first room of the game? 2. Will the Privacy Policy be shown only once? (if the player...
  19. Genesys Generation

    Android Splash screen appearing even with selected time being 0.

    I wouldn't want any splash screen to appear in my game, so I didn't create one. I looked at the options and the selected time is 0 seconds. Still, the splash screen appears. I tried to delete the default splash screen, but I couldn't. How to solve this?
  20. Genesys Generation

    Android Application does not work when I export 2nd font.

    My application uses 2 fonts. The 2 fonts are the same, but with different sizes. One for the title and one for the rest of the game. There is already a problem that the gamemaker does not recognize the folder: C:\Windows\Fonts Because of that I have to make a copy of the font on the...