1. E

    Android admob

    Hi, I'm learning to put ads in the app, but the ads aren't showing to me. It completely skips the ad as if it weren't there. In advance ,I had an error at least once. The device is not on google play. I'm testing it on my phone. intertitial ad, created 5 days ago. Does anyone know any...
  2. U

    Asset - Extension [Android] Extension for in-app update and reviews

    Hey guys, google provided a new feature with Google Play Core, where you can show a dialog for updating your app (Android) in-game. I created an extension that allows you to use that! You can also ask for reviews in-game. One small problem is that GM2 is not generating the yymanifest.xml file...
  3. S

    Android [SOLVED] .apk doesn't compiling. Keystore troubles. (GMS 2.3)

    Hello, dear members. Everytime i try to compile an .apk it's always failing to build. Here's OUTPUT > Task FAILED FAILURE: Build failed with an exception. * What went wrong: Execution failed for task ''. > 1 exception was...
  4. A

    Android screen resolution problem [Help]

    Hi all. So I was following Pixelated Pope's YT videos regarding scaling for devices. I am trying to apply scaling in Android devices. I followed the code in pixelated pope's video but did some changes since some functions are already obsolete in Game Maker Studio 2.3. Here is the scaling...
  5. chirpy

    Android Mac OS IDE 2.2.3 failed to build

    I ran into a weird issue just now; Igor seemed to have crashed showing the following log: DoSplash DoIcon AndroidEnvironment System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at . . (System.String ) [0x0007f] in <1d4dfb2c45064a10a0e66adc073936aa>:0 at...
  6. W

    Android Android Studio Version

    Can I use a newer version of Android studio then the 3.5 the setup guide recommends? As long as the correct SDK versions are installed (API29) does the version of IDE make difference?
  7. Adriano_ppaula

    Android Android Manifest vulnerabilities

    Hello everyone! How can I solve this problem? In the app manifest file, your app configured the attribute 'android:allowBackup' in the wrong place. This is an attribute that can only be placed in <application>. However, if you are using this attribute to prevent the data being unexpectedly...
  8. Still57

    Android Android Crash on Startup after 2.3 update

    Hey everyone, on android after the 2.3 update our game keeps crashing right after the splash screen. This issue did not happen on 2.2.5. The game builds fine on both versions of gamemaker but just crashes on 2.3. We have went through the required sdk's, tried building with no extensions...
  9. NewHopeGames

    Android Game crashes NullPointerException

    Using gms2.3 and latest runtime. After an update on a few of my mobile games, Google Play has been reporting multiple crashes. Looking closer I noticed it says... NullPointerException GooglePlayServicesExtenstion.onActivity So I believe it is an issue in the google play services extension...
  10. electronic_entertainments

    Android achieve multi threading in GMS [SOLVED]

    Hi there, i know game maker is purely single threaded but i am trying to find a way to do multi threading in game maker studio, first thing i tried out was using of extensions so i just released that game maker waits for the extension to return value, so it fails, a another way might be...
  11. Edu Shola

    Android GoogleplayServicesExtension and GoogleplayAdsExtension not working

    I noticed extensions aren't working in built apk for testing, googleplay ads, googleplay services etc but they work on built ios ipa. its been over 10 days and no reply from YoYo QA Dept. Id appreciate your help. Compile logšŸ”»
  12. Liquid

    'Simple move' - puzzle game of simple concepts

    any click will make the colourfull squares move the square will move horizontally XOR vertically (depends on distance to mouse position) place the squares onto their coresponding cirlce Video Play it here
  13. Edu Shola

    Android GoogleplayServicesExtension and GoogleplayAdsExtension not working

    I noticed extensions aren't working in built apk for testing, googleplay ads, googleplay services etc but they work on built ios ipa. its been over 10 days and no reply from YoYo QA Dept. Id appreciate your help. Compile logšŸ”» Saving project to: C:\Users\xxxxxx\Documents\GameMakerStudio2\chike...
  14. gkri

    Android How to fit camera into smaller viewport?

    How can achieve the same result as the bellow pic programmatically? I see great boost performance on my oldest devices and I would like to set it as an option. Android and fullscreen only.
  15. Snyrch

    Android Android export ERROR Gamemaker Studio 2 (2.3)

    Hi, I need advice on exporting to android. I have purchased a mobile license for Gamemaker studio 2 (version 2.3) and although all SDKs, NDKs and JAVA SDKs are set up correctly, it is not possible to export an empty (newly created) game, do you not know what is causing this error listing...
  16. RipRoarinBoogerBenis

    Help w/ Android Screenshot App

    I'm looking to develop a simple Android app that takes a screenshot of the user's screen and then displays said screenshot. A friend wanted a unique way to lock their screen and I offered to give it a shot. Now is there a way to do this through GML or am I going to need to dip in the Android...
  17. MrBakels

    Android WordLooper - Fun Word Game for Android

    Here's a fun little word / brain game I made for Android. Simple gameplay with one-touch controls, online leaderboards, statistics etc... Enjoy! Description from Google Play: Playing is easy: Quickly figure out where the word starts within the circle. Sounds simple, but trying to spot the right...
  18. gkri

    Asset - Extension The Ultimate Toast Extension for Android

    I am very happy to announce my 2nd GMS2 extension! Why another Toast extension? I made this extension for learning purposes. I had to make something simple in order to make something a bit complicated later. Additionally, I saw a couple of other toast extensions at yoyo marketplace with very...
  19. DarthTenebris

    GMS 2 Supporting Custom Resolution and Aspect Ratio

    Hello everyone, I am trying to make a multiplatform game, but it just occured to me that Android phones are no longer simply rotated desktop screens. Various resolutions and aspect ratio exist outside of the standard 16:9 desktop. Are there any tutorials that teach how to support all these...
  20. D1Project

    Android Save on closing or losing focus of the game

    Hello, I'm trying to save the player's game right before the game is closed or has lost focus (pressing the home button for example). What is the event I should use to save my JSON? I saw you can use os_is_paused() on the step event, but it is only triggered when the player resume the game...