1. A

    Check if game is played for the first time?

    Hi all. I would like to know if is it possible to create a system where it checks if a game is played for the first time. I plan to redirect the player to a "tutorial room" if the game is played for the first time. After that, the "tutorial room" won't be accessible anymore since it will be the...
  2. DroidGames Studio

    Asset - Extension OneSignal SDK for Game Maker Studio 2 - Android - iOS WP

    Hello community I want to share to you my extension OneSignal that implements the SDK from OneSignal to send remote Push notificactions on your games. Really easy to use! I'm working on a clear documentation. But here some basic steps to setting up: Create an OneSignal Account Set Up your App...
  3. MIkadini

    Android / Amazon Fire Impossible To Compile the game for android [SOLVED]

    I've been trying to run my little prototype on android all day (I bought the license for mobile platforms today). I have tried everything from changing sdk to changing jdk to changing ndk. the result is always the same, after a few seconds it gives me a gradle error. How can I solve it? I leave...
  4. hughrock18

    SOLVED Android App Doesn't Keep Save Data

    GMS2 - Android My app is extremely simple. It works by building and filling a ds_map. Only 50 boolean entries are stored in this map at any given time. You press the "save" button, and it is SUPPOSED to store said ds_map to a root ds_list (which is then stored to a wrapper ds_map...
  5. A

    Question - IDE Localized game name [Solved]

    How do I localize the name of my game? (is for Android in my case) ie: someone from Japan install my game, the gameplay is completely translated but the app name remains in english Where do I put translated display names? is it even possible to do in gms2?
  6. J

    Android / Amazon Fire Project Revenge (Android)

    Project Revenge Google Play Download Link While in self quarantine, i decided to open my GMS 1.4 after 3 years of break and it really felt good to play around with game making again. So good that i decided to update to GMS2 and after while even purchased mobile module. I had plenty of...
  7. BulleTech Studios

    Free [Android & iOS] Robo Racer - Challenging Runner

    Robo Racer has just gone live for both Android and iOS and any feedback from the community would be great! [Description] As the Racer, you must jump, slide and shoot your way through the nine different robot facilities. With hazards to avoid throughout the courses making it increasingly...
  8. Fabseven

    SOLVED Hard time with controls from pc to android

    Hello, I am trying to move my project to android from computer. So i am changing controls , in my ways, to do so. In my obj_hero i check vk_up , vk_down, vk_left, vk_right to move In order to make the hero move with the mouse (or android click) if made a + in the gui and while pressing the key...
  9. KyleRansford

    Android / Amazon Fire Help with Understanding US Export Law for Google Play Android Game

    Hello everyone. If any of you have had experience in publishing a game to Google Play, how did you make sure your game was compliant with US export laws? I know Google didn't make the law, but, as it says in the Google Play Console: The Learn more link doesn't really help, since it basically...
  10. SubWolf

    Android / Amazon Fire Wifi is loading a save file?

    Hello, I'm having a strange problem that I don't have a clue what is causing it... I have a script to LOAD my game data from a file (let's say the file name is "save.sav"), when the game starts I have an object that checks if the file exists: if (file_exists(working_directory + "save.sav"))...
  11. sercan

    Android / Amazon Fire boxlide

    Hi, Here is my new android game made with GMS2 It is a simple looking game but i believe you will like it as you play it. I think you will love this game, especially if you like timing and reflex based games. There are many challenging levels to complete. To complete a level you need to hit...
  12. Daniel Westberg

    Android / Amazon Fire SOLVED: How to get Google Analytics working with ANDROID APP

    I'm trying to integrate Google Analytics with my GameMaker Studio 2 (GMS2) ANDROID Game project. I have created a Google Analytics account. In Analytics admin, I created an account and property... in Property > Data Streams, I'm stuck at step 3 - SDK Setup instructions. "Switch to the Project...
  13. jonahrobot

    SOLVED Using a Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) for a Snapchat campaign? (Using a iOS SDK in Gamemaker?)

    Hey everyone! Context: I was doing some experiments with running ads on Snapchat for my mobile game and ran into a problem. The Problem: To track downloads from Snapchat ads you need to use a third party API on Snapchat's list of partners. The thing is I can't find a way to use the SDKs from...
  14. F

    Problem to create application for android

    I'm trying to Create application for android and it's appearing this error compiling and I'm not sure how can I solve this problem: FAILURE: Build failed with an exception. * What went wrong: Could not determine java version from '14.0.1'. * Try: Run with --stacktrace option to get the stack...
  15. SubWolf

    SOLVED Android IAP rewards [Beta Test]

    Hello! I almost finished the store of my game, the In-App Purchase is working and all. But when I make a purchase I notice that I receive the rewards, but after a second they're taken from me as I never had bought them. I'm testing this on Beta Test version of the app on Google Play Console...

    Beta KAFA II [Open Beta][Android]

    Hello everyone. After long time, I decided back to make game making. I published a game which name is Kafaa couple years ago. Even if Kafaa was finished, I cannot implement Google Play Services, in game store etc. Because I lost .keystore, Kafaa couldn't be updatable. Now, I am developing KAFA...
  17. V

    Android / Amazon Fire Game full screen and resizing

    Hello, I'm creating a game for the first time with Game Maker Studio 2 and I need the game (for mobile device) to be displayed horizontally and in full screen. For the horizontal view I solved from GM settings by setting landscape as the only possibility; for the full screen, and resizing on...

    SOLVED Google Play Service Achievements not triggering

    Hello guys. Im trying to trigger google play service achievements. In my "step" event Im calling this. if score == 10 { achievement_post("id", 100) } But achievement does not achieved. Google play service is active and my account in the testing accounts.
  19. juan carlos

    Android / Amazon Fire Fullscreen on Android error

    Hi, this is my firts on here, so i hope not break any rule. The thing is i just cant put my game on fullscreean on android, i dont know what i am doing wrong, i try with the scaling on "full scale" and "keep aspect ratio" on the settigns and it dont make any change, by the way i am trying to...
  20. IvanAFG

    Released Rising Sushi (iOS & Android)

    Hello everyone. Recently I've released my second game made with GameMaker for iOS and Android, an arcade with one button controls where you have to build an endless tower of giant sushi pieces with a claw crane. The player must place the pieces in the right sequence, take and remember orders to...