android game

  1. Berker UCAR

    Android Jumping GG

    Hi guys. We made an endless jumping game with my wife in 2 days. Hope you enjoy :) Store Description: A little girl who needs your help to reach her dreams with jumping. Challenging endless jumping game with global leader boards. Google Play link ...
  2. L

    Android NUTTZ -- free arcade game without ads

    Hi, our first Game build with Gamemaker Studio is online. We started the public beta and hope you have fun with it. Select an operator and try to break the highscore. The game is free and without ads, because we have to eat once or twice a year it has some IAP. :)...
  3. JayR

    Android [FREE ANDROID] Frankrit Eats Meat

    Hey guys! I would like to share a good news that I've been developing a mobile game app using GMS for the past coming 2 years and I have finally completed it! The game is FREE and I've published it onto Google Play Store...
  4. J

    Android Belimadh's Space

    Hello guys, I'm new to video game development, but I've always been delighted with the gamemaker platform, recently I've uploaded the google playstore my first game for the android platform and soon for ios, I'd love for them to take a walk around there and download it Please give me feedback I...
  5. R

    Android game movement?

    I Am making an android game. It's an rpg game. i want to make a player control system like the control system on the gameboy. i have an up, down, left and right botton. But i dont know how to make them move the player. If you know how to solve this. pleas describe in details. thanks
  6. D

    Alpha Sweat - Android & iOS

    Hello guys! So, after some months of work, finally my game is at a presentable / playable state! Sweat is an infinite runner that will challenge your spacial skills and reflexes. I´ll warn you: It´s super hard! I´d love to have your opinion about the gameplay, visual aspects, and everything else...
  7. I

    Free One Million Zombies (Android)

    Hello everyone! This is my first game and I hope you like it. Your feedback is welcome. ;) One Million Zombies: Direct, intense and frantic. How many zombies can you annihilate? One Million Zombies is an action game and your main concern will be to annihilate, annihilate and annihilate. It’s...
  8. G

     Voyage Puzzle Game (PC & Android) Update #1 + Trailer

    Hello! We are developing a small kind of puzzle game (it has no official title yet) and we'd like some feedback. What's bad? What's good? What's more would you like to see in the game. (Only 25 levels available-playable at the moment) Youtube trailer: Apk download link...
  9. spinout

    Android Game release - What I learnt - Facebook Integration MUCH more powerful than originally thought

    Block Dash Ninja The game is called Block Dash Ninja, and if you watch the GIF below you will see what the idea is. you rotate and move the blocks to form chains which remove them from the board. I released it on Android, but unfortunately don't have a Mac to release it on IOS. The game was...