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  1. B

    Ads not loading for Android

    I was following the TinyGamesLab tutorial to add Ads to my mobile game. I imported the extensions and everything from his project download into my project. When I click the banner object to load a banner. I get this error: 07-30 10:52:08.986 10805 10882 I yoyo : Extension Class not found...
  2. T

    FastCreate tool.

    okay then, delete this thread. I just wondered if someone in same situation as me, you want to make android games, but you are too late. And your PC or even laptop is too bad. If this is really a violation, remove it.
  3. wilmer

    Legacy GM Help to Improve AI of the Opponent Fighting Game (sprites imported from Spine)

    Greetings to Everyone in the Community:
  4. wilmer

    Legacy GM Help to Improve AI [SOLVED]

    Greetings to Everyone in the Community:
  5. Velocity

    Can't Create Android App

    So I used to always get this message in my compiler Unsupported major.minor version 52.0 And apparently that had something to do with my Android settings... So I've got a lint report for my game... And IN it... it says that: The SDK Platform Tools version 24.0.2 is too old to check APIs...
  6. F

    Android Debug Certificate, how to make one in GMS 1.4?

    A publisher asked me for an Android debug certificate of my app, i would know where to get one using GMS 1.4, thanks!
  7. M

    IAP Google play

    Is there anyone willing to check out my game and my code and see what I'm doing wrong with my iaps ? I will mention your brand in my description in the google play store :-)
  8. T

    Android I have no idea how to create for Android

    I searched the forum and found nothing. I want to expand my games to android, and I have the module, but I don't know how to do the whole Android Studio thing. I've searched tutorials and all, but once I download Android Studio (and Java JDK) I have no idea where is the "Android SDK Manager"...
  9. R

    Android Android AdMob (Not Showing when Published)

    Hey guys! Sorry if this is the wrong topic to post in! So I have Google Ads implemented into my android game (Banners), And when I use "GoogleMobileAds_UseTestAds" it works perfectly fine. But as soon as I remove that function from my game, Create an .APK and submit the app to the Play Store...
  10. R

    Android [FREE/ANDROID] Freedom Fighter

    Hey Guys! A buddy of mine and I spent roughly two weeks developing Freedom Fighter as a game jam just for the fun of creating video games. I decided to turn it into an android app over the last month or so and released it on Google Play for free, here. Store description With your trusty shank...
  11. N

    Android how to link YouTube videos in .apk

    Hi, i am going to create a Video app (Android). 1. when i open the app all the thumbnails are arranged in hierarchy 2. when i click that thumbnail, video should play here only, not in youtube Example App: I want to create...
  12. A

    Android Unexpected Path

    Now you have the amazing adventure of helping a billiard ball to return home. You can help it through unexpected paths, the cave, desert, ocean, moon, and others, jumping and unlocking with your skills as many rods as you can. Be careful with the crazies balls that want to destroy red ball...
  13. B

    Android [Help - GMS2] Is there a way to play audio in the background?

    Hi there, i'm developing an app for android and one of it's features is to play audio in the background after you close the application similar to a music player, is there actually a way to do this in GMS 2? Or will i need to find/write an extension?
  14. J

    Android Saving with android (Ini)[Solved]

    Hi! I am having trouble saving in my android app, this is my code: Collision Event(Writing): if (score>global.saveScore) { if (file_exists("savegame.ini")) file_delete("savegame.ini"); ini_open("savegame.ini"); global.saveScore = score...
  15. Velocity

    GameMaker not Exporting App to Android

    Hey, So I've got a prototype all made up of my game, and I wanted to Create an Application to play on Android. But when I go to play it on my tablet, it doesn't work properly First of all - I'm getting the 'Made by GameMaker' or whatever that screen is - with the green text Then the game...