1. Bomb Voyage

    Android export error

    Okay so i need to finish this game until 6 of june and when im trying to export my project to android it keeps giving me this error Exception while parsing the supplied manifest file W:\ZombiePark.FlinchGames.game\src\main\AndroidManifest.xml > El tipo de elemento "application" debe ir seguido...
  2. ProjectGamesInc

    No Rewarded Video showing up Android

    Hi all. I have a big problem, in my project rewarded videos are not showing up at all, even with everything setting correctly done. I have this code in the very 1st object of the game Then i have this code in a touch event in one object and in the same object this async social By the...
  3. ProjectGamesInc

    Android / Amazon Fire ImPro

    IM PRO BACKGROUND hi all! ProjectGamesInc have now on the Play Store a new Arcade Game: ImPro! So, lets get started with the info about that project! ImPro is an arcade game with some retro style, but with a fresh, new gaming experience and graphic! The main aim is to become the best player...
  4. I

    Android / Amazon Fire Squid of Light

    Made with GameMaker! Squid of Light is a fun and casual little android game intended mainly for your every day recreational purposes. Something to relax with on daily basis. Player can choose one of many squids and embark upon an unique underwater adventure. Store Description: Squid of Light...
  5. A

    Android / Amazon Fire Setting Up A Leader-board With Google Play Services.

    I have done my research and i can not find any sort of tutorials or anything of that sort. I have a mobile app that i want to add a google play services leader board into. I tried to look into it but found nothing so i have no code to start with. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.