1. F

    Android Can't compile android build

    For some reason I cannot make APK for a game I'm working on. It says the path is not supported however when I made new empty project in the same exact folder I could compile it without any issues. Here are few last lines of log that shows the error. edit: It's worth to mention that "Format...
  2. R

    GMS 2 Google Play In-App Review API - Android

    Can this be implemented in gamemaker studio 2.3 for the android platform ?
  3. Adriano_ppaula

    Lucky patcher/ game guardian protect you android Game

    Hi guys, I am recently trying to launch a game for Android. Free-to-play version with in-game purchases. I would like to know if there is any way to protect yourself from badly designed applications that hack your game with Lucky patcher for example where it is possible to change several...
  4. I

    Android Android compile error - global tap event is the cause

    Problem: I been trying to build for android using yyc and I keep getting this error Compile errors: Object: obj_ibisflight Event: Global Tap at line 1 : Fatal Error while compiling gml_Object_obj_ibisflight_Gesture_64 - bailing details below Output: collapsing enums. Error ...
  5. Rodolfo777

    Android Problems with Android studio(buil error)

    My problem is complex and the question is simple. I bought game maker studio 2 2.2.2 a long time ago, I know my PC is damaged and when I buy a new one I install the new version 2.2.5 and the export to Android does not work, but Windows does. So any new new members have export problems with...
  6. Rodolfo777

    SOLVED Deprecated gradle features 6.0 (package build reléase) FAILED

    (Translation added by moderator) Summary: it does not export me to android and Windows yes, having everything updated. Help me! I created a game that is already in the playstore in pre-registration but I could not publish it because when I try to export the last version of my project to android...
  7. sefi331

    Android Multiple touch on mobile

    Hi , I have a problem with multiple touch on mobile - the problem is to go back to device(0) after (1) is pressed or checked. My code: if (device_mouse_check_button_pressed(0,mb_left) or device_mouse_check_button(0,mb_left)) {...
  8. C

    Android [Free] Puzzle: Hack of Mind

    Link Google Play : Hack of Mind The digital world is in danger. The system matrix is paralyzed by malicious code. Walk the dangerous path from the periphery to the core, save the system. Feature of game: Unique mechanics: to solve the puzzle, you need to use spatial thinking by controlling...
  9. Jack S

    Android "Android App Bundle" How to make this work with GMS?

    Hi everyone I want to fix the bug with android publishing as build download size is terrifyingly important in the target market I serve. Can anyone point me at documentation that I might find helpful to hack the build.gradle files to achieve "Android App Bundle" compatibility and shave...
  10. Leif

    Android How To Create An App Bundle -

    Good day I tried to make a build to upload into google play. I have GMS2 v. installed. Here is described, that in 2.2.4 everything's will be ok. So, i 've build...
  11. royer14

    Android how to display the virtual keyboard with gms 1.4

    Use Game Maker Studio 1.4 and portable phones. Hi I had tried using get_string(str, def); //error obtain --> obsolete I have got an error that the code is very obsolete :eek: and has recommended me to use get_string_async(string, default); //return real but this returns a numerical value Is...
  12. G

    How to do i find gesture_tap location on screen?

    I am trying to find where the player tapped on the screen (x, y). Android. Could not find anything in the documentation on how to do so.
  13. S

    GMS 2 How to Detect when a Player Holds Down on the Screen

    Hi all! I'm currently in development of a game for Android and iOS devices. In it, you control a character's speed as it orbits around a circle. Because it's for mobile devices, I want to have very little controls. So, I made tapping the screen control the speed and holding down on the screen...
  14. D

    Android sample project of GMS2+admob

    guys, i am new to GMS2 i tried almost everything on internet but still failed to run ads (admob on android) on my project i wasted almost a week on this can someone please upload a sample project of GMS2 with admob intergration please? thanks
  15. N

    Android Can't compile to android (C:\Users\Windows' is not recognized as an internal or external command)

    With runtime version 2.2+ I got the compile error. C:\Users\Windows User\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk\platform-tools\adb DONE (0) OptionsIni PlatformOptions X://bin/GMAssetCompiler.exe /c /zpex /mv=1 /iv=0 /rv=0 /bv=0 /j=2 /gn="simple mobile game" /td="Y:/" /cd="Z:/simple_mob_1B61A0D4_3FDCE0D3"...
  16. Andrey

    Android Uploading and loading audio groups can cause to freeze app on Android.

    I've noticed that uploading and loading audio groups can cause the app to completely freeze on Android (Crash are also on Windows.). The crash occurs exactly on the function audio_group_load. The error is not always 100% reproducible. But it occurs with a frequency of about 1/5 cases. Does...
  17. J

    GMS 2 Can't Clean Cache & Can't Build Android APK

    Whenever I click the broom icon I get this: Compile Error : Cache directory could not be deleted, perhaps a process is locking the directory? Please try again. I'm not sure if that's actually resulting in me not being able to compile an Android APK.. Here's what the output tab shows: Saving...
  18. A

    Android Error in Android output

    hello guys. I'm Ali Reza. I have problem with Android output. When android out, This message is showing. compile: ... BUILD FAILED C:\Program Files\Android\tools\ant\build.xml:1135: The following error occurred while executing this line: C:\Program Files\Android\tools\ant\build.xml:1147...
  19. S

    Build failed error to create android file, please reply

    C:\Users\LENOVO\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk\tools\ant\build.xml:538: Unable to resolve project target 'Google Inc.:Google APIs:13' When I am trying to create application for my project saving it as .apk file I am getting the above error, I have also attached the image so you guys may get an idea...
  20. Chreech Okash

    Gm Studio 1.4.1804 Android 60fps lag

    I have noticed that Gm Studio 1.4.1804 is lagging very badly when you switch the room_speed to 60fps in android YYC builds. In Gm Studio 1.4.1773 it was running perfectly but when i updated it to newest version i got this big problem. I conducted my test with a blank room drawing one background...