1. OWagner

    Free [android] [windows] Career of the President

    Good day everyone! I am glad to share my first development - the game Career of the President. The game is localized into English and Russian. Two months ago I started to master Game Maker Studio 2 and now the game is available on Google Play, and will also be released soon on Steam. Life...
  2. H

    Android Can't connect with 4G connection.

    Hi, I've trying around with networking system between Android and Windows. The strategy is this : Server.exe is in my computer and constantly running, then player (only Android app, not Windows) can connect to it. The connection with Wi-fi (in Android) worked fine, declaring Server side local...
  3. K

    Legacy GM Using Shader Scripts[SOLVED]

    i search internet for an appropriate shader tutorial begginer to advance, in game maker, almost nothing, people ruined internet, so i forced to get a 24 Hour Course in udemy about (How to programming Opengl with c++) can that tutorial help me write a shader in game maker ? or opengl is writting...
  4. T

    GMS 2 Google leaderboard, achievemnts and Events?

    Hello, i did not find any information about the "Events" menu on Google Play Console realted to usage in GMS2. Is it a not supported feature in GMS2? While Achievements and Leaderboard work fine for me now, I was trying to look into this "Events" now. Screenshot
  5. K

    Android I can't build an apk

    I'm working on a game, and almost everything is ok. Today I added new features and I made old features better. When I run the game with f5, I can test it on my phone with usb connection. And I was able to export to apk file. I made it 2 times today. But I don't know why, suddenly it started to...