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    my Game for android is slow.

    Hi guys, i make a new game, in windows version my game have not problem. in Android Version game is so so so so slow. Recently i had some problem to create file apk. i solved this problem, I update jdk,sdk,ndk and in global game setting i had change something now Min SDK is 9 (before was 11)...
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    Legacy GM [SOLVED]array_list/ds_list Shape matching game

    Hello everyone, my close friend and I are making one shape matching game for android/ios. Actually 10 mini games in one, and one them is shape matcher. The goal is that u tap on symbol and drag it to the matching hole (see picture). We already made one, but with 16 symbols and 16 holes and its...
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    Virtual Keypad for your game!

    Virtual Keypad by r82 GM Version: GM8 and GM:S Target Platform: ALL Download: Download from Dropbox (*.zip) Links: N/A Summary: Sometimes you may wanted to use a virtual keypad in your game, specially for touch devices. This tutorial shows you how to display a virtual keypad on the screen...