1. T

    Alpha Creo: The Sandbox Game Built on User-Generated Content

    (Old Topic: PLEASE VOTE FOR CREO ON GREENLIGHT! The sandbox game built on user-generated content, now in closed alpha with 27/50 slots open! Creo is not your average 2D sandbox game. Inspired by the vast modding communities of...
  2. alexde5th

    Alpha A.D.A.M. Pre-alpha Updated 8/2/2016

    Most recent version: This game is now on IndieDB! Yay! I guess? A 2D platformer, military-style shoot them up. Right now, the game has no story mode, or survival mode...
  3. Repix

    Alpha Etorium

    Download: Version: 0.1-ALPHA Size: 2.16MB So far only zombies will spawn. (And they're buggy!) Left Mouse: Shoot Right Mouse Button: Repair/Chop Space: Open Shop 1-2-3-4-5-6-7: Shop hotkeys Enter: Give 5 Coins.
  4. S

    Smooth scaling and transparency while zooming

    My game has a zoom function. There is a man in a spaceship, we can see the interior of the room room from side on as the outside is totally transparent. When I zoom out I want the outside of the spaceship to become gradually less transparent and the window sprite to shrink to give the illusion...
  5. iTzCallumUK

    Windows Simple Platformer

    Description: Screenshots: Downloads: To Be Added:
  6. N

    Alpha Video Game: The Musical

    This is the project I've been working on for a while now. The idea is simple - a full sized platform game where the story is told through song and the player characters (and some enemies) sing along. At the moment it's working on PC, windows phone and OUYA. I'll probably put it on iOS as well...
  7. HighlandCoo

    Alpha UPDATED 12/09 - DYING ENGINE!

    You are an alien AI, on a thousand year mission to retrieve the lost power crystals that will save your creators. Controls are explained in the in-game tutorial. I'm really keen to get some feedback, but the main thing is that you enjoy yourselves. The game just loops endlessly, you cannot win...
  8. amusudan

    Alpha The Red Knights (Name TBD)

    THE RED KNIGHTS (name to be decided) In The Red Knights you play as one of the 20+ characters to clear dungeons and castles, save fair ladies, destroy evil and make a name for yourself and your group as the best monster hunters in the world. Planned features: -A fully fledged campaign...
  9. Cpaz

     ARANA (V0.9: The "Wow" Factor)- A Top-Down Hack 'N Slash Shooter

    (V0.9 Pre-Alpha) ARANA is a top-down, hack 'n slash attempting to recreate the addictive-ness that I experience with many games today. Each character has their own Primary and Secondary attacks, as well as stats. You have two meters, an hp meter, and stamana meter. The stamina meter acts as a...