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  1. M

    Legacy GM (Solved) Drawing is weird upon room reset

    I'm running GM 1.4.1767. Whenever I restart a room, everything starts to draw weird. It looks like a lot of my sprites lose any transparency. Here's what it should look like: After a room reset, or when I turn fullscreen off, this is what it looks like: Even the numbers, which are just...
  2. alexde5th

    Alpha The Zarougin (Pre-alpha/alpha) 8/23/2019 (dev update)

    Being worked on. UPDATED ON: 8/23/2018 at 7:40 PM Download the game here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dgi4i54pwzq1nh5/Zarougin%20-%20v0.064.zip?dl=0 Some ingame pictures.
  3. Meowanator

    Alpha Fox Mines: Alpha 1.2

    Alpha 1.2 of Fox Mines by Meowanator. Feedback is appreciated and recommended! My website: https://sites.google.com/view/meowanator-studio/home
  4. W

    GML [Solved, but still have questions] Alpha issue when generating sprites/background from surface

    I'm creating a new background from two existing background assets. Here's what I'm doing: A surface is set The first background is drawn to that The second background which contains alpha values is drawn on top of that Finally, a new background asset is created from this surface and saved to...
  5. Jeremy

    Alpha Ninja Platformer [DEMO]

    Category: Platformer GM Version: GMS1 File Size: 2.58 MB (6.32MB uncompressed) ZIP Download: Platformer.zip You're a double jumping, coin collecting, slashing and dashing ninja on a quest of self discovery. Controls PC (Default): A,D - Walk W - Jump/Double Jump A,D,W+SHIFT - Dash J - Slash...
  6. S

    Alpha Dead Range top down Doom inspired Area shooter

    Hello everyone I have been hard at work on a game of mine and I thought that I would go ahead and post some screens shots and some details so that I can get some feed back from the community. I wanted to keep the game simple but well polished at the moment its still in its alpha stage and there...
  7. Chungsie

    Alpha Elohan Chronicles (Windows)

    he player traverses a world that seems carved out of nothingness. Platforms allow the player to navigate dangerous territories. To help the King is of most importance. Action RPG fantasy with some puzzle elements An evil being has corrupted your world, and threatens your homelands. You...
  8. NicoFIDI

     [Android] Fox soul (in need of encouragement)

    Introduction to project state: This it's the first time I expose some of my work to the internet and it's because I have a problem with it. This game's something I made for myself to play while I travel, I never had any expectation of it. That meaning it has no real history, it's...
  9. S

    Help with "surface_get_pixel_ext"

    Hey gang, Longtime Game maker guy here, getting back into it and starting a serious project. I don't "fully" understand shaders and surfaces, and that's leading to a problem with "surface_get_pixel_ext". Currently, I use this to (attempt) to find the alpha of the pixel at this point (where the...
  10. G

    Question - IDE Image editor - color alpha and drawing tools

    Hi, not sure if it's intended, but I can't seem to find a tool in the GMS2 image editor (which is very nice btw) that would allow me to use color with alpha set to anything less than 100%, the only tool that allows it to be used is the pencil. If you set the alpha and try to draw with, for...
  11. RyanC

    Legacy GM Cannot save application surface with correct alpha values

    Hi everyone, I'm having some issues with trying to save a sprite of the application surface. If I copy the application surface and then draw it in game then it's fine but when I use surface_save the result has alpha issues and is generally a little brighter. I've looked at this tech blog and...
  12. JacPete

    Beta Bubble Bob! - Android open beta

    Hello, i just wanted you to show my current WIP title Bubble Bob!, Bubble Bob! is a jump´n´run platformer game where you use bubble spells to bubble your enemies, maybe a bit violent. I dunno how much levels this game will get, but its realy funny developing it, so i think there are coming a lot...
  13. sercan

    Android / Amazon Fire sprite_create_from_surface problem

    var surf; surf = application_surface; surface_set_target(surf); spr_test = sprite_create_from_surface(surf,0,0,480,800,false,false,0,0); sprite_save(spr_test,0,path); surface_reset_target(); this is the code i use to get a sprite from a created surface. In created sprite, the color pixels which...
  14. R

    Need help with a fade-in/fade-out screen like Zelda OOT

    Title says it all, just trying to imitate the first 6-ish seconds of this video from Ocarina of Time as soon as you start the game: When I start up a game I like the aesthetic of there being a black screen, then fading-in to an opening screen with some minor credits on it, and then...
  15. Anixias

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Vertex Buffer Transparency

    Hello. I am using vertex buffers and chunks to render an "infinite" randomly-generated world. For my water texture, I include dirt and a transparent floating blue plane above it. When the game submits the vertex buffer, however, it produces the following result: As you can see, the water has a...
  16. Anixias

    Shaders Opaque Shader That Ignores 0.0 Alpha

    I am trying to write a shader that makes all pixels with an alpha > 0 to an alpha of 1, and all pixels with an alpha = 0 will remain at 0. The reason why has to deal with transparency in vertex buffers. Here is what I tried (Fragment), but it doesn't ignore Color.a=0 pixels, which I need it to...
  17. E

    Alpha Very Early Alpha Sanbox Game (Untitled as of yet)

    NOTICE If you are getting the below issue please temporarly disable your antivirus (you can check the file beforehand by right clicking on it.) Proof that it's safe (with one false positive) About me Hi there my name's Tom/Donkey I make GameMaker tutorials and after a lot of hard work I...
  18. zendraw

     Castle Ambush

    So i made a game last year and worked on it for a week or two but stopped working on it, and decided to share it with you guys, to see what you think about it. Genre: tactical/top-down Controlls: arrow keys- move/turn W- wait A/S weapon 1/ weapon 2 Escape- menu E- use[hold button] F- chess...
  19. Tsa05

    GMS 2 Drawing to a surface doesn't work like drawing to screen :(

    Hmmrm, blend mode help? I'm drawing 2 images to a surface, but it messes up. They are png files, a character face and then an alternate expression face: They weren't drawing properly, so I've created a simplified example. Here's my complete example code (drawing event of object_0): var sur =...
  20. David Richard

    Legacy GM Sprite from surface with alpha values

    I have been scratching my head over this little thing. Can someone help me out with this? What I want to do Draw an image with alpha values on a surface, a background part for example. Create a sprite from the surface with the correct background part's alpha values. Use that sprite for specific...