1. TheOakNuggins

    Graphics Blendmode Masking (shadow maps, player overlays, etc)

    GM Version: Studio 2 Target Platform: Windows desktop & OSX Download: Links: N/A Summary: A system using blend modes and surfaces that "masks out" sprites to a specified area AND can be easily implemented to your project. One thing about me is that I'm extremely picky when it comes to...
  2. Ggd07

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Using surfaces with alpha correctly

    Hello, I have been trying to fix this for weeks now, and due to my limited understanding with blending and shaders I am not able to do so. I've read countless threads on reddit and on the forums but was not able to fix this. Basically, the problem is this: What I am doing exactly, is having...
  3. T

    GMS 2 Drawing Circle with Varying Alpha

    I want to draw a circle that has a set alpha in the middle, and a different alpha near the edge. (Essentially a circle with faded edges) I know "draw_circle_color" draws a circle with a different color in the middle than the edge, but doesn't deal with alpha. I have searched the help file for a...
  4. bbbower

    Alpha [Unamed 16-Bitish Match 3]

    I'm working on a match 3 game. I don't in particular like match 3 games. I've never played candy crush ripoff but I have played original bejeweled a long time ago. I've only put about 20 or so hours into this since Wednesday but it was coming along pretty good until I ran into some logic gate...
  5. TheOakNuggins

    GMS 2 [HELP] Blending Mode Masking - How to Change Transparency

    Hello! I'm trying to clip one sprite over another (which I've done thanks to a blog post on YoYo), but now I would like to be able to change the transparency of the sprite that's being clipped. Here's the code: draw_sprite_stretched(sSolid, 0, self.x, self.y, solidxScale, solidyScale)...
  6. W

    Mac OSX Objects added to room transparent

    When I add objects to my room and test the game they show up white and transparent. Objects added previously are fine. Any new objects added are affected. I have tried this with different sprites and objects. I have created new objects and sprites with no previous code and added them. They still...
  7. P

    3d glass gm8

    I have glass and I want that you can see through it but I have gm8pro draw_set_alpha_test(true); draw_set_alpha_test_ref_value(128); doesn't work in gm8 has anyone an other solution?
  8. Erayd

    Windows Keeping values moving between two bounds

    This is code which adds to an alpha value to a certain point and then goes in the other direction. Creating a flash. I'm going over some old code and putting some more thought in to it and my brain is telling me that there are better ways of doing this. How have you done something similarly? Is...
  9. yvodlyn

     The Black Knight: Justice's Price

    Hello, here is a game that 2 of my friends and I had decided to do. The tiles were bought on the net. We wanted to go far with this game. So, for good advice, we will publish updates of the game. We hope for your advice. Thank you!! For Now, The player can switch between 3 weapons, spear, shord...
  10. zendraw

    3D Q: Alpha in 3D

    So ive looked up the new article in the news window when you start game maker and there the person talked about how to solve the transparency cutting out anything that is behind it, which by using the default setting in GM2 is enabling ztesting or somthing (gpu_set_ztestenable(true)), i dont...
  11. Big50000

    3D Drawing vertex with a transparent texture problem.

    Hello, I have a problem with drawing vertex with a transparent texture. It shows some of weird transparent texture rendering like this. Here is my code. For my game, I'm using Xor's lighting shader and some of custom codes to load converted vertexes. (the box) I've tried any of fixes from...
  12. H

    Android / Amazon Fire tap!react | 01-01-2018

    Tap React is the newest Game of 2018. It combines a colorful minimalistic design with an fast paced interactive gameplay. Further Information cooming soon'! Current Version: Alpha Release-Date: 01-01-2018 Made with GamerMakerStudio2. Youtube: GooglePlayStore...
  13. Dani

    Question - Code How to modify entire tilemap layer alpha?

    Hello! I would like to change the alpha value of an entire tilemap layer, is that possible in a direct easy way? If not, what would be the best way to do that? Thanks!
  14. L

    Windows Create PNG from surface problem

    Hello, I'm working on an explosion-generator. When the explosion generation begins, the program starts to save a picture of the explosion-process every frame. I'm using a surface on which the explosion is drawn and then saved to a png. The code works fine, but the result is a much more...
  15. G

    Koratema early build

    Hello everybody ! KoraTema is an game i've been developing for over a month or some weeks , it's an small little project that i've been working on in my spare time and isn't something very serious . All sprite (Including character/enemies) are placeholders and will be changed later , also goes...
  16. G

    Alpha KoraTema Early Alpha !

    Hello everybody ! KoraTema is an game i've been developing for over a month or some weeks , it's an small little project that i've been working on in my spare time and isn't something very serious . All sprite (Including character/enemies) are placeholders and will be changed later , also goes...
  17. Anomaly

    GMS 2 Black/White Alpha/Clipping Masks to COMBINE Surfaces??

    Hi I've been researching alot about using black and white images as alphas to designate which areas of an entire surface that's drawn, is to be shown, AND the EXACT OPPOSITE for another surface to be drawn. meaning... my current example: for one scene, I am using a gaussian blur shader to...
  18. Simon Gust

    Alpha Eyes of Regret (WIP)

    ...The pawns of Human government have invaded this planet... ...Your leader, descended into the realm of the dead... ...Your kind, killed or enslaved... ...the war rages on... Eyes of Regret is a fangame, Ripoff or whatever you want to call it, of Risk of Rain; A metroidvania with several...
  19. K

     Blackbox Alpha release, Feedback needed!

    Hello Everyone! Me and a group of others are currently working on this project called "Blackbox". It is currently in development with the core ideas and mechanics in place (Mostly!) but even those are still under a bit of scrutiny. And that brings me here! Here are a few snapshots and the alpha...
  20. M

    Legacy GM (Solved) Drawing is weird upon room reset

    I'm running GM 1.4.1767. Whenever I restart a room, everything starts to draw weird. It looks like a lot of my sprites lose any transparency. Here's what it should look like: After a room reset, or when I turn fullscreen off, this is what it looks like: Even the numbers, which are just...