1. NewHopeGames

    Team Request Currently looking for playtesters

    Hi! Currently looking for alpha/beta testers for our android games. If anyone is interested, pm me your email and I can put you on the list. All testers are the first to get the new updates and play the games. 🙂 Many thanks in advance!
  2. zendraw

    GMS 2 draw surface over sprite

    i want to draw a surface over a sprite in a way that the sprite`s alphas are applied to the surface so the surface is like cut based on the sprite. i have some code from before that doesnt work now for some reason. draw_self(); if (surface_exists(surf)) { draw_surface_ext(surf...
  3. D

    How to use shaders to make parts of an object transparent based upon contact with another object?

    I am trying to make a game in GameMaker 2 where objects become transparent depending on the object behind them. I currently have it so I am just checking each step (within the object to become transparent) whether in contact with the background object and then setting alpha to 0.5 if true. Here...
  4. M

    weird alpha during pause?

    Hey, so I implemented pause in my game with following codes: obj_pause: Create paused = false; scrn = -1; Alarm 0 scrn = sprite_create_from_surface(application_surface,0,0,surface_get_width(application_surface),surface_get_height(application_surface),0,1,0,0); instance_deactivate_all(true)...
  5. Tony M

    Shaders [SOLVED] Dark outline around sprites introduced when I added a shader and surface to project

    Hi, I have successfully implemented a full screen wave shader that I adapted from here: The shader itself works quite well, but has unfortunately introduced an issue with my sprites. Sprites with semi transparent edges (anti-aliasing)...
  6. CodeManu

    GMS 2 Save surface with the "correct" alpha blending

    Hey all! I've been trying to export an surface (via surface_save method) into a .png, but due to how alpha blending works on surfaces it gets tinted (towards black as I'm using draw_clear_alpha(c_black,0) to clear the surface). I know this is the correct behaviour, and that It can be fixed by...
  7. Divinik

    Alpha Hell is For Heroes // Progress Update Video!

    I've been working on the battle mode for a while now, and I'm proud to say it's now 100% fully functional. Check it out: Now if only I had actual artwork :/
  8. Morkinas

    GML [SOLVED] Draw line alpha

    Hello, so i need to draw line with 0.5 alpha, but I guess I can only add the fade point so it starts with alpha=1 and fades to my set value 0.01 in this case. I need to set start and end alpha to 0.5 Draw Event var dir = point_direction(x, y, mouse_x, mouse_y); var d = 1800; //Hitscan for(var...
  9. William Garrison

    GMS 2 Expressions inside a variable

    Im trying to ease in the alpha of a rectangle I drew to the screen. It draws fine of course. Just cant get my brain around how to ease in the alpha. I know how to set the actual script for easing and i have that. It just doesnt animate. Which makes me think you cant do it how I am doing it. Im...
  10. Repix

    Alpha [0.2.1 Hotfix Released] Zombie Survival Shooter RPG Inventory thingy thing?

    Size: 2.65 MB Type: .zip Version: 0.2.1 (Explosive Melee Update) (Currently very very slow and laggy) Next Up: 0.3.0 (RPG Update) (Optimization incoming) Notes: WASD = Move Mouse = Aim/Use/Fire Space Bar = Pick up item C = Detonate C4 You can't drop items as of yet. (Next update will add this...
  11. Divinik

    Alpha Hell Is For Heroes | Sci-Fi Action-RPG

    I've been working on this engine semi-regularly for about 7 months now, and I figured it's in good enough shape to show off a little bit. The engine is being developed using Game Maker: Studio 2; I'm the only one working on it as of now. I've had the story idea in my head for years, but now I've...
  12. chirpy

    Released [Mobile|Web] Klee: Spacetime Cleaners | Auto-shooting Arcade Platformer

    Game Information: Screen GIF: Thanks for kind moderators who helped me added the screen gif. :oops: Or did I just forget that I added it? #### iOS Tester Needed #### So my game's in alpha almost ready to open beta and release, but I'm stuck in iOS app review...
  13. R

    Partially transparent text

    Hi, I'm trying to get a part of the text to have a different alpha value. Do you not know how to achieve this?
  14. Divinik

    Alpha Hell is for Heroes Alpha v3 Demo Video!

    Thought I might as well share a progress video of what I've been working on. A quick peak at some new features added in the HifH Alpha 3.0 Engine. Battle Mode should be finished relatively soon, so expect more awesome updates to the game! Hell is for Heroes is an Action RPG set in a ravaged...
  15. Cantavanda

    Opinion Your opinion about "boomer" and "soy boy"

    in this current political climate, we are often confronted with the many likes of "boomer" and "soy boy", while this has no correlation with "libt***", sometimes it is real. Women must find more comfort in the presence of the percentage in arguments and online discussions about subjects like...
  16. Divinik

     Hell is for Heroes Alpha Engine Preview!

    Been developing an engine for a game I'm making called Hell is for Heroes. Check it out and tell me what you think! Some Pre-Game Lore: If anyone is interested in hopping on the project for...
  17. P

    How to set Random event by a random timer

    Hey everyone, essentially I have a light in my game that flickers to a different alpha: image_alpha = random_range(0.35,.5); draw_self(); However, it just constantly flickers, and is too fast. I'm trying to find a simple way to randomize WHEN it flickers, so that it only happens every 2-6...
  18. Michael Stearns

    GMS 2 Drawing to surface on many objects without reset_surface_target()

    Hey everybody~ I'm trying to do a bit of a strange thing where, explaining briefly, I want to draw a bunch of low res objects on top of a big high res object. It's a single screen game. To accomplish this cleanly, I thought I'd draw all the objects to a surface at low resolution, then in GUI...
  19. Divinik

    Shaders White fill shader that gradually increases opacity?

    Basically when the game initiates battle mode, I want all involved actors to fill white, and then swap to their battle mode objects. I just don't know how to change the alpha of the shader from gml, or how to set up the shader to allow me to get the alpha variable from the shader. Any help?
  20. P

    How to fade image_alpha as you walk further from object

    Hi everyone, as you can see from my image I have a simple light source. It's effective in drawing my shadow based on the placement of the light object. However, given my code I can't figure out how to properly fade the image_alpha out as I walk further from the light source. Here's the code I...