1. V

    How do i apply Dijkstra's algorithm?

    Hello, people! I'm extremely new to GMS/gamedev (few days), have poor computer science background but have desire to figure things out. Last week by accident I miraculously found a single one IT vacancy (GMS developer) in my small town, requirements weren't so strict. I got an instant...
  2. H

    GMS 2 How do you make a jump state?

    [I am writing this using a translate.] Hello, I'm make 2D side scrolling action games. GameMaker Studio 2: Melee Attacks Tutorial I'd like to add a jump state to this video. However, I'm also considering attacking while jumping. In that case should I create a jump state and a jump attack...
  3. AlexDerFerri

    GML How to create Game of Life in GMS1.4 / GMS2

    CONWAY'S GAME OF LIFE algorithm in GML GM Version: Studio 1.4 / 2 Target Platform: All Download: see code below Summary: A nice Game of Life algorithm using GML. This method uses the GML data structure called ds_grid to make the algorithm run faster. We will make two grids: one for the real...
  4. N

    GMS 2 Need Help Optimizing A Puzzle Generator

    Greetings, members of the GM community. I need some help optimizing a puzzle generator. This thread will be divided into two parts: the game's design and my issue and proposed solution to the generation system. I am working on a puzzle game prototype which involves swapping blocks with...
  5. FactorX12

    Delaunay Algorithm in a GML Script?

    Hi, I am currently working on making a game that generates rocks such as this one: but, I cannot think of a way to achieve triangles such as that without the Delaunay algorithm. Does anybody have a script that could generate the Delaunay algorithm? If so, please post it here and give an...
  6. D

    Centipede like movement

    I am really hoping to get some thoughts on how to create a centipede (80's arcade game) with centipede like movement. I have a kind of working version running but there are major problems. As part of the game (Boss in my game) the centipede can be fired at and when any center piece is destroyed...
  7. N

    GML Procedural Dungeon Generation System

    Greetings, GameMaker Community members. I have been working on a procedural dungeon generation system and would like to share a solution. Just to put it out there, this solution is not the be all end all as many other solutions exist. The purpose of this post is simply to showcase my method...
  8. Lazzeking

    Game Mechanics Your thoughts on procedural generation.

    So, recently i've been working on a procedural generation system for my current project but i've started to question the "enjoyability" of the game as it is, like as it is right now the system generates an x number of events for the current let's call it "stage" and some events are fixed (like a...
  9. HayManMarc

    GML How to decrease awareness as distance increases?

    Hello, GMC. Here's another one that always stumps me. (Making a result increase as a number decreases, and vice-versa.) I want to make the 'awareness' stat of the person (obj_man) increase when the ufo (obj_ufo_player) is close, and decrease when the ufo is farther away. The middle point...
  10. Z

    Android java.lang.NullPointerException and java.lang.ClassNotFoundException Crash in Android Vitals

    Hello All, As the recent GooglePlay Console update introduced the Android vitals system, I heard that it's worth looking into your game's crash rate to make sure that it is below the threshold, or else the store's algorithm may suppress your game from showing to users. Anyways, I was looking...
  11. Erayd

    Shaders Drawing a curved gradient

    My end goal is to be able to draw shapes on object sprites based on their current pixel locations. Currently I can get a specific pixel and draw based on that, which is great. The below code should be getting the current pixel being processed, checking its distance with the midpoint and drawing...
  12. cdgamedev

    GML Thoughts on this Encoding/Decoding Algorithm

    Hi all! I just created a encryption/decryption algorithm using base64_encode and base64_decode. What are your thoughts? Is it a good idea to do something like this as it makes it more difficult to decode? Only issue comes down to longer strings... as I just found out
  13. Coded Games

    Windows Does mp_grid_path use Dijkstra's algorithm?

    Title says it all. Working on an assignment for my Data Structures class and was wondering if I could use it as an easy way to visualize paths.
  14. jr carey

    Legacy GM Maching path learning (genetic algorithm)

    GM Version: GM: Studio Target Platform: ALL Download: n/a Links: YouTube playlist I have created a full tutorial series on AI learning...what this means is that overtime the AI will this series its over path learn, so the AI doesn't know what the path is until it fully learns it...
  15. B

    Asset - Extension Coding tools + extra data structures

    Here's a little set of scripts which will help you working with variables. There are some extra type checks, extended type checking to arrays, plus two extra data structures (ds_set and ds_sorted_list) and an alternative array sorting algorithm. Marketplace link: click here My website with...
  16. J

    Complex algorithms implementation technique

    Hi, Since I'm very new to GameMaker I was wondering what's the technique to implement complex algorithms that usually are implemented using complex datastructures (C structs for example). It seems that GM has very limited data structures and doing something "simple" like sorting a list with...
  17. C

    RPG Inventory System: ds_list versus 2D array

    Hi Everyone, I'm currently in the midst of constructing an algorithm on how to go about creating an inventory system for my RPG. In my game, each character in the party (total 7) has their own inventory in which they can hold a total of fifteen items. So for example, if you want to use a...
  18. XirmiX

    Legacy GM Mathematical translations

    So, I might be trying to do something that actually has never been attempted before, explicitly for a game, that is; creating a whole new "mathematical language". What I mean by this is that all calculations are done like always, however each number that we normally see as, say 1, 2 etc. is in...
  19. B

    Triangulation for dungeon generation

    Hey guys. I've been working on creating a random level generator based on this site. So far, I have been able to randomly generate rooms and position them so they do not overlap, as such. And as you may notice, I have also implemented the ability to distinguish which rooms are "main rooms" and...
  20. D

    Legacy GM GML: Bouncing off Ends of Rectangular Walls

    Hello there! I'm looking for some help with an algorithm that allows the player object to bounce off of a rectangular wall. Some Context: in the game your player object is rotating around a circular "platform". You can tap the screen (or left click) to launch the player at any given time and...