1. B

    GMS 2 How to create an algorithm

    Hello dear community :) I really need help with this peace of code. I have a Level room where there is an Object that checks, when created, how much stars (0-3) each level has saved on the ini. Then it changes the image_index of each level button to match the amout of stars. 3 stars are yellow...
  2. T

    GML Squish text after two lines

    Hello I am drawing text into a sprite box of a fixed size, 1200 pixels wide and enough room for 2 lines of text. I am using the following to wrap the text so it is not drawn off the sides of the sprite draw_text_ext(x,y,thisText,-1,1200) where x,y is the centre of the sprite and thisText is the...
  3. NicoFIDI

    Legacy GM Maze generator

    Hello, as a result of try and error I finally made a random maze generator, it's not perfect and the discussion I want to start it's about some other ways to generate a maze. The code has 2 parts a base and the polish The base it's straight fordward and the easiest one to understand Then to...
  4. HayManMarc

    (SOLVED) I can't figure out the math. Can you help?

    Calling all math gurus and wizards... I don't know how to explain this with proper terminology, so I'll do my best and hope you understand. I need an algorithm that will convert a number line. I have a number line from 270 to 1600. I would like an algorithm that will convert that number line...
  5. T

    GML Pac-Man Ghost Code

    Hello everyone. I am trying to create from scratch an algorithm that tries to recreate the algorithm of the ghosts in the original Pac-Man. In short, when ghosts need to make a decision of which way to turn in an intersection they look through the available tiles around them and go in the...
  6. B

    GMS 2 Algorithims in GameMaker2

    I am making a tutorial series on algorithms. This forum thread is made for discussion related to this series. You can download the project files here: Playlist Link...