1. Shadowblitz16

    Legacy GM Alarm[0] is not updating before step event

    can someone tell me what event alarms are supposed to update? I thought it was the alarm events which come before the step event but it seems like my project is not doing that. I have it set up so that after the projectile is spawned it updates it alarm[0] and then goes to the step event and...
  2. B


    Is it possible to have more than 12 alarms and then use them in a event?
  3. K

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Want to create a timer, having issues

    Hello all, I am less-than-pleased-as-punch to say that I am having more difficulty. I want there to be a delay between clicking a cut icon to the tree actually being, well, cut. I have tried alarms, and besides not understanding how they work, I have a tendency to lose track of them if they...
  4. M

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Moving Instance + Random Chance + Alarm?

    I would prefer to be taught in GML, but Drag 'n Drop is okay. So I have an object in the game I want to have make moving instances after about 3-4 seconds, and make the object random. I'm not really used to alarms or random chances. Also how would I make the game know when I have a certain...
  5. S

    Making Burst Fire?

    I have created the gun and it shoots off of a timer so there isn't a giant spray of bullets. But what I want is for the gun to shoot in bursts. It's probably very obvious and i'm just not seeing it, i'm just starting so. Here's the guns create code CanShoot = 0; FiringRate = 7; //Bullet per sec...
  6. Nathan Laing

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Reducing processing load with alarms

    Hello all, I am assuming that checking for conditions every step, in the step event can be cpu intensive--obviously depending on how many and how complex those checks are. If one does not necessarily need to check every step, and instead, a check say every full second would be adequate, then...
  7. V

    Having trouble with alarms

    I am making a pretty basic top view tank game. I am trying to delay the time between your character dying and the menu popping up. I would like to make it so that when the hp gets to 0, it destroys the object, changes the object to an explosion, then after 5 seconds goes to the menu screen...
  8. XirmiX

    Game Mechanics Alarms or more Objects?

    I've been working on a physics-based, 2D top-down tank shooter game for quite some time now. I've implemented various mechanics through my journey and although the game is nowhere near finished, it's pretty fun as a debug currently. Just now, I came accross a possible issue that can determine...
  9. Heavybrush

    step event + object distance + alarm problem

    Hi, I have a question: what if I have a step event with distance to object that inside the function set a bool true and call an alarm?? ///warning if(instance_exists(obj_player)) { if((distance_to_object(obj_player) < 100)) { show_debug_message("warning")...
  10. N

    pausing ??alarm??

    after unpausing, the ground just makes a double ground and oncoming objects double up too. is it because i have alarms?
  11. L

    Problem with Alarms

    Hello, I been trying to make an enemy that follows a pattern, it shoots 3 times, then move a bit, and then back to the beginning. The problem is that I get to the second part of it, but for some weird reason the object doesn't react at all to the alarm that restart everything, the step code is...
  12. IE Entertainment

    Dash Mechanic

    I am attempting to program a dash mechanic similar to forward or back dash in SF5 or any other fighter, by tapping forward,forward or back, back. I havn't been able to figure it out even with help. I understand that using an alarm would be the best way to go about it but I don't fully understand...
  13. Murr_

    Legacy GM Fading out Text > Fading in Text

    Okay this was bugging me for 2 days straight and i have a grasp of it, but can't seem to really fix it. What i want to do is fade in the text(_image_0_alpha += 0.1) and display the text for a set amount of time (Alarm) then it fades out (_image_0_alpha -= 0.1) and displays another string of text...
  14. P

    Changing object's sprite with Alarm? (SOLVED IN COMMENTS)

    Hey everyone, I currently need help with "changing an object's sprite with an Alarm". But to make things trickier, I need the alarm (or several alarms) to change the sprite of the same object several times....about 4 times. Think of a starts as a little spr_sapling....then alarm 0...
  15. X

    Legacy GM Never Run Out Of Alarms Again!

    GM Version : 1.3 Target Platform : All Download : N/A Links : N/A Summary: I ran out of alarms while working on my project, because of such, I decided to make a tutorial video that shows how to program your own alarm(s) and active them! Ladies and Gentlemen, grab a drink, open your...