1. Z

    Sliding Door Issue

    Lately I have been having issues with implementing a sliding door mechanic I checked the code and it looked bulletproof but yet when put into practice it does not work. in the Create_Event I added a variable "stop = false;." and a Alarm function that sets that sets the stop variable to true...
  2. Wonsubon

    SOLVED Changing Alarm Values

    I've been rather confused about the values of alarms. The docs weren't too clear from what I read from them either, so I ask is it possible to increase, decrease, multiply, and/or divide the value of an alarm after it has been set? Here's an example of what I mean by this: // In the create event...
  3. P

    Making Enemy Shoot at Player

    Hi. I'm using Drag and Drop and am new to coding so I'm having some trouble with this. I've created an enemy called obj_enemy_dropper that that bounces off walls. I've tried looking through tons of threads and watch countless videos but I can't seem to find out how to make the bullet shoot at...
  4. KaitoBrando

    SOLVED GameMaker2 (alarm[0]) Destroy Object

    Hello I am new to creating games and I am making a weapon system in which it is destroyed after a certain time. But I put an alarm[0] = with the command instance_destroy () more if I put alarm[0] = 1 the bullet is simply destroyed at the same time and if I put alarm[0] = 2 it is not destroyed...
  5. D

    Activate and Deactivate Regions or States

    Working on a Beat Em Up and new to GM Studio 2. I was thinking of assigning basic 3 kick combo to their own States/Regions. Once the player earns a Power Up, that Series of combos will need to be deactivated for x amount of time while a new Region/States of combos are activated until time...
  6. U

    GML Alarm bug

    recently i been trying to make an cronometer, but i need to put an determinated number in alarm. i try to put like that: Step Event if(keyboard_check_pressed(vk_space)){ alarm[0]=0.6 } and don't work,but when i put 1 it work, someone help me?
  7. lluuze

    Alarm - game_get_speed

    I've been watching tutorials issued by my college and have noticed that when using game_get_speed(gamespeed_fps); it does not work as gamemaker 1.4 doesn't recognise "game_get_speed." Are there any alternatives? I've tried room_speed but that also shows an error.
  8. G

    Windows Calling alarm on different object

    I am trying to create an interactive door that opens when the player presses "x" while close to it. I'm currently trying to work out how to call an alarm on the door when the player presses "x".
  9. Dwighty4000

    GMS 2 a problem with the alarm[0]

    why does it take twice as long for a settings sav until alarm [0] is triggered if the whole program has a "settings.sav" in "% appdata%" although this does not maintain any contact to this and yes the text message is triggered immediately right at the beginning which must mean that alarm [0] is...
  10. P

    [HELP] I want a 2 second delay when I click on my object then go to next room.

    I'm a GML beginner and I am trying to make a 2 seconds delay before I click on my object and go to next room My code: if mouse_check_button_pressed(mb_left) { room_goto_next(); // I WANT THE 2 SECOND DELAY BEFORE THIS CODE GETS EXECUTED } Please explain all steps carefully. I am a complete...
  11. T

    Legacy GM How to make an alarm that starts & loops in the step event ?

    I'm making an enemy object where the enemy will go on a specific path to patrol.Then he will stop at a certain point to look around for the player. I planned to make him change his sprite direction every 2 seconds(Enemies vision's for another day)but i seems to stuck here.I want the alarm to...
  12. Didjynn

    change the animation at the end of a skeletal animation

    Hello everyone, I'm working on skeletal animation for a while but I really have some troubles to set an animation that will change for another once it is done. For now, I'm using an alarm using skeleton_animation_get_duration() skeleton_animation_get_frames() to know when it should happen...
  13. P

    How to set Random event by a random timer

    Hey everyone, essentially I have a light in my game that flickers to a different alpha: image_alpha = random_range(0.35,.5); draw_self(); However, it just constantly flickers, and is too fast. I'm trying to find a simple way to randomize WHEN it flickers, so that it only happens every 2-6...
  14. L

    Need Help/ tile based movement (#noob)

    Hi guys, i'm new to gamemaker so I'm a bit of a noob; sorry; but basically i'm trying to make a tile/grid based game. With movement like pokemon mystery dungeon. So far I have it set up so that when you press W,A,S or D the character jumps to the next tile in the respective direction (each tile...
  15. Tofu Heavy Industries

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] RPG - Preventing enemies acting at same time

    I have an Rpg im making, with 6 slots in an array for enemies in the battle screen (global.enemy_slot[0-5]). They each take their turn when their alarm is ready (each has an alarm in the obj_control_battle object). I use the below script to try to stagger the enemies actions if multiple ones are...
  16. Corey

    (Fixed)Global variable/Alarm/instance_create issue

    Edit: Disregard. I fixed my problem by adding a Step event with global.enemyCounter = currentEnemies; to check the counter every frame and switched my Alarm event code to check conditions before spawning an enemy. Hello all. I have tried countless times to fix my problem. I am somewhat...
  17. F

    GML How to trigger alarm when mouse click the object?

    im just trying to do what i think like making alarm first then use left pressed to trigger it but that cant, or i think this was some bug, cause i can run it but doesnt pop up the game display. i try using Create > alarm[0]=10; room="theroom" Left Pressed> if (alarm[0] <=10) {...
  18. I

    alarm and score

    I'm working on a game for a schoolproject and I need to make an alarm. This alarm has to work in different rooms, but it has to be the same countdown alarm. When the alarm ends, the game needs to stop. The score has to be a global score which we can display in different rooms. After the game...
  19. A

    Changing room after boss battle

    I added a boss battle at the end of my first game. After I defeat the boss, the game goes to an outro room with some text narrative, and then gives you the option to go back to the main menu. Everything works, but is it possible to wait three seconds after the boss is destroyed before going to...
  20. A

    On keypress wait random time and execute code

    Hi there, I'm fairly new to Gamemaker 2, so go easy on me. I have a game where a stick of dynamite is placed on keypress Q - i want to wait for a random interval between 3-6 seconds and then execute my destroy_instance() code. I have tried using alarms without much luck. Any help would be...