ai movement

  1. X

    GMS 2 Squad Pathing

    I'm working on a game that allows the player to control multiple units, but I'm having some difficulty with the pathing. Right now, I've got very basic movement working for a single unit. It follows a path set to it by a mouse click, avoids walls, and stays on the global grid. When I add a...
  2. Anixias

    GMS 2 Platformer AI

    Hi. I know this topic has been discussed a lot but I haven't found much that helps. Simply put, my game plays sorta like Brawlhalla (I refer to this game since I don't have a gif or video of my game as reference) but it's PvE and has Roguelike elements. There's wall jumping, triple jumping...
  3. G

    Game Mechanics (SOLVED) Enemies Following Player -- Is There a Better Way?

    Hey everyone, I am currently making a top down shooter in which I have successfully made the enemy always follow the character. I have hit the point where I feel comfortable enough figuring out my own ways of making everything happen. Initially I wanted to do something along the...
  4. N

    Windows Enemies speed out of the level when using "move_towards_point" command

    Hi everyone , am having a problem with my enemy chase ai, i've used the tile collision code from heart beast's tile collision video and it's been working very well, i copied the player movement code and used it on my enemy object (took out the keyboard inputs ), but whenever i try to code in the...
  5. kakatoto

    AI pathfinding in a world with chunks.

    Hello, I am creating a game with a big world. Therefore I use chunks that I ope nat runtime to manage this. I would like to implement AI pathfinding, but as chunk are opened/closed, it changes the path grid. I could refresh the path grid every time a chunk is opened or cled but I was wondering...
  6. N

    Enemy random movement rotating towards direction

    Hello, currently I`m working on a school project where we have to make a random game, so I chose a top down tank shooter, my teacher doesn´t know how to program so he is unable to teach me. Until now I could figure out everything on my own but I`ve come up with a problem that he obiously...
  7. L

    GML Swarm Optimization & Collisions?

    I'm currently developing a swarm that chases you around the map and just have a few questions regarding optimization and collisions which don't use the built in speed variables. Optimization Each alien member uses a position, steering, and velocity vector to update its x and y position. I plan...
  8. Y

    GMS 2 Pathfinding and AI?

    Hello, I'm relatively new to Gamemaker and AI so I'm hoping the forums can help me out. I'm working on a game and would like the characters to move to a specified point at the end of a path. If an enemy comes into range, the character will stop and attack then resume moving if enemies are not in...
  9. Meowanator

    GML Make an Enemy Move Towards Player(Grid Based)

    I have grid based movement for a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon like game and I want the enemy to move towards the player. My grid is 32x32. My Player Code is Create: image_speed = 0.05; dir = 1; //0 = Up, 1 = Down, 2 = Left, 3 = Right Step: if !place_snapped(32,32){ move_snap(32,32); }...
  10. H

    GML [Solved] Enemy AI Stop and Not Moving

    i need help, i want to make an ai that will 1-move left and right, that will stop a moment before changing direction. 2-will stop moving when player is in x radius 3-move again after a few second pass and player is over x radius i manage to get the first two, but my ai wont move after it has...
  11. B

    iOS Asibot Artificial Super Intelligence Battle of Tiny

    Now life on the App store: Search Asibot, under Iphone games Hi all, Please try out my game ASIBOT. It is a top down strategy game.
  12. B

    GML Creating CPUs and AIs

    So I need to make a CPU for the opponents of my game. I need them to gravitate towards the center of the stage (which I guess I will use the x and y coordinates to tell the CPU to go towards???) and I need them to move on their own instead of having my movv set their controls kind of like an AI...
  13. C

    Legacy GM Passive AI

    Hey all, So I've got a standard 2D tile based world, and I've reached the point where I want to work on some AI. In the future I will need an attack AI, but for the current time I only need to work on a passive AI (walk around, stand still, ect). I've never done anything with AI and the...
  14. R

    Legacy GM Path find to moving object

    Hello! I made an experiment with pathfinding. Top down rotationg objects (player and AI) moving. My goal is to "force" the AI to move the left or right side of the player (wich is closer), and stop if it reaches the right point. I use mp_potential step, what serves great until i attempt to...